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Will you Be Mine? Before celebrating Valentine’s Day with flowers, cards, and chocolate, take a moment and test your Valentine’s Day knowledge with these fun Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions.  Grab your Valentine, a group of friends, or your family, and see how much you know about this fun time of year.

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Trivia is a favorite activity at our house. We love to test our knowledge on all kinds of subjects like Baseball and  Spring Break. We use these trivia questions while we are driving, sitting in traffic, or around the table during dinner time.  

These trivia questions are the perfect conversation starters with your teens while making dinner, enjoying a treat, or at bedtime. There is always a good reason to test your trivia knowledge with your family.

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Why I Love Trivia Games

Trivia is a great way to build unity, create learning opportunities, and bring your family and friends together. 

Learning new facts, sharing ideas, and discovering knowledge we did not know adds to the bonus of spending time together. 

Playing trivia games and adding competition and prizes is a great way to teach teamwork, how to be a good sport,  and how to win with grace while in a supportive, friendly environment. 

How To Play Trivia

Write in your own words how to play trivia. These should not just be copied and pasted from a previous post. Each individual post should be written in your own words and in a conversational way. You can give several different ways to play using these questions. 

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Benefits of Trivia Games

There are many benefits to playing trivia. 

  • Trivia can help you develop new ideas and interests.
  • Helps build relationships between family members and friends. 
  • Helps increase conversation abilities and teaches players how to express thoughts and ideas as they play.
  • Trivia can help build confidence in learning and sharing new information.

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Tips for Playing 

  • Divide the teams evenly. Pair small kids with older kids so they can help one another. 
  • Prizes are always a great addition to competitions.  Prizes can be simple, inexpensive, and silly.  
  • Keeping the score in a place where everyone can see it can help keep players engaged and interested. 
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To get started, you can grab your complete list of Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions here. Or refer to the list of Valentine’s Day Trivia questions below.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions

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In Greek mythology, what is Cupid’s name?

A: Eros

Cupid, from Roman mythology, is the son of whom?

A: Venus

What year did the candy Sweethearts get their heart shape?

A:  1901

During the Victorian Era, rude, cruel, and insulting valentines were a thing, and they were called _______?

A: Vinegar Valentines
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The production of Sweetheart candy was temporarily suspended in which year?

A: 2019

Estimate the number of roses sent for Valentine’s Day every year.

A: 50 million

The first Valentine’s Day candy box was invented by whom?

A:  Richard Cadbury

There are 220,000 marriage proposals on what specific day each year?

A: Valentine’s Day

A yellow rose is a symbol for ___________?

A: Friendship
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Which king made Valentine’s Day an official holiday?

A:  King Henry VIII

What herb was believed to bring good luck on Valentine’s Day?

A:  Bay leaves

Name the two colors considered “the color of love?”

A:  Red and Pink

Which flower is known as the flower of love?

A:  Roses

What do men and women prefer to receive instead of flowers?

A: Chocolate
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What is the most popular flavor in chocolate boxes?

A:  Caramel

What day is the biggest holiday for florists?

A:  Valentine’s Day

Who are the Number one recipients of Valentine’s?

A:  Teachers

Some Nordin countries Celebrate what on February 14?

A:  Friendship

What is the most added song to a love-themed playlist?

A:  All of Me by John Legend

Name the important patent that was applied for on Valentine’s day in 1876?

A:   Alexander Graham Bell applied for a telephone patent

Where was the oldest-known valentine’s day written?

A: Prison

What activity increases most people’s heart rate to 110 beats per minute?

A: Kissing

 Which Shakespeare play mentions Valentine’s Day?

A:  Hamlet

Name the item that has 35 million sold each Valentine’s day.

A: Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates

What is another name for the brain chemical Oxytocin?

A:  Cuddle or love hormone

Name the popular website that debuted on Valentine’s day in 2005.

A: Youtube

What year was Saint Valentine martyred?

A:  269

The Mother of Valentine’s Day is also known as?

A:  Esther Howland

From what organic matter was the love goddess Aphrodite born?

A: Seafoam

What country celebrates Valentine’s Day as Friend’s Day?

A: Finland

What is the second most popular holiday for sending flowers?

A: Mother’s Day

Nine million people buy what for their pets every year?

A: Valentines

In medieval times, women and girls were known to eat bizarre foods for what purpose?

A: To dream about their future spouses.

This state produces most of America’s red roses.

A: California

The gentlemen of Jersey Shore define the “rarest of roses” as what?

A: A great catch

Who orchestrated the St. Valentine’s Day massacre?

A:  Al Capone

St. Valentine’s execution was orchestrated by which emperor?

A:  Claudius II

Americans spend how much money on chocolate for Valentine’s Day every year?

A: $1 Billion dollars

What percentage of Valentines sold are bought by women?

A: 85%

This fruit was once known as a “love apple?”

A: Tomato

What year did the first-speed dating event occur?

A:  1998

On what was the oldest living love poem written?

A: A clay tablet

How long is the longest marriage ever recorded?

A: 86 years, 290 days

What percentage of roses sent on Valentine’s day are red?

A: 69%

Name the unofficial patron saint of love?

A: St. Valentine

Who is the winged child that shoots arrows to make people fall in love?

A:  Cupid

Name the two most popular items bought on Valentine’s Day.

A:  Flowers and Chocolate

What is the most popular Valentine’s Day activity?

A:  Going out to dinner

Name the third most popular gift given on Valentine’s Day.

A: Jewelry

Name the new non-romantic holiday celebrated on February 13th.

A: Galentine’s Day

The most popular candy sold for Valentine’s Day is?

A: Chocolate and Candy hearts

What is the most popular Valentine’s Day phrase?

A:  Be Mine

What does XOXO mean?

A:  X is for kisses, O is for hugs

St. Valentine was known for helping prisoners do what?

A:  Escaping prison

Which two Gods were the parents of Cupid?

A:  Mercury (winged messenger God) and Venus (the God of Love)

Name the traditional gift for a person’s 10 year anniversary.

A: Tin or aluminum

Who spends more money on Valentine’s gifts and activities?

A: Men

Name the 7 countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark & Italy

If Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-selling holiday of the year, what is the first?

A: Christmas

 In what year did Hallmark begin offering Valentine’s Day cards?

A:  1913

Do more people prefer handwritten or printed cards?

A:  Printed

Who is the biggest producer of greeting cards?

A:  Hallmark

Name the decorative item used on Valentine’s day that means “to snare or net.”

A:  Lace

Valentine’s Day was set for February 14th for what reason?

A: Due to the common belief in both France and England that this is when birds begin their mating season.

Name the animal you kiss to turn it into a prince?

A:  A frog

Who is known as the goddess of love?

A: Venus

Name the star-crossed lovers Shakespeare wrote about.

A: Romeo and Juliet

Speed dating was invented by whom?

A: A Rabbi

Name the most popular online dating app in the U.S.

A:  Bumble

What is the most popular way to meet someone?

A:   Through friends

Which state boasts the statistics of the youngest to get married?

A: Utah

More people get engaged on what two holidays?

A: Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day

Where can you get married by Elvis impersonators?

A: Las Vegas

Name the traditional anniversary gift for the first year of marriage.

A: Paper

Which months are babies born if conceived on Valentine’s Day?

A: October and November

Kissing is known to _____________ to someone’s heartbeat?

A:  Increase

Name three Valentine’s day symbols.

A: Roses, hearts, and doves

Valentine’s Day is rooted in what ancient roman festival?

A: Lupercalia (a celebration of fertility)

Which country celebrates a “day of love” on the 14th of each month?

A:  South Korea

If women purchase the most gifts on Valentine’s day, which day is celebrated on March 14, do men treat women to gifts?

A:  White Day

Name the affectionate candy that was introduced in 1907?

A:  Hershey’s Kisses

How many pounds of chocolate kisses does Hershey make around Valentine’s Day?

A: 8 million pounds

Name the state that produces the most chocolate.

A: Pennsylvania

Valentine Conversation Hearts were produced by which company up until 2019?


Which South American country exports the most roses?

A: Colombia

Name the Goddess of love.

A:  Aphrodite

What percentage of people buy Valentine’s gifts for their pets?

A:  28%

Eight billion _________________ candies are produced each year for Valentine’s day.

A:  Conversation heart

What is the most popular activity in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day?

A:  Get married. (usually, large masses of couples gather and publicly say their vows)

What Valentine’s tradition began in 18th-century England?

A:  Exchange cards and gifts

What famous structure was built to honor love and loyalty?

A:  The Taj Mahal

During what era did people send insults to their enemies during Valentine’s Day

A:  Victorian Era

What popular love song was originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton but covered by Whitney Houston?

A:  I will Always Love you

What event is held in the Philippines that broke a world record for 5,347 pairs of locking lips?

A:  Lovapalooza

Which country celebrates Valentine’s Day in January and maintains the long tradition of exchanging handcrafted wooden spoons with one another?

A:  Wales

Argentina celebrates Valentine’s day during which season?

A:  Summer

What classic romance movie won the best picture at the 1998 Academy Awards?

A: Titanic

Name the superhero movie that features a kiss given upside down.

A:  Spiderman

Which band sings the song “I Want To Know What Love Is?”

A:  Foreigner

Name the song that became Bon Jovi’s first number-one hit.

A:  You Give Love A Bad Name

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