I love being a mom and helping other families strengthen their relationships with one another!

I also love reading, running, and Jesus! Welcome to Confessions of Parenting!

Welcome to Confessions of Parenting!

Several years ago, I started this blog after graduating with my Marriage and Family Studies degree. Initially, my goal was to share tips and advice on parenting and marriage, focusing on nurturing blended families towards resilience and unity. However, I soon recognized a pivotal truth: While advice has its merits, it is through tangible actions that families truly fortify their bonds.

This realization marked a pivotal transformation on our blog, Confessions of Parenting. It evolved from a website where some came to get tips and advice to a treasure trove of practical, family-enriching activities, many of which were tried and tested in my household.

It started with simple, engaging activities, like spontaneous games to play at a moments notice or joke cards to send my stepdaughter, reinforcing our bond and letting her know she was always in my thoughts.

Such small gestures, like slipping joke cards into my teenagers’ lunchboxes, conveyed my deep love and unwavering commitment to their happiness.

The impact of these small yet significant acts has been profound, as echoed by thousands of readers who have incorporated our joke cards, games, and conversation starters into their family lives.

When I graduated from college, my goal was to help families, and it is humbling to realize, and I thank God every day, that these simple moments we share have transformed homes like yours throughout the world.

On this page, I am thrilled to share with you some of the ways our readers across the world are using these simple tools to strengthen their families so that you can too!

Each joke post comes with a Printable or Pictures to Download!

With each joke, riddle, and pun post, you will find printable joke cards that you can download or images that you are able to download right from the post! There are so many ways to incorporate these in your family!

  • Send the images you download through text to your kids or post them on Instagram for them to share!
  • Send a joke card in your child’s lunch box.
  • Collect all the joke cards and connect them with a metal ring. Keep them in the car so you always have a joke on hand to share!
  • Post a joke to the fridge or bathroom mirror to see who solves it first!
  • Memorize a joke a day so as soon as the kids get in the car after school you can make them laugh! (Perfect when they are not having the best school day!)
How our Readers are Using Jokes!

“As a mom, I have struggled to connect with my teens, and these jokes have been a lifesaver for our relationship!”

“My first graders love these jokes! I always find a joke that matches our theme or the upcoming holiday! On hard mornings, these jokes always make the kids smile.”
– Sara

“When it’s the beginning of the year, my kids are really anxious and nervous. We started telling jokes on the way to school to relieve anxiety. We haven’t missed a day of jokes all year (or a day of school)! These jokes have changed our lives!”
– Alicia

My Favorites!

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