50 Amazing Sports Trivia Questions For Kids

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Does your family love sports? Try these 50 awesome sports trivia questions to test your knowledge and see who is the real MVP!

Sports Themed Trivia Questions

Where are my sports fans at? Our family has always loved sports. We never miss a game from our favorite football team and you can bet we are participating in March Madness every single year! And let’s not forget supporting the local sports teams as well! There is no better way to spend an evening than cheering on the local high school football team.

These sports trivia questions are just the thing for the sport-loving family like mine! Trivia games for kids are perfect family-friendly activities that are fun AND educational. And there is really no limit to the different kinds of trivia that you can enjoy. Whether you’re interested in national park trivia or you want to try your hand at animal trivia, there is something for everyone to enjoy, or try out our general trivia questions for even more fun!.

How to play Sports Trivia

The best thing about trivia? It’s so easy to do! There is no complicated set up or expensive materials. All you need to play is your list of sports trivia questions and you are good to go! Create a game-show style environment and keep score. You could even offer prizes to the winners. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, you can simply find a partner and take turns answering questions. Either way, these questions are sure to provide plenty of entertainment!

How to Improve your Trivia Skills

Not very good at trivia? No problem! The best way to improve your trivia skills is to practice. The more you memorize, the easier you’ll find memorizing to be. Find subjects that you’re interested in and learn all that you can! Starting with things you like will make it fun and beneficial.

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Benefits of Trivia Games

Playing trivia games are a great way to get those gears in your head turning. Your memory and intelligence both get a big boost as you stretch your brain to memorize more facts. This mental exercise can help you retain information in school and in other areas of your life!

Tips and Tricks

The only wrong way to play is to not play at all! Whether you like a little competition or you prefer a casual game of trivia, you’ll exercise your brain and have a good time doing it. Plus you may find that you’ve learned a thing or two that you’ve never known before!

Q. How many bases are on a baseball field?

A. 4

Q. What is the shape of a football?

A. Oval

Q. What color are the goalposts in football?

A. Yellow

Q. How many baseball players can be on the field at one time?

A. 9

Q. How many football players can be on the field at one time?

A. 11

Q. How many basketball players can be on the court at the same time?

A. 5

Q. What sport can you score a birdy?

A. Golf

Q. What does NBA stand for?

A. National Basketball Association

Q. What does NFL stand for?

A. National Football League

Q. What is the line judge in tennis called?

A. Umpire

Q. How many clubs can a golfer have in their bag?

A. 14

Q. What is the area called where baseball players wait?

A. Dugout

Q. What is the area of the field called where touchdowns are made?

A. End Zone

Q. The World Cup consists of what type of sport?

A. Soccer

Q. What is the highest level of car racing called?

A. IndyCar

Q. What sport is played on the ice and has a puck?

A. Hockey

Q. What is the name of the basketball team whose colors are purple and gold?

A. Lakers

Q. What is the name of the football team whose mascot is a bronco?

A. Denver Broncos

Q. Who won the PGA Rookie of the Year in 1996?

A. Tiger Woods

Q. What do you call a score in soccer?

A. Goal

Q. What do you call a score in baseball?

A. Homerun

Q. What do you call the circle board that darts are thrown at?

A. Target

Q. What do you call the beginning of a game in football or soccer?

A. Kickoff

Q. What kind of flag is waved at the finish line of a race?

A. Checkered Flag

Q. What do you call the person that hikes the ball to the quarterback?

A. Center

Q. What do you call the person that brings the ball down the court?

A. Point Guard

Q. What sport do you hit the ball over a net and can also be played in the sand?

A. Volleyball

Q. How many periods are in ice hockey?

A. 3

Q. What is the center of an archery target called?

A. Bullseye

Q. Which golf club is used for far hits?

A. Driver

Q. How many strikes does it take for a baseball player to get an out?

A. 3 strikes

Q. What state are the Dodgers located in?

A. California

Q. What NFL team is located in Atlanta, Georgia?

A. Atlanta Falcons

Q. What state is the NBA Jazz located in?

A. Utah

Q. What do you call the person who tries to block the ball in soccer?

A. Goal Keeper

Q. What do you call the person who catches the ball in football?

A. Wide Receiver

Q. What is it called when a player moves with the ball without dribbling?

A. Traveling

Q. How many players can be on the floor at a time in volleyball?

A. 6

Q. What are the maximum amount of hits on one side in volleyball

A. 3

Q. What do you call the person who sets the ball in volleyball?

A. Setter

Q. What is the person who stands at the top of the mount and throws the ball to the batter called?

A. Pitcher

Q. What do you call the players who play in front of the goalkeeper?

A. Defenders

Q. What do you call the person who defends the goal in hockey?

A. Goaltender

Q. What do you call the tallest player on the team that plays near the basket?

A. Center

Q. What is it called when a person catches the football from the defense team?

A. Interception

Q. What is the trophy called that the Superbowl team wins?

A. Lombardi Trophy

Q. Where are the Yankees located?

A. New York

Q. What does a golfer place on the ball before their first shot?

A. Peg

Q. What is it called when the batter hits it out of the park?

A. Homerun

Q. What is it called when the football is caught in the end zone?

A. Touchdown

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