50 Smart Science Trivia Questions for Kids [With Answers]

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Get your kids’ minds moving with this fun Science Trivia game! Reinforce what they are learning in school, or just learn something new for the fun of it! 

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Science Trivia

Our family loves trivia games. It is one of the most requested games on our game nights! My sons especially love playing Sports Trivia. We love learning new tidbits of information, especially the silly facts! 

The kids find it helpful to even make new trivia games based on what they are learning at school to help them remember the information even better. This is a great way to prepare for upcoming tests or quizzes. And you still get to have fun while working!

Though trivia games can contain some harder facts that are better suited to older kids, there is sure to be simpler themed trivia games that younger kids can enjoy as well! Like this Funny Trivia Questions For Kids!

I’m sure your kids will love playing this game as much as mine! So gather up your family, download these Science Trivia Questions and Answers, and start playing! 

How to Play Science Trivia

The great thing about trivia is that it is a very flexible activity, so it can easily fit your group of players! You can make it simple by just reading the questions on the cards and having anyone answer. You can also make it more complex by setting up a whole competition. 

To create a more complex game setup, you could designate a time/scorekeeper and a card reader. Then you can divide the group up into as many teams as needed. The card reader reads a card and the first team to buzz in now has a chance to answer the question. If the answer is incorrect, the other team has an opportunity to steal the question and answer it. You can play until a certain number of points has been reached, or you can set an overall time limit.    

You can easily adjust the rules of the game to fit your needs! 

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Why Play Science Trivia? 

While playing this trivia game, your kids will be learning without even realizing it! They are practicing skills like: 

  • Reinforcing new vocabulary
  • Memorization
  • Learning new facts

Trivia is great on the go game! You can play while on car rides, at home for family game nights, at school, and more!  

I especially love that this game does not require much setup or clean-up. While trivia is a great family activity to connect with each other, the kids can get the game going themselves. This gives me time to get other things on my to-do list done. 

50 Science Trivia Questions

Grab our Science trivia questions right here so you can play on the go!

Q: How many planets are in the Solar System?

A: 8

Q: Whick planet is the closest to the Sun?

A: Mercury

Q: Which planet is the largest?

A: Jupiter

Q: Which planet is the hottest?

A: Venus

Q: Which planet is the furthest form the sun?

A: Pluto

Q: What is trhe biggest organ in the human body?

A: The skin

Q: How many lungs does the human body have?

A: 2

Q: What is the biggest part of the brain?

A: The cerebrum

Q: What do you call the bones that make up your spine?

A: Vertebrae

Q: What do you call the flow of the blood throughout your body?

A: Circulation
Science Trivia Question: What do you call the flow of the blood throughout your body? A: Circulation in red background

Q: What is another name for H2O?

A: Water

Q: What is the necleus of an atom?

A: Electrons

Q: The center of an atom is called? saving their town?

A: A nucleus

Q: What do you call the display of elements with their atomic number and chemical properties?

A: Periodic Table

Q: What do you call the substance involved in a chemical reaction?

A: Reactants

Q: What do you call the process that plants use to convert sunlight into food?

A: Photosynthesis

Q: What four things do plants need to survive?

A: Sun, Water, Air, Food

Q: What is the part of the plant that takes in water and minerals from the soil?

A: Roots

Q: What is the scientific name for the study of plants?

A: Botany

Q: What do plants give humans?

A: Oxygen
Science Trivia Question: What do plants give humans? A: Oxygen in green background

Q: What is the earth’s primary source of energy?

A: The Sun

Q: What units is electrical power measured in?

A: Watts

Q: What is the scientifi name for a person who studies physics?

A: Physicist

Q: What is the smallest particle of an element?

A: Atom

Q: What is the force of attraction between two masses, bodies, or particles?

A: Gravity

Q: What do you call the wire inside a light bulb?

A: Filament

Q: What units is electric resistance measured in?

A: Ohms

Q: What resistance do electric conductors have?

A: Low

Q: What device can be used to measure electric current?

A: Ammeter

Q: The path electricity takes in called?

A: A circuit
Science Trivia Question: The path electricity takes in called? A: A circuit in orange background

Q: What two elements is water made of?

A: Hydrogen and oxygen

Q: What do you get when you freeze water?

A: Ice

Q: A tidal wave is also known as?

A: A Tsunami

Q: What is another name for water?

A: H2O

Q: How many forms can water be found in?

A: 3

Q: Is the sun a star or a planet?

A: A star

Q: What is the second biggest planet in the Solar System?

A: Saturn

Q: What is the fourth planet from the sun?

A: Mars

Q: What do you call the way the Earth moves around the Sun?

A: Orbit

Q: What direction does the Earth rotate around its axis?

A: West to East
Science Trivia Question: TWhat direction does the Earth rotate around its axis? A: West to East in blue background

Q: What is the third planet from the Sun?

A: Earth

Q: What planet is closest in size to Earth?

A: Venus

Q: Atoms that have different atomic mass but have the smae chemical element is known as?

A: Isotopes

Q: On the periodic table, which is the first element?

A: Hydrogen

Q: What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?

A: Mercury

Q: On the periodic table, what is the name for the element Na?

A: Sodium

Q: On the periodic table, what is the name for the element O?

A: Oxygen

Q: On the periodic table, what is the symbol for the potassium?

A: K

Q: On the periodic table, what is the symbol for calcium?

A: Ca

Q: What is the atomic number for Hydrogen?

A: 1
Science Trivia Question: What is the atomic number for Hydrogen? A: 1 in bluegreen background

Do you have other science trivia questions that you love? Be sure to share them in the comments so we can add them to the list!

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