Football Trivia for Kids

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Touchdown! If you have any sports lovers in your family, they’ll love this list of football trivia for kids. Get ready for a great family competition full of football fun!

Football Trivia Questions for Kids

One of my favorite fall activities is watching football with my family. Whether we are at a local football game or sitting on the couch watching on the TV, I love it all!

Since my kids have been having the best time with trivia questions lately, I decided I would find the best football trivia for kids!

Believe me, though, your kids won’t be the only ones having fun with these questions!

How to Play Football Trivia For Kids

The great thing about trivia is that you can play it anytime, anywhere, and with just about any group!

All you need is my list of football trivia for kids and you’re all set. I almost always keep a list in my purse so that my kids can quiz each other whenever they need something fun to do.

Take turns asking the trivia questions, or let someone play “host” and ask all the questions.

Be competitive and keep score, or just quiz each other for fun. If your family is anything like mine, a bit of healthy competition is always a huge hit! 

Trivia For Young Children

If you have little ones, they can play too!

I like to highlight the easiest questions on my list of football trivia so that whoever is reading the questions knows which to ask my younger kids.

That way, they can still be involved without having to search through the list for the right questions each time it’s their turn.

Making Trivia Extra Fun

Trivia can be sweet and simple, but you can also dress up this family activity to make it even more entertaining!

How fun would it be to grab some game buzzers, a pretend microphone for the Trivia host and make it a make-believe quiz show night?

Football Trivia Questions For Kids

Complete your Trivia night with a trophy for the winner and of course some delicious treats!

Why I Love Trivia

Trivia is great because it’s so simple but so entertaining! My kids will quiz each other for hours with trivia questions.

As they compete, they are also using their memory and giving their intelligence an extra boost. Plus, a little friendly competition is great for teaching emotional regulation!

Football Trivia Questions For Kids

This football trivia for kids has all the benefits of trivia with all the fun of our favorite sport. Your kids will love it!

Football Trivia for Kids

picture of football trivia for kids printable cards

Try my football trivia for kids and see how well your kids know their football facts! 

If you are interested in grabbing these football trivia printable cards you can grab them here!

Q. What NFL team is known as “America’s Team”?

A. Dallas Cowboys

Q. What NFL team is black and gold?

A. Pittsburgh Steelers

Q. What is the field space called where touchdowns are made?

A. End Zone

Q. What happens when the ball is caught within the end zone?

A. Touchdown

Q. Who played 16 seasons with the 49ers and made it to the Pro Bowl 13 times?

A. Jerry Rice

Q. What NFL team did Brett Farve win a Superbowl with?

A. Greenbay Packers

Q. What position catches the football?

A. Wide Receiver

Q. Who passes or snaps the ball between his legs and begins the play?

A. The Center

Q. What year was the very first Superbowl played?

A. 1967

Q. Football is played on a ____?

A. Field

Q. What shape is a football?

A. Oval

Q. Who throws or hands off the ball?

A. The Quarterback

Q. How does the game begin?

A. Kickoff 

Q. What is it called when a player drops the ball?

A. Fumble 

Q. What is worn on the heads of football players?

A. A helmet

Q. What is it called to kick the ball far away from the end zone?

A. A Punt

Q. How many quarters are in a football game?


 Q. How long is a quarter?

A. 15 minutes

Q. How many players can each team have on the field at one time?

A. 11

Q. What is it called when the other team catches your pass?

A. Interception

Q. How many points is a touchdown worth?

A. 6 points

Q. What kind of shoes do football players wear?

A. Cleats

Q. What do football players wear to protect their teeth?

A. Mouthguards

Q. Some football players wear these to better grip or catch the ball?

A. Gloves

Q. Football players wear these to protect their shoulders?

A. Shoulder pads

Q. The NFL consists of how many teams?

A. 32

Q. If you are playing center, are you on offense or defense?

A. Offense

Q. If you are playing linebacker, are you on offense or defense?

A. Defense

Q. This NFL team mascot is a dolphin?

A. Miami Dolphins

Q. Who was the Quarterback on the Tennessee Titans that threw a pass to himself and made a touchdown?

A. Marcus Mariota

Q. What team did the Atlanta Falcons lose the Superbowl to in 1999?

A. Denver Broncos

Q. What city are the NFL Ravens in?

A. Baltimore

Q. The team with the ball is on offense or defense?

A. Offense

Q. The team without the ball is on offense or defense?

A. Defense

Q. After a touchdown the team can kick the ball for how many points?

A. 1

Q. What is it called when the offense team tackles the ball in their endzone?

A. Safety

Q. How many points is a safety?

A. 2

Q. What is the name of the team with the lightning bolt?

A. Los Angeles Chargers

Q. Where are the Dolphins located?

A. Miami

Q. What NFL team is black and orange?

A. Cincinnati Bangles

Q. What NFL team’s mascot is the Lion?

A. Detroit Lions

Q. What NFL is located in Denver?

A. Denver Broncos

Q. Where are the NFL Jaguars located?

A. Jacksonville

Q. Who was Tampa Bay’s quarterback?

A. Tom Brady

Q. Who won the Superbowl in 2020?

A. Kansas Chiefs

Q. Who won the Superbowl in 2010?

A. New Orleans Saints

Q. Who won the Superbowl in 2000?

A. Los Angeles Rams

Q. Where did the Oakland Raiders move to?

A. Las Vegas

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