The Benefits of Spending Quality Time with Family

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There are so many benefits of spending quality time with family! Having a weekly family night dedicated to family bonding activities is one way to make memories with your children.

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The Benefits of Spending Quality Time with Family

Family night.  These words can stir up many different feelings.  

For some families, family night means organizing and executing one more thing on your already lengthy to-do list.  Other families may have to decide how to fit family night in between soccer practice and the band concert. 

For many others the question comes up, why is family night important?  We spend time feeding, teaching and playing with our children already. Why do we need to add family night? 

I know that it can be hard to fit in, believe me! But every single sacrifice made to spend more time with family will be worth it because spending time with family has so many benefits!

Here are 6 important reasons why taking the time to have a family night is important.  

Reasons for Planning a Family Night

Spending quality time with family during a family night is so important! As you spend time with your spouse and kids you’ll see clearly these benefits of spending time with family. 

Quality time with Family Helps Children Feel Loved 

Children need to feel loved and safe, just like we all do!  When we are deliberately planning family nights and spending time with them, they will feel that. 

Quality time with family spent doing something together shows your children that you love them and love being with them. A family night set apart for family bonding activities is the perfect opportunity to have that quality time! 

A huge reason for family night is the excuse to put away all of the distractions that we have throughout the week! 

In our new technological world, parents spend inordinate amounts of time focused on their devices. This sends a message to your children that the device is more important than they are.

Family night is an opportunity to put the phone away and give all your attention to your children. When your focus is on them, they will feel the love and safety they crave.

Quality time with Family Helps Children Feel Loved 

Children Learn From Example When Spending Time with Family

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” Dr. Haim Ginott

Children learn more from our own behaviors than from what we tell them.  If we are teaching our children that time spent with them is important they will carry that into their own families. It shows them a healthy way to show love in any relationship!  

Many things we do with our children will be the same things that they will do with their own children. If we make family night a priority and a habit they will remember that.  

When you spend more time with family, you give your children a safe place to learn and grow and develop. They can learn how to help plan family night. 

Children can learn emotion regulation when things don’t go as planned (never happens right?).  They can learn the interests of family members as you plan family nights together. 

All of these valuable lessons can be taught through something as simple as spending time with family during a family night!.

a Stronger Family Bond

Quality Time with Family Creates a Stronger Family Bond

We all have a desire to bond with our families. Family bonding activities are the perfect environment to improve your relationships! Family night offers a chance to get to know each other in different ways.  

You can work as a team, you can be creative together and you can learn about each other’s personalities.  Family night is where I learned my youngest daughter is very competitive. This was the perfect chance to teach her about losing and how to regulate those emotions.  

Siblings can really use family night to strengthen their bonds. More sibling bonding will hopefully result in less sibling rivalry. Families are designed to be close and family nights give us a platform to create that closeness.

Rituals Help Younger Children Feel Secure

Rituals are a vital part of a child’s development.  Family nights offer a consistent ritual that creates feelings of security.  The ritual of family night can create an identity and a sense of belonging for a child.  The security of a family night ritual will help them learn consistency.

They can rely on the routine of family night and learn to look forward to the time spent together.  

Family night can create an emotional and meaningful ritual that sends a message of acceptance and belonging. When families have rituals that are meaningful, then children will perform better academically and socially.

How amazing would it be to have your child know that every week they can always count on some special time with their family? 

Spending Time Together Puts the Focus on Family 

When you spend quality time with family, you improve the overall happiness as a family unit, and individually.  

Family night and family bonding activities create long-lasting memories that your children can cherish throughout their lifetime. Family night shifts your main focus and priority onto what is most important, your family!  

Focusing on your family helps you to learn how to communicate better with them, make them feel loved, and get to know them in every way! 

In order to fully get the benefits of family bonding activities, you’ll each need to make a commitment to leave the world behind! When your focus is on the family you are not distracted by work, electronics or the tasks of daily life.  

If you choose to spend more time with family, your whole focus will shift and your family members will notice!

Quality Time with Family has Physical and Emotional Health Benefits

Quality Time with Family has Physical and Emotional Health Benefits

Connecting with your children during the family night gives them an opportunity to share their lives with you.  They will become more open to sharing things with you which is so good for their emotional health!

Emotional health isn’t the only thing that spending time with family helps with! Studies show that when children spend quality time with their parents and families, they get better grades. 

Children who have routine family game nights are less likely to get involved in dangerous situations.  Children also act out less when they are participating in quality time like family night. 

For parents, family night gives them time away from work and more time with children. I think we all know that taking time away from our daily stressors is a huge relief, especially when it’s spent having fun with our kids!

Something to remember: Family Night Doesn’t Have to Cost Money!

Family night does not need to cost anything. In fact, most of the time it won’t! There are many ways we can spend time together without it breaking the bank.  

Family game night is an excellent way to spend family night. Playing games teaches valuable lessons about cooperation.  It also helps build problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

And it is fun! My daughter’s favorite way to spend family night is playing board games.  

Another free idea is to take your family night outdoors. Walking trails, biking or just going to the park to play frisbee or catch is a great way to bond. 

Many communities offer free movies in the park during the summer and other free community events year-round.  

Check with your local library and city offices to see what they have on their schedule. Take advantage of what your community has to offer and work it into family night.

Of course, you may occasionally have an activity that costs money, but you should never feel like you have to! The important thing is that you are spending quality time with family and doing things that bring you together! 

I always have new ideas for inexpensive activities on the blog that you can check out in our family section!

Now that you understand the importance of family night, go plan something fun!  Don’t worry about the details. The most important part is that you are together and it becomes a tradition your children will always remember.

There you have it! Some benefits of spending quality time with family! What is your favorite thing to do with your family? Share in the comments!

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