50 Geography Trivia for Kids

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Ready to learn and have fun? Help your kids get a jump start in geography and have fun while playing Geography Trivia for Kids!

In my house, we are always looking for our next challenge! That’s why we love playing trivia for kids on the daily. Whether it’s a round of animal trivia questions or football trivia, it always keeps my family entertained while they learn something new.

My kids love trivia so much that I decided to make Geography Trivia for kids to keep the fun going! We love the competition and seeing who can answer the most trivia questions correctly.

If you are looking for an educational and fun activity at home, then Geography Trivia for Kids is just what you need!

How to Play Trivia

Trivia is an easy game to play on teams with a large group, with two people, or even by yourself! Start by grabbing your list of Geography Trivia questions and an answer key.

Take turns asking the trivia questions. To keep score, just keep a tally of the number of trivia questions each person or team gets correct. You can easily make it as competitive as you want!

How to Boost your Trivia Skills

If you want to increase your trivia skills then it’s important to be curious. Absorb as much new information as you can and develop a love of learning.

You can start by memorizing facts like state capitals, interesting information about a specific country, or just random facts. Overall, you want to keep up with the world and learn something new every day!

Another great way to boost your trivia skills is watching documentaries. Documentaries are a great visual way to learn new information. Once your curiosity starts increasing, research topics you enjoy and memorize facts you find interesting.

Benefits of Playing Trivia

I love playing trivia because you can get the whole family involved. It’s always great to see your kids learn something new while having a good time! Geography trivia for kids is an excellent way to test your kids knowledge while boosting their memory and intelligence.

The greatest benefit that comes from playing trivia with your kids is helping them advance in their academics. Learning about a variety of topics, especially geography, is a sure way to help your kids remember the answers when they are tested at school.

With trivia you can easily combine fun and learning! So what are you waiting for? Grab your geography trivia for kids and start quizzing each other!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Geography Trivia for Kids

Whether you like to use trivia questions for fun or for competition, you are sure to learn something new. Make things more interesting by using a time limit. Or you can come up with some fun prizes that your kids can win for answering the most questions correctly. Prizes are a sure way to keep your kids motivated while playing geography trivia for kids.

To learn even more about geography, you can find a short clip or movie about one of the countries mentioned in geography trivia for kids and watch it together. It’s a great way to bring geography to life!

50 Geography Trivia for Kids

Q. Where is the largest volcano in the world?

A. Moana Loa, Hawaii

Q. How many continents are there?

A. 7

Q. What is the longest river in the world?

A. The Nile River

Q. How many planets are in the Solar System?

A. 8

Q. How many states are in the United States?

A. 50

Q. This city in Italy is known for its canals?

A. Venice

Q. What country is the Eiffel Tower located in?

A. France

Q. What is the highest mountain in the world?

A. Mount Everest

Q. What is the largest country in the world?

A. Russia

Q. How many countries are in the world?

A. 195

Q.  What US city has the largest population?

A. New York City

Q. Where is the largest desert in the world?

A. Antarctic Desert

Q. What is the largest city in California?

A. Los Angeles

Q. What is the smallest US state in size?

A. Rhode Island

Q. What is the largest US state in size?

A. Alaska

Q. What river flows through Brazil?

A. Amazon River

Q. What is the capital of Egypt?

A. Cairo

Q. What is the capital of Mexico?

A. Mexico City

Q. What is the capital of Texas?

A. Austin

Q. What is the capital of Spain?

A. Madrid

Q. What is the largest lake in the world?

A. Caspian Sea

Q. What is the largest city in Europe?

A. Istanbul

Q. What country is London located in?

A. United Kingdom

Q. What island is the Statue of Liberty on?

A. Ellis Island

Q. What state is the Liberty Bell located in?

A. Pennsylvania

Q. What two countries board the US?

A. Canada and Mexico

Q. What state is the Statue of Liberty located in?

A. New Jersey

Q. What US state is closest to Africa?

A. Maine

Q. What is the largest city in Africa?

A. Lagos

Q. What is the cleanest city in Africa?

A. Cape town

Q. What is the capital of Brazil?

A. Brasilia

Q. What is the capital of the Philippines

A. Manila

Q. What is the capital of Japan?

A. Tokyo

Q. What is the capital of Korea?

A. Seoul

Q. What does FSM stand for?

A. Federated States of Micronesia

Q. What is the capital of Tahiti?

A. Pape’ete

Q. How many main groups are the Pacific Islands divided into?

A. 3

Q. What city is the closest to the Equator?

A. Quito

Q. What city is the Wall of China located in?

A. Beijing

Q.  What country is the smallest desert in the world located in?

A. Canada

Q. What is the capital city of Hawaii?

A. Honolulu

Q. What is the capital city of Washington State?

A. Olympia

Q. What is the capital city of the United States?

A. Washington D.C.

Q. Where is the driest place in the United States?

A. Death Valley

Q. What state is the coldest in the United States

A. Alaska

Q. What country is also known as the Netherlands?

A. Holland

Q. What river is a boundary between the United States and Mexico?

A. The Rio Grande

Q. Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located?

A. San Francisco, California

Q. Where is the coldest place on earth?

A. Antarctica

What did you and your family learn while playing geography trivia for kids? Tell us in the comments!

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