50 All-Star Baseball Trivia Questions

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Ready to put your baseball knowledge to the test? Hit a home-run and have a blast playing Baseball Trivia with everyone in your family!

In our house, we love all sports! No matter the sport or time of year, you can always find us cooking up some gameday food and sitting down to watch a sports game. My kids love to know everything when it comes to sports, especially with my boys. That’s why they love trivia questions for kids like these Football Trivia for kids!

Trivia questions are fun for everyone because you can quiz each other and compete to see who gets the most answers correct. To add to our sports and trivia question fun, I decided to create Baseball Trivia!

If you are looking for an easy way to get the whole family involved in a game during baseball season, then Baseball trivia is just what you need! It’s the perfect game for all baseball fans!

How to Play Baseball Trivia

Trivia is one of my favorite games to play because it can be played in teams or with only two people. Plus it’s super easy to set up and play!

All you have to do is grab your list of Baseball Trivia questions and an answer key. Then take turns asking trivia questions. You can keep score by making a tally of the number of trivia questions each person gets correct.

How to Improve Your Trivia Skills

If you don’t feel like you’re the best at answering trivia questions, don’t worry! Playing a round of Baseball Trivia is a great way to help you feel more confident. After all, practice does make perfect!

If you want to improve your trivia skills, the best way to do that is to become curious! You can start by becoming more curious and memorizing facts about topics like geography, animals, presidents, or even random facts. 

I like to research topics I enjoy and then memorize anything that I find interesting about that topic. It makes researching more interesting! So start researching and boost your trivia skills for the next round of trivia questions!

Benefits of Trivia Games

Playing trivia games like baseball trivia has several benefits. It’s an easy way to get your mind moving and test your knowledge. It even boosts your memory and intelligence!

Adding some trivia questions while watching a sports game is a sure way to get your kids thinking and learning. I love trivia questions because they make learning fun! With baseball trivia, you can test your knowledge and learn something new.

Tips and Tricks

You can use trivia questions as a fun way to learn by simply asking each other questions without keeping score. If you want to make it more competitive, you can use a time limit and keep score.

You can even come up with some fun prizes that your kids can win for answering questions correctly. Prizes are a great way to keep them motivated and engaged while they play baseball trivia!

50 Baseball Trivia Questions

Q. How many bases are in the game of baseball?

A. 4

Q. The person who throws the ball at the top of the mount is called?

A. A pitcher

Q. How many players can be on the field at once?

A. 9

Q. How many stitches are on a baseball?

A. 108

Q. How many US baseball teams are there?

A. 30

Q. What is used to hit the baseball?

A. A baseball bat

Q. What is used to catch the baseball?

A. A baseball glove

Q. What kind of shoes are worn to play baseball?

A. Cleats

Q. What does MLB stand for?

A. Major League Baseball

Q. What city is the Dodgers located?

A. Los Angeles

Q. What state is the Yankees located?

A. New York

Q. Who holds the top winnings of a season?

A. Seattle Mariners

Q. What is the MLB team in Texas?

A. Texas Rangers

Q. What is the place called where the team sits in baseball?

A. Dugout

Q. What do you call a pitcher who can be a starter or reliever?

A. Swingman

Q. What do you call a hitter who rarely tries to drive the ball?

A. Slap hitter

Q. How many strikes can you get before you’re out?

A. 3

Q. What do you call a ball that hits between home and first or third base?

A. Foul ball

Q. What year did the first official baseball game take place in the United States?

A. 1846

Q. Who invented baseball?

A. Abner Doubleday

Q. What is it called when you hit the ball out of the park?

A. Home Run

Q. What do you call the player who sits behind the batter and catches the ball?

A. Catcher

Q. How many players stay in the outfield?

A. 3

Q. What does the batter get to do if the pitcher throws 4 foul balls?

A. Walk

Q. What do you call the person hitting the ball with the baseball bat?

A. Batter

Q. What happens when a ball is caught before it hits the ground?

A. Out

Q. What is it called when a player gets over the home plate safely?

A. A run

Q. How many feet apart are the bases?

A. 90 feet

Q. How far is 3rd base from 1st base?

A. 127 feet

Q. How far is the pitcher’s mound from home plate?

A. 6 feet 6 inches

Q. How many players can be on the MLB playoff roster?

A. 26

Q. Who is the oldest team in baseball?

A. Atlanta Braves

Q. Who is older the National League or American League of baseball?

A. National League

Q. What MLB team has switched leagues?

A. Houston Astros

Q. What MLB team is the most popular?

A. New York Yankees

Q. Who is the greatest pitcher in baseball?

A. Roger Clemens

Q. What do you call the person who is by second base?

A. Second baseman

Q. How covers first base if the first baseman is going after a ground ball away from first base?

A. The Pitcher

Q. What is the person called who is between third and second base called?

A. Shortstop

Q. What do you call the person who calls balls and strikes?

A. Robot Umpire

Q. What is the most common type of pitch in baseball?

A. Fastball

Q. How many different types of pitches are there?

A. 12

Q. How many innings are in a game of baseball?

A. 9

Q. How many outs does a full inning consist of?

A. 6

Q. How many outs does a team get before it’s the next team turn to bat?

A. 3

Q. What do you call the area where a player waits to bat?

A. Bullpen

Q. What do you call the field baseball is played on?

A. Ball Park

Q. What is it called when there is a temporary break in play?

A. Dead ball

Q. What do you call a ball hit in the air?

A. Fly ball

Q. What do you call when the bases are load and a homerun is hit?

A. Grandslam

What other baseball questions would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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