200+ Awesome Bible Trivia Questions and Answers!

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Want to help your kids learn about the Bible and have fun? Try playing Bible trivia for kids! it is one of the best way to really help your kids learn the bible! Not only will they be having fun, but they will be learning and growing all at the same time!

Trivia Bible Themed Questions for Kids

Trivia games give families the perfect way to connect – all while learning some interesting facts too! Trivia has become one of our family’s favorite activities. Whether you’re interested in baseball trivia or animal trivia, there is something for each family member to enjoy!

Do your kids have a hard time understanding Bible stories? If they do, they are not alone! That’s one reason why we created this fun and easy Bible themed trivia game for kids. It can help them remember stories they have learned, bring up conversations about Bible stories, and be a lot of fun! My kids love learning about Jesus and the Bible while we play, it sparks so many great conversations!

How to play Bible Trivia

Trivia is easy to play and can be played with two or more players. If you have a large group, set up teams and make it a competition.

Just grab your list of Bible Trivia questions and an answer key and you are good to go! Or purchase and download our custom-made cards below for an even easier way to play! Keep score using tally marks for the number of questions each person answers correctly.

How to Improve Your Trivia Skills

The only way to improve trivia skills is to practice! Be curious about topics that you are interested in and do some research. Memorize all that you can and you’ll be a trivia master in no time!

Benefits of Trivia Games

Trivia games are an easy way to get your mind working. These kinds of exercises boost your memory and intelligence. 

And don’t forget the important lessons that can be learned in the process. Bible themed trivia can help kids develop a greater appreciation for the Bible and the people in it.

Tips and Tricks

Make it fun for you and your kids! If your kids struggle with competition, consider just taking turns answering questions, without keeping score. But if you’re all up for some friendly competition, think of a prize for the winner and set a time limit on each question. 

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200+ Bible Trivia Questions

While we have 200+ Bible Trivia questions, please note our bible trivia cards have 50 for the best ones!

Q. What is the first book in the Old Testament?

A. Genesis
Bible Trivia Questions: Q. What is the first book in the Old Testament? A. Genesis on a brown background

Q. What is the name of the transportable chest carrying the Ten Commandments?

A. Arch of the Covenant

Q. Who presented baby Jesus at the temple?

A. Simeon

Q. What is the last book in the Old Testament?

A. Malachi

Q. What are the four gospels?

A. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Bible Trivia Questions: What are the four gospels? A. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John on a green background

Q. Name 3 books in the New Testament containing letters written by Paul.

A. Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Philemon, Galatians, Philippians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus

Q. Who lost everything he had and has a book in the Old Testament named after him?

A. Job

Q. Who turned into a pillar of salt?

A. Lot’s wife

Q. Where did Adam and Eve first live?

A. Garden of Eden

Q. Where did Jesus walk on water and calm the storm?

A. Sea of Galilee
Bible Trivia Questions: Where did Jesus walk on water and calm the storm? A. Sea of Galilee on a blue background

Q. Who did Jesus raise from the dead?

A. Lazarus

Q. Who is Martha’s sister?

A. Mary (of Bethany)

Q. How did David defeat Goliath?

A. Slingshots a stone to the head and cuts off his head

Q. Where was Daniel cast with the expectation he would die?

A. Lion’s den

Q. What profession was Joseph?

A. Carpenter
Bible Trivia Questions: What profession was Joseph? A. Carpenter on a red background

Q. What was the name of the angel who appeared to Mary?

A. Gabriel

Q. What did John the Baptist eat in the desert?

A. Locusts and honey

Q. How many people did Jesus feed with five loaves of bread and two fish?

A. 5000 men

Q. After Jesus was arrested, who denied knowing him three times?

A. Peter

Q. Where was Saul traveling to when he saw a great and blinding light?

A. Damascus
Bible Trivia Questions: WWhere was Saul traveling to when he saw a great and blinding light? A. Damascus on a purple background

Q. What was Simon Peter’s job before he became an apostle?

A. He was a fisherman

Q. Who doubted Jesus’ resurrection until he saw Jesus himself?

A. Thomas

Q. How does Judas show the Roman officials who Jesus is?

A. He kisses Jesus

Q. Who murdered John the Baptist?

A. Harod Antipas

Q. Who baptized Jesus?

A. John the Baptist
Bible Trivia Questions: Who baptized Jesus? A. John the Baptist on a brown background

Q. How long did the Israelites wander in the wilderness?

A. 40 years

Q. Name 3 of the 10 plagues sent to Egypt.

A. Blood, frogs, bugs, wild animals, pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, death of the first-born

Q. How did the Israelites stay safe from the final plague in Egypt?

A. The put the blood of a lamb on their door frames

Q. How did Joseph of Egypt end up in Egypt?

A. His brothers sold him

Q. Why did God send plagues to Egypt?

A. Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go
Bible Trivia Questions: WWhy did God send plagues to Egypt? A. Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go on a green background

Q. Who is known for their gift of interpreting dreams?

A. Joseph of Egypt

Q. How many sons did Jacob have?

A. 12

Q. How many days did God take to create the world?

A. 6

Q. Who were Adam and Eve’s three sons listed in the Bible?

A. Cain, Abel, Seth

Q. Who did God tell to build an ark?

A. Noah
Bible Trivia Questions: Who did God tell to build an ark? A. Noah on a blue background

Q. How many days and nights did it rain while Noah and his family were on the ark?

A. 40

Q. How did Moses’ mother save him from Egyptian soldiers?

A. She put him in a basket in the river

Q. What did God speak to Moses through in the desert?

A. A burning bush

Q. What golden image did the Israelites make at Mt. Sinai?

A. A golden calf

Q. Where was Jesus born?

A. Bethlehem
Bible Trivia Questions:  Where was Jesus born? A. Bethlehem on a blue background

Q. One of Jesus’ miracles was turning water into…

A. Wine

Q. What is the shortest verse in the Bible?

A. John 11:35 – Jesus wept

Q. Name the apostle who betrayed Jesus.

A. Judas Iscariot

Q. What day of the week did Jesus rise back to life?

A. Sunday

Q. How many books have the name John in the title?

A. 4
Bible Trivia Questions: How many books have the name John in the title? A. 4 on a red background

Q. What is the first of the 10 Commandments?

A. You shall have no other gods before me

Q. What is the last book of the Bible?

A. Revelation

Q. What were men trying to do at the Tower of Babel?

A. Build a tower to reach Heaven

Q. Who got Joseph of Egypt thrown into prison by lying about him?

A. Potiphar’s wife

Q. What catastrophe did Joseph predict from Pharaoh’s dream?

A. A seven-year famine
Bible Trivia Questions: What catastrophe did Joseph predict from Pharaoh’s dream? A. A seven-year famine on a purple background

Q. How many sling-throws did it take David to kill Goliath?

A. One

Q. What did Joseph of Egypt tell his brothers to do when they came back to Egypt?

A. Bring Benjamin back with them

Q. Who eventually came from the lineage of David?

A. Jesus

Q. What happened when Jesus went into the wilderness?

A. He was tempted by Satan

Q. Which New Testament book has Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount?

A. Matthew
Bible Trivia Questions: Which New Testament book has Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount? A. Matthew on a green background

Q. Who was David’s son that became king?

A. Solomon

Q: How many books are in the New Testament?

A: 27

Q: Who were the first apostles called to follow Jesus?

A: Peter and Andrew

Q: Who asked Pilate for Jesus’ body after the crucifixion? 

A: Joseph of Arimathea

Q: Paul was shipwrecked on what island?

A: Malta

Q: What is the shortest book in the New Testament?

A: 2 John

Q: Who is the author of the Book of Revelation?

A: John

Q: Who was the first person to come upon the injured man in the parable of the Good Samaritan?

A: Priest

Q: Whose example does Paul say Christians should follow in Chapter 5 of Ephesians? 

A: Christ’s

Q: After Jesus fed 5,000+ people with two fish and five loaves of bread, how many baskets were left over? 

A: 12

Q: What does Paul say may “abound more and more in knowledge and in all judgment?” 

A: Love

Q: What tribe is Paul from?

A: Benjamin

Q: According to the Beatitudes who will be filled? 

A: Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

Q: In the Gospel of Mark, how does the Virgin Mary learn of her pregnancy?

A: From the angel Gabriel

Q: Who is Stephen in Acts of the Apostles? 

A: The first Christian martyr

Q: By what name is Paul of Tarsus known before he begins his missionary activity?

A Saul

Q: According to Paul’s formulation in 1 Corinthians, which is the greatest of the imperishable qualities? 

A: Love

Q: Who is the high priest of Jerusalem who put Jesus on trial? 

A: Caiaphas

Q: Which Gospel is most concerned with the mystery and identity of the person of Jesus?

A: John

Q: When Christians observe Palm Sunday, what biblical narrative are they celebrating?

A: Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem before his death

Q: According to the Gospels, what is the unique literary genre Jesus employs to preach his message?

A: The parable

Q: Who takes Jesus’s body off the cross?

A: Joseph of Arimathea

Q: Which Gospel is written by a doctor?

A: Luke

Q: How many apostles did Jesus have? 

A: 12

Q: How did Jesus die?

A: He was crucified.

Q: Who gave Jesus gifts when he was born?

A: The wise men

Q: With what did Jesus feed 5000 people?

A: Loaves and fishes

Q: Who are the religious leaders who continually tried to trap Jesus with their questions?

A: Pharisees

Q: What is the name of Jesus’ mother? 

A: Mary

Q: What is the collective name of the stories Jesus told?

A: Parables

Q: Who wanted to kill Jesus when he was a baby?

A: Herod

Q: What happened to Jesus after the resurrection?

A: He ascended into heaven.

Q: What did the Holy Spirit look like when the disciples received it?

A: Tongues of fire

Q: Who went on missionary journeys to preach to the Gentiles?

A: Paul

Q: How did Paul escape from Damascus?

A: In a basket down the city wall

Q: On what day of Creation did God create man?

A: Sixth day

Q: What was the name of Adam’s third son?

A: Seth

Q: At the time of the census conducted by Moses in the first chapter of Numbers, which of the twelve tribes of Israel was the smallest?

A: Manasseh

Q: Who was the mother of Samuel?

A: Hannah

Q: What kind of bird brought Elijah food while he hid in the Kerith Ravine, east of Jordan?

A: Raven

Q: Which of the following is NOT a book of the Old Testament?

A: Enoch

Q: What is the last word in the Old Testament?

A: Curse

Q: How many books are there in the Old Testament?

A: 39

Q: In what language was the Old Testament written?

A: Hebrew

Q: What relation was Jacob to Abraham?

A: Grandson

Q: From which country did Moses help the Israelites escape from their lives of slavery?

A: Egypt

Q: Which tribe of Israel looked after the religious aspects of life?

A: Levi

Q: On which day of the year could the High Priest enter the Holiest Place, the inner most part of the temple where the covenant box was kept?

A: Day of Atonement

Q: Israel split into two kingdoms after the reign of King Solomon, with Israel in the north, but what was the name of the southern kingdom?

A: Judah

Q: Who was king of the southern kingdom when the northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyria?

A: Hezekiah

Q: The southern kingdom eventually fell also, but to which great power?

A: Babylon

Q: After the exile, the Israelites returned and started to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, but which other prophet along with Zechariah was sent to encourage the completion of the partly built temple?

A: Haggai

Q: One title of God is El Shaddai, which means what?

A: Almighty God

Q: Which king had the longest reign over the Kingdom of Israel?

A: Jeroboam II

Q: What does Israel mean?

A: Prevails with God

Q: In which prophecy do we read about the valley of dry bones?

A: Ezekiel

Q: Which one of these books is not classed as a book of history?

A: Psalms

Q: Which of these Old Testament prophets lived during the reign of King Josiah?

A: Jeremiah

Q: How were sins forgiven in the Old Testament?

A: Animal sacrifice

Q: How many ‘minor prophets’ are there?

A: 12

Q: What is the name commonly given to the first five books of the Old Testament?

A: Pentateuch

Q: Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament?

A: Moses

Q: What time period does the Old Testament cover?

A: The beginning of man to the time of the Messiah

Q: From which part of Adam’s body did God create Eve?

A: Rib

Q: What was the name of Abraham’s nephew?

A: Lot

Q: What did God ask Abraham to sacrifice to him on Mount Moriah?

A: His only son

Q: What did Rachel steal from her father, Laban, when she left home with her husband Jacob?

A: Laban’s household gods

Q: What was the name of Joseph’s youngest brother?

A: Benjamin

Q: When Joseph was in prison, whose dream did he correctly interpret to mean he would be restored to his job?

A: Butler

Q: What was the first plague the Lord sent on Egypt?

A: Water turned into blood

Q: On what mountain did Moses receive the law from God?

A: Mount Sinai

Q: What was the ‘tabernacle’ for?

A: To worship God in

Q: How did Rahab let the invading Israelites identify her house?

A: She tied a red cord in the window

Q: What weapons did Gideon use to defeat the Midianites?

A: Trumpets, pitchers, and lamps

Q: Which judge was betrayed to the Philistines by a woman?

A: Samon

Q: Who did Samuel anoint as the first King of Israel?

A: Saul

Q: How did Uriah die?

A: David had him placed in the most dangerous spot in the battle.

Q: What was Cain’s punishment for the murder of Abel?

A: He was banned from his occupation and made a restless wanderer on the earth.

Q: What was the secret of Samson’s great strength?

A: He would lose his strength if his hair were cut.

Q: Who was Moses’ successor after his death?

A: Joshua

Q: What was the name of David’s father?

A: Jesse

Q: Which prophet secretly anointed David as king?

A: Samuel

Q: How did the Jewish prophet Daniel end up in Babylon?

A: He was taken captive in a raid by the Babylonian army.

Q: Why does Cain kill his brother Abel?

A: Because God is more pleased by Abel’s sacrifice than by Cain’s.

Q: How does Jacob steal his brother, Esau’s, inheritance rights?

A: By tricking his father with the help of his mother

Q: From which catastrophe does Joseph save Egypt?

A: Famine

Q: What object that God gives Moses allows him to perform signs and wonders? 

A: A wooden staff

Q: How does God feed the Israelites in the desert?

A: By a strange bread-like substance from heaven

Q: Why does Moses break the stone tablets inscribed with God’s commandments at Mount Sinai? 

A: Because the people are worshipping a golden idol

Q: Why does God curse the Israelites to wander the desert for forty years before entering the Promised Land?

A: Because the Israelites vote down Moses as their leader

Q: What do Moses and Joshua forbid the Israelites to do in the Promised Land?

A: Intermarry with the native inhabitants

Q: Who betrays Samson to the Philistines?

A: Delilah

Q: Why does the prophet Nathan rebuke David?

A: David commits adultery with Bathsheba.

Q: How does Absalom flaunt his brief overthrow of David’s throne?

A: By sleeping with David’s concubines in public

Q: What event triggers the division of Israel into two kingdoms?

A: Rehoboam wants the tribe of Judah to secede from the twelve tribes.

Q: Who is Elisha?

A: Elijah’s apprentice and successor

Q: What do the deaths of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel have in common?

A: Dogs eat the blood of their dead bodies.

Q: Which Jewish festival results from the events in Esther?

A: Purim

Q: Which of the following is not one of Israel’s judges?

A: Jephthah

Q: What does King Solomon do in Israel?

A: He builds a grand temple in Jerusalem.

Q: What is one of the main criteria in Leviticus for living in the Israelite camp?

A: To be ceremonially clean

Q: Why does God reprimand Job?

A: Because Job heeds the advice of his friends

Q: What did King Solomon ask for from God?

A: Wisdom

Q: Who wrote this line “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”?

A: King David

Q: What does “Eve” mean?

A: “mother of all living”

Q: Who married Abraham?

A: Sarah

Q: Who was David’s original wife? 

A: Michal

Q: Who was Ruth’s sister-in-law?

A: Oprah

Q: What was the first thing that God created?

A: Light

Q: Which day did God create plants?

A: Plant

Q: What was the boat Noah built called?

A: An ark

Q: How many of each type of animal did Noah have on the ark?

A: Two

Q: What is the symbol of God’s promise to Noah?

A: The rainbow

Q: Who received the 10 commandments from God?

A: Moses

Q: What are we told to do in the fifth commandment?

A: Honor your father and mother

Q: What was the name of Moses’ brother?

A: Aaron

Q: What food do we ask God to give us in the Lord’s Prayer? 

A: Bread

Q: People look on the outward appearance, but what does God look on?

A: The heart

Q: This prophet was swallowed by a fish.

A: Jonah

Q: What animal was often used for transportation in the Bible?

A: Camel or donkey

Q: Who was the Son of God?

A: Jesus

Q: What is another name for the Sermon on the Mount?

A: The beatitudes

Q: What was the name of the Sea where Jesus calmed a storm?

A: The Sea of Galilee

Q: How many days did God take to create the world?

A: 6

Q: Who was the first man?

A: Adam

Q: What did Joseph tell his brothers about his dreams that upset them?

A: The dreams said he would become greater and rule over them.

Q: How did Moses’ mother save him from the Egyptian soldiers?

A: Let his people go.

Q: What was the final plague that convinced Pharaoh to let the slaves go?

A: The firstborn son of all Egyptian families died.

Q: When Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army after the slaves, where did they meet at?

A: By the Red Sea

Q: What did God through Moses to save the slaves?

A: Parted the Red Sea.

Q: When the Egyptians tried to follow the Israelites through the Red Sea, what happened?

A: The water crashed on them and killed them all.

Q: Who was the first king of Israel?

A: Saul

Q: Who spoke from the sky when Jesus was baptized?

A: God

Q: What is the name Jesus’ hometown?

A: Nazareth

Q: What did Jesus do at the Last Supper to his disciples?

A: Washed their feet.

Q: What did the woman pour on Jesus’ feet at the home of Simon the Leper?

A: Jar of expensive perfume

Q: What happened after Jesus was buried in the tomb?

A: He rose again

Q: What is the 2nd commandment?

A: You shall not make idols.

Q: What does Jesus say is the first and greatest commandment?

A: Love God with all your heart, minds, soul, and strength.

Q: Which book did Jesus directly write?

A: None

Q: Who bought Joseph?

A: Potiphar, captain of the Pharaoh’s guards

Q: What position of power was Joseph given by the Pharaoh?

A: Second in command of Egypt.

Q: Which human author wrote the most books?

A: Paul wrote 13 books.

Q: How many lepers did Jesus heal?

A: 10

Q: In what language was most of the New Testament given?

A: Greek

Q: What was most likely the first of Paul’s letters written?

A: 1 Thessalonians

Q: Who were Noah’s three sons?

A: Shem, Ham, Japheth.

Q: How many people were saved on the ark?

A: 8

Q: How did God make people spread out across the earth?

A: Confused their languages.

Q: Who was the first son Abram had?

A: Ishmael

Q: Who did Laban trick Jacob into marrying?

A: Leah

What is your favorite Bible question? What questions would you add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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