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This Bible Word Scramble is a wonderful way for your kiddos to learn more about the bible through bible words in a challenging, fun way! This is a great activity to use at church or at home!

1 black and white, 1 color Bible word scrambles with black border

Bible Word Scramble

I know for myself it can be hard to teach my kids about the bible even with fun Bible Charades and Bible Trivia Questions. This Bible Word Scramble page is another great way to start up conversation and get your kids interested in learning about the Bible. Kids have the chance to ask questions and talk about things they don’t understand. 

This is a great game to use during Sunday School, or as an after church activity! Of course you can use it on any other day as well, but Sunday seems like a pretty safe bet. 

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1 color, 1 black and white word scrambles with blue border

How to Play Bible Word Scramble

Word Scrambles are a very easy game to learn if you don’t know how to play already. Basically there are 20 Bible themed words that are all scrambled. It’s your job to try and unscramble as many words as you can. And don’t worry. We’ve included an answer key just in case any of the words have you stumped! 

Benefits of Word Scrambles

There are so many hidden benefits to completing a word scramble game! And even more for playing the Bible Word Scramble Game! Some of the benefits are:

  • Practice problem solving
  • Improve spelling
  • Enlarge vocabulary
  • Learn patience
  • Dedication to a task

Some of the benefits of the Bible Word Scramble in particular are that you get to learn more about Bible stories in a more interactive and fun way than normal. This can help you understand the world and life better!

Tips for Playing with Small Children

There are some words that younger children may be unfamiliar with. It would help if there was an older person close by like a parent or older sibling that could offer assistance when it was needed. One thing to remember when helping little kids is to let them do as much of the project as you can. You are just there to help them where they can’t help themselves. By letting them take charge they are really able to learn the most from the activity they are participating in. 

Tips for Playing as a Family

Bible Word Scramble is a great activity to play as a family or Sunday school class. Everyone can have fun while also brushing up on their Bible words!

Add a Time Limit

If you want to add a little competition to your evening, adding a time limit is a great place to start. Set the timer to whatever you feel is appropriate and see who can unscramble the most words during that time!

Play on Teams

Playing on teams works best when there are a lot of different ages and skill levels playing at the same time. It levels the playing field and allows for some good family bonding as people word together. The first team to unscramble all their words is the winner! 

Bible Scramble Words Plus Answer Key

  1. laatr
  2. iontvaals
  3. yholiirtsp
  4. htezanar
  5. itzepba
  6. ins
  7. htafi
  8. ttihe
  9. ussej
  10. ssieeng
  11. envaeh
  12. bbile
  13. odg
  14. orpervsb
  15. orphetp
  16. heshepder
  17. learis
  18. army
  19. htialigo
  20. ptyge

Answer Key

  1. altar
  2. salvation
  3. holy spirit
  4. nazareth
  5. baptize
  6. sin
  7. faith
  8. tithe
  9. jesus
  10. genesis
  11. heaven
  12. bible
  13. god
  14. proverbs
  15. prophet
  16. shepherd
  17. israel
  18. mary
  19. goliath
  20. egypt

How To Download This Printable

How to Download

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The link we send you will contain a colored version of the Bible Word Scramble page, a black and white version, and an answer sheet just in case any of the words give you a hard time. Once downloaded you can print as many copies as you’d like. 

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