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Kindergarten is such an exciting time for young children. They are learning so much so fast! This Kindergarten Word Scramble game is a great way to challenge young learners in a fun way and reinforce the skills and sight words they’ve been picking up at school! These are perfect to use at home or in the classroom. 

Kindergarten Word Scramble

There is so much Kindergarteners are learning in school! They need a fun way to be able to practice the skills they’re learning, especially those sight words. This Kindergarten Sight words word scramble list is the perfect way for your little ones to continue learning and also have a good time. These words have been specifically tailored to a kindergarteners learning level so they should be challenging, but able to be solved by your big learner. Pair this with our other fun word scrambles for even more fun, like our fall word scramble or our superhero word scramble. Also, don’t forget to grab our Kindergarten Word Search using the same sight words!

These games are great to have for after school activities or while you’re running errands. They can keep kids distracted in a good way for a moment. 

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How to Play Kindergarten Word Scramble

Word Scrambles for kids are so easy to learn! Basically there are 20 words that have been scrambled. It’s the job of your Kindergartener to unscramble all of those words. We’ve even made an answer key just in case there’s a word or two that are a little too challenging. There are also a lot of words that can be made out of the jumbled letters so you can see if your little one has found the ones on the list or has found new ones!

Benefits of Word Scrambles

There are so many hidden benefits of word scrambles! They are so good for your brain because they get you thinking in a way you don’t typically think. Some of the biggest benefits for your little one are:

  • Practicing problem solving
  • Improve spelling
  • Enlarge vocabulary
  • Learn patience
  • Dedication to a task

Kindergarten Scramble Words Plus Answer Key

  1. acn
  2. eth
  3. ew
  4. ese
  5. keil
  6. ot
  7. dan
  8. og
  9. aypl
  10. omec
  11. ookl
  12. ash
  13. eerwh
  14. ythe
  15. aveh
  16. ttiell
  17. ym
  18. hatw
  19. oeds
  20. hwen

Answer Key

  1. can
  2. the
  3. we
  4. see
  5. like
  6. to
  7. and
  8. go
  9. play
  10. come
  11. look
  12. has
  13. where
  14. they
  15. have
  16. little
  17. my
  18. what
  19. does
  20. when

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