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Everything looks so wonderful in the Spring! The flowers are growing, there are new animals around, and the trees look more and more green everyday! This Spring Word Scramble is such a great way to celebrate all the new life around you! 

1 black and white, 1 color Spring Word Scramble Printable with a light blue border.

Spring Word Scramble

With so much happening outside, this Spring Word Scramble page is an awesome way to relax on a rainy spring day! It can be played at home, in the classroom, or on the go for all those busy moms out there! 

This Word Scramble page includes 20 Spring themed words that are all totally jumbled up! It’s sure to keep your kiddos busy for a few minutes at least! 

Example of the word scramble is perfect for families and the classroom on a teal background.

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How to Play Spring Word Scramble

Word Scramble games are great to play! Most of you probably know how to play already! This is how you play. There are 20 Spring themed words that are all mixed up. Some are easy to figure out and some are a little harder, but the goal is to unscramble all the words on the page. That’s it! It’s fun, challenging, and gives your brain a nice stretch!

Benefits of Word Scrambles

There are so many benefits to completing word scrambles! These games aren’t just fun, they really help your brain start moving! It doesn’t matter how old you are, the benefits of this game are the same across the board! Some of those benefits are:

  • Get better at problem solving
  • Practice spelling
  • Enlarge your vocabulary
  • Learn patience

Because these benefits are for everyone this same game can be played by your kindergartener, your high schooler, and yourself!

Example of the spring word scramble with two versions: color and black and white with an answer key on a purple background.

Tips and Tricks for Word Scrambles

You certainly don’t need any of these tips and tricks to make this game enjoyable, but if you want to change things up a bit check out the tips below!

Playing with Small Children

Because there is a mix of easy and hard words on this sheet it often works best if younger children have someone older to help them through the hard words. This could be a parent, or a sibling, or whoever. It offers those working together a good opportunity to bond and strengthen their friendship! 

Add a Time Limit

If you’re looking for a little competition, adding a timer can be lots of fun! You can set the time for whatever you’d like, from a minute to 5 minutes or more. But the name of the game is to figure out as many words as you can before the time runs out. The person with the most solved words is the winner!

1 color, 1 black and white Spring word scramble printable with a pink border

Play on Teams

Playing on teams is a great way for families to bond! It also might even the playing field if there are age differences in the people playing! Plus, if you don’t know a word there’s a good chance one of your teammates does. That’s a little less pressure on you! Once you’ve got your teams all ready to go the first team to get all their words done wins!

Offer a Prize

If you want to add a little incentive to be the winner throwing in a prize is a sure fire way to do that! The prize can be anything you choose, but I’m particularly partial to food! Here are some delicious Spring treat options for you to consider when planning your little competition! The winner(s) gets the first pick!

Testimonial for the Spring themed word scramble with a bright pink border.

Spring Scramble Words Plus Answer Key

  1. yam 
  2. lfac 
  3. sssoombl 
  4. ylfrettbu 
  5. liarp 
  6. cchik
  7. grof 
  8. loomb 
  9. mawr 
  10. seldudp 
  11. wobainr 
  12. ssrag 
  13. nnigedarg 
  14. pperhosargs 
  15. charm 
  16. usn 
  17. gripsn
  18. lablesba 
  19. ckud 
  20. yadl ubg

Answer Key:

  1. May 
  2. Calf
  3. Blossoms
  4. Butterfly
  5. April
  6. Chick
  7. Frog
  8. Bloom
  9. Warm
  10. Puddles
  11. Rainbow
  12. Grass
  13. Gardening
  14. Grasshopper
  15. March
  16. Sun
  17. Spring
  18. Baseball
  19. Duck
  20. Lady Bug

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