The Best Thanksgiving Word Scramble Printable

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Sit back, relax, and play! Grab your family, put your mind to the test, and beat the turkey hangover with this free Thanksgiving Word Scramble Printable.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Printable

I love Thanksgiving because it gives me an excuse to eat a ton of food while spending quality time with my family. After a delicious Thanksgiving feast and a couple of rounds of Thanksgiving Charades, it’s nice to have a game that we can sit down and play quietly. That’s why we love playing Thanksgiving Word Scramble! 

This Word Scramble is the perfect game to help you break out of your turkey hangover and get your mind moving! It’s an easy game for the whole family to play. Plus it’s customizable so you can choose to make it competitive with a timer or use it as a relaxing activity to pick up and play throughout the day!

What makes word scrambles even better is that you can help your kids improve their problem solving skills without them even realizing it. They even help improve their spelling and expand their vocabularies! 

If you need another quiet activity to add to your holiday, check out our November writing prompts and our Thanksgiving journal prompts. They are perfect activities to keep your kids entertained while you prep for the holiday!

So put on your thinking cap and add some puzzle fun this Thanksgiving with our Thanksgiving Word Scramble printable.

How to Play Thanksgiving Word Scramble

I love word scrambles for kids because it takes no time to prepare and it’s super easy to explain. There is a mixture of long and short words so that the whole family can play. All you have to do is print it out for everyone in the family, and unscramble the words!

To play, rearrange the letters to come up with a Thanksgiving-related word. Then write your answer on the blank line next to the letters. Repeat for all 50 words on the list. It’s that easy! 

Tips and Tricks for Word Scrambles

To keep this more relaxing simply play it as is and have everyone unscramble the list of words throughout the day. If you are looking to add a little excitement and switch things up, check out our fun tips below!

Add a Time Limit

To make it more competitive, all you have to do is add a time limit of 2-3 minutes. Then have everyone unscramble as many words as they can before the time runs out. It’s a sure way to get everyone thinking quickly and scrambling to finish on time!

Offer a Prize

You can add even more competition by offering a prize for the person who unscrambles all of the words first. I always love giving candy, especially a Thanksgiving-themed treat like candy corn. Or you can let the winner get the first piece of pie!

Whatever you choose, offering a prize is sure to keep everyone excited and interested in playing.

Divide and Conquer!

Another fun way to play word scramble is to divide the list into sections. For example, you can choose to have 5 sections with 10 words in each. Each group of 10 words then becomes a round. Divide everyone into groups or play solo and see who can solve those 10 words the quickest. 

It makes the game more competitive and flexible because you can play each round periodically throughout the day.

Play on Teams

Unscrambling words on a team makes it fun for everyone. It also takes out the frustration because if one person can’t figure out a word, someone else in the group will probably know the answer! 

Divide everyone into teams and have them work together. You can even strategically place younger kids with adults so that they will have someone to help them figure out each of the words. 

Playing on teams is a great way to bond and get everyone involved in the fun!

Ready for some puzzle fun? Scroll down to get your printable!

Grab Your Free Thanksgiving Word Scramble here.

50 Thanksgiving Word Scramble Words

1. kthnas

2. geartflu

3. voersfetl

4. pmkupni epi

5. kurtye

6. norc

7. tesaf

8. gilmirp

9. mha

10. farmeylow

11. tufsingf

12. tatdoirins

13. dannisi

14. hivinksgantg

15. mafyli

16. vrahest

17. mevonreb

18. botfolal

19. reapad

20. tunuam

21. saqhus

22. vaeles

23. olesscaer

24. rebad

25. lebogb

26. penac

27. piacronuco

28. vnoe

29. seblgsins

30. bedracron

31. gotteehr

32. hnkatulf

33. vargy

34. pelpa direc

35. odfo

36. rusydhta

37. lafl

38. elarecebt

39. vniigg

40. wtese otapotse

41. kipnan

42. capeh bocbrel

43. bireerscanr

44. pna

45. yovgae

46. papel epi

47. amy

48. cpiesre

49. ereng aenbs

50. sbneowih

What words would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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