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Looking for a 1st grade word scramble that uses first grade sight words? This free word scramble for first grade is the perfect way to test their skills and reinforce learning in a fun and easy way.

1st Grade Word Scramble

First grade is such a fun time! They are learning and growing each and every day. I always felt like first grade was when reading, writing, and overall learning skyrocket! That is why I am so excited to share with you these fun 1st grade sight word sheets to help kids learn and grow! Your kids are going to love this first grade word scramble as well as our first grade word search! Both use sight words to help your kids get familiar with them in a fun new way! These are perfect to use at home or in the classsroom!

First Grade Word Scramble

We’ve created a list of words that are specifically tailored to the learning level of your first grader, including those first grade sight words! This 1st Grade Word Scramble page is a fun way to challenge your young learner and reinforce the skills they’re learning in school. Because this list has been made specifically with a 1st grader in mind they should be able to figure out all the words on their own, but be prepared to help them get unstuck a time or two. 

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How to Use 1st Grade Word Scrambles

Word Scrambles for kids are easy to do! Basically there are 20 words that have been scrambled. It’s the job of your 1st  grader to unscramble all of those words. We’ve even made an answer key just in case there’s a word or two that are a little too challenging. There are also a lot of words that can be made out of the jumbled letters so you can see if your little one has found the ones on our list or has found new ones! 

Benefits of Word Scrambles

There are so many hidden benefits of word scrambles! They are so good for your brain because they get you thinking in a way you don’t typically think. Some of the biggest benefits for your little one are:

  • Practicing problem solving
  • Improve spelling
  • Enlarge vocabulary
  • Learn patience
  • Dedication to a task

Tips for Playing with Children

As hard as it is sometimes, kids often learn best by struggling on their own with an adult close by to offer assistance when it’s asked for. It can be hard for us parents to watch our children struggle with something when we know the right answer, but it really is good for kids to try things for themselves first! Knowing that you will be there for them gives them the motivation to try harder than they would if you were right there over their shoulder. 

First Grade Scramble Words Plus Answer Key

  1. aefrt
  2. aiagin
  3. yan
  4. yb
  5. dlocu
  6. yevre
  7. lfy
  8. opne
  9. hnew
  10. hrwee
  11. lwka
  12. khnti
  13. psot
  14. hantk
  15. mya
  16. liev
  17. ngigo
  18. uodnr
  19. tneh
  20. thme

Answer Key

  1. after
  2. again
  3. any
  4. by
  5. could
  6. every
  7. fly
  8. open
  9. when
  10. where
  11. walk
  12. think
  13. stop
  14. thank
  15. may
  16. live
  17. going
  18. round
  19. then
  20. them

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