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If you need a fun family-friendly game to add to your New Year’s Eve party, then this New Year’s Word Scramble printable is the perfect addition to your party!

New Year’s Word Scramble

New Year’s is a time of year filled with lots of excitement, optimism, and celebration. Between setting goals and looking forward to a new year, it’s always nice to sit down with my family and play some games. My family loves playing winter bingo and Winter word scramble so I decided to make a New Year’s Word Scramble to add to our fun!

As a mom, its important for me to have family-friendly activities to play on New Year’s Eve. This New Year’s word scramble is just what you need to get your mind moving and help you stay awake as you countdown to the new year! With long and short words, its so easy for the whole family to play.

I love how customizable word scramble is because you can choose to make it competitive with a timer or use it as a relaxing activity to pick up and play throughout the evening. Its a perfect game to play while you wait for the ball to drop at Times Square!

Word scrambles are a total mom win because they are fun for everyone and they help your kids improve their problem solving skills. They even help improve spelling and expand their vocabulary!

Put on your thinking caps and welcome in the new year with some puzzle fun by using our New Year’s Word Scramble Printable.

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How to Play New Year’s Word Scramble

Word scrambles are a great family-friendly activity that take no time to prepare. Plus it’s super easy to explain. There is a mixture of long and short words on our list so that the whole family can play. All you have to do is print copies of our free printable for everyone in the family, and unscramble the words!

To play, rearrange the letters to come up with a New Year’s related word. Then write your anser on the blank line next to the letters. Repeat for all 45 words on the list. It’s that simple!

Tips and Tricks for Word Scrambles

To have a relaxing activity, simply play it as is and have everyone unscramble the words throughout the evening. If you are looking to add some excitement and switch things up, check out our fun tips below!

Playing with Small Children

When playing with little ones, its a good idea to give them a partner. Pair the young children with an adult so they have help solving their words. The longer words will be more difficult so you can have the adults focus on solving them while the little ones look at the shorter words.

Let your kids take the lead and have the adults help when needed so that everyone can have a good time!

Add a Time Limit

To add some competition to the evening, all you have to do is add a time limit of 2-3 minutes. Then have everyone unscramble as many words as they can before time runs out. Its a great way to get everyone thinking quickly and scrambling to finish on time!

Offer a Prize

You can add even more competition by offering a prize. Whether its a fun bubbly, alcohol free drink or a delicious treat, its great motivation for everyone to play.

Add Confetti

Adding confetti is a great way to celebrate the winner. Whoever solves all the words the quickest or gets the most correct, gets to launch confetti at the end of the round. Its a fun New Year’s twist to add to your New Year’s Word Scramble.

Divide the List

Another fun way to play word scramble is to divide the list into sections. Each group of words can be their own round. Either divide everyone into groups or play solo to see who can solve their words the quickest.

It makes the game even faster and flexible as you break it up to play throughout the evening.

Play on Teams

Playing on teams is a fun way to solve each of the words, especially at a New Year’s Eve party. Playing on teams even takes out the frustration because if you don’t know a word, someone else in the group probably does!

Divide everyone into teams and have them work together. If you have small children, its a great time to place them in a group with some adults so they have someone to help them figure out the answers.

Ready for some puzzle fun? Scroll down to get your free printable!

45 New Year’s Word Scramble Words

  1. soonlbal
  2. danreacl
  3. mesti qareus
  4. trbainoeelc
  5. tinoeflre
  6. seerhc
  7. eimt
  8. iettnfco
  9. laogs
  10. wodnuontc
  11. nulana
  12. kolcc
  13. wen arey
  14. korsewirf
  15. taots
  16. timsicitop
  17. dohilay
  18. yalethh
  19. noitalspriina
  20. naruyaj
  21. ewn
  22. diitontar
  23. siks
  24. tinghdim
  25. ciusm
  26. gonevrah
  27. ggiinnebn
  28. ningcda
  29. makreseoin
  30. yartp
  31. lutoinoser
  32. kelrsraps
  33. arey
  34. kinsrd
  35. Rosuprepros
  36. ginneve
  37. ganztarvaaex
  38. labl
  39. setfviities
  40. seamg
  41. reismmeo
  42. wov
  43. bbulyb
  44. pamgneach
  45. eev

Answer Key

  1. Balloons
  2. Calendar
  3. Times Square
  4. Celebration
  5. Reflection
  6. Cheers
  7. Time
  8. Confetti
  9. Goals
  10. Countdown
  11. Annual
  12. Clock
  13. New Year
  14. Fireworks
  15. Toast
  16. Optimistic
  17. Holiday
  18. Healthy
  19. Inspirational
  20. January
  21. New
  22. Tradition
  23. Kiss
  24. Midnight
  25. Music
  26. Hangover
  27. Beginning
  28. Dancing
  29. Noisemaker
  30. Party
  31. Resolution
  32. Sparklers
  33. Year
  34. Drinks
  35. Prosperous
  36. Evening
  37. Extravaganza
  38. Ball
  39. Festivities
  40. Games
  41. Memories
  42. Vow
  43. Bubbly
  44. Champagne
  45. Eve

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