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Looking for a game that everyone can play? Grab your family and focus on all things Christmas with our free Christmas Word Scramble printable!

Christmas Word Scramble Printable

I love Christmas! Its the best time of year to wear matching pajamas, buy gifts for loved ones, eat delicious food and sweets, all while spending quality time with my family. After a Christmas Scavenger Hunt outside and a couple rounds of Christmas Pictionary, its nice to have a quiet activity to do while we stay warm by the fire. That’s why we love playing Christmas word scramble!

This Christmas word scramble is the perfect game to help you unwind this holiday season and focus on everything fun about Christmas! I love how easy it is for the whole family to play. You can even customize it to make it competitive or keep it as a relaxing activity to pick up and play throughout the day.

Word scrambles will even help boost your kids problem solving skills, improve spelling, and expand their vocabularies! Its a win for everyone as you have fun and keep your mind moving!

If you need another quiet activity to add to your holiday, be sure to check out our Christmas writing prompts and Christmas scattergories. They will keep your mind active and your kids entertained while you prep for the holiday!

So put on your thinking cap and get into the Christmas spirit with our Christmas Word Scramble printable.

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How to Play Christmas Word Scramble

Word scrabble are such an easy family game. They take no time to prepare and its super easy to explain! There is a mixture of long and short words to unscramble so that the whole family can play. All you need to do is print one for everyone in the family, and unscramble the words!

To play, rearrange the letters to come up with a Christmas-related word. Then write your answer on the blank line next to the letters. Repeat for all 50 words on the list. It’s that easy!

Tips and Tricks for Word Scrambles

To keep word scrambles as a relaxing activity simply play it as is and have everyone unscramble the words throughout the day. If you are looking to add some excitement and competition, check out our tips below!

Add a Time Limit

You can easily make word scrambles more competitive by adding a time limit of 2-3 minutes. Then have everyone unscramble as many words as they can before the time runs out. Its a great way to get everyone thinking quickly and scrambling to finish on time!

Offer a Prize

Add even more competition by offering a prize for the person who unscrambles all of the words first. I always love giving away some Christmas themed chocolates or even letting the winner open a Christmas gift early!

Whichever prize you choose to give, offering a prize is a sure way to keep everyone motivated and excited to play Christmas word scramble.

Divide and Conquer!

Another fun way to play word scramble is to divide the list into sections. For example, you can choose to have 5 sections with 10 words in each. Each group of 10 words then becomes a round. Then you can divide everyone into groups or play solo to see who can solve those 10 words first.

It makes the game more competitive and flexible because you can shorten the list and play each round periodically throughout the day.

Play on Teams

Playing on teams makes it even more fun for everyone! It can even take out the frustration because if one person can’t figure out a word, someone else in the group will know the answer!

Divide everyone into teams and have them work together. You can even strategically place younger kids with adults so that they will have someone to help them figure out each of the words.

When you play on teams, its easier to bond and keep everyone involved in the fun!

Ready for some puzzle fun? Scroll down to get your free Christmas Word Scramble printable!

50 Christmas Word Scramble Words

  1. genla
  2. prwa
  3. tmsaihrcs rete
  4. deirc
  5. gelnij leslb
  6. eaklfowsn
  7. einc
  8. ndlaarg
  9. dancy naec
  10. oyj
  11. rilngoac
  12. tanas luasc
  13. eocrdtoisan
  14. goggne
  15. arst
  16. haerwt
  17. olne
  18. gielhs
  19. nageapt
  20. edr
  21. ymnehic
  22. gtaunhy
  23. aviityn
  24. dilohay
  25. veels
  26. todiinatr
  27. mastschir
  28. gbeadrnigre 
  29. lisehg lebls
  30. wnos
  31. neip eret
  32. yollh
  33. sinoptteia
  34. energ
  35. cinkgsot
  36. seentsrp
  37. sejus
  38. cmeerbmed
  39. guarslump
  40. tigshl
  41. ganmer
  42. otnsemarn
  43. etoetlismt
  44. cerkacrtun
  45. torhn eolp
  46. neoceinp
  47. polhdur
  48. eredienr
  49. masnwno
  50. hokspwor

Answer Key

  1. Angel
  2. Wrap
  3. Christmas tree
  4. Cider
  5. Jingle bells
  6. Snowflake
  7. Nice
  8. Garland
  9. Candy cane
  10. Joy
  11. Caroling 
  12. Santa Claus
  13. Decorations
  14. Eggnog
  15. Star
  16. Wreath
  17. Noel
  18. Sleigh
  19. Pageant
  20. Red
  21. Chimney
  22. Naughty
  23. Nativity
  24. Holiday
  25. Elves
  26. Tradition
  27. Christmas
  28. Gingerbread 
  29. Sleigh bells
  30. Snow
  31. Pine tree
  32. Holly
  33. Poinsettia
  34. Green
  35. Stocking
  36. Presents
  37. Jesus
  38. December
  39. Sugarplum
  40. Lights
  41. Manger
  42. Ornaments
  43. Mistletoe
  44. Nutcracker
  45. North pole
  46. Pinecone
  47. Rudolph
  48. Reindeer
  49. Snowman
  50. Workshop

Grab your free Christmas word scramble printable here

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