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Looking for some Christmas entertainment? Christmas Scattergories is a fun and competitive game to play together as a family! 

Christmas Scattergories List for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Christmas time means more than just gift giving and receiving. Christmas is a special time of year that usually involves large gatherings with family and friends. Be prepared this year with some fun Christmas games like Christmas Would You Rather and of course Christmas Scattergories. These Scattergories Lists are sure to be enjoyed by all ages. 

What is a Christmas Scattergories List?

Scattergories is an older board game created in the late eighties by Hasbro. It’s a fun word game that can be played by 2 to 8 people. We have now bumped it up a notch with a Christmas theme! Plus, with our game, you could play with as many people as you’d like!

What do you need to play?

To play with the Christmas Scattergories Lists you will need the following items:

  • Paper and pencil for each player
  • A set of the 10 lists for each player
  • Folders to hide answers (or just some space between participants to avoid cheating)
  • A 20-sided letter die or use our letter squares
  • A one minute timer

How do you play?

Hand out the first 3 supplies. Make sure the lists are not seen ahead of time. Roll the die or select your letter. 

Set the timer. Each player writes the answer to each prompt following the letter assigned. The first word of every answer must start with the assigned letter in order to count. After the minute is up, everyone reads their answers out loud and tally up their score. 

  • If multiple people give the same answer, that answered is not scored. 
  • If a player’s answer has multiple relevant related words, players can score multiple points. For example, if the prompt was “Name a Christmas Candy” and the letter chosen was “C”, the answer “Candy Cane” would score 2 points. 
  • If a player does not agree with a given answer, that player will make a challenge. The group then votes on the validity of the answer following the rules. If the group ties, the answer is considered invalid and is not scored. 
  • Answers cannot be repeated in multiple sections for a single player. 

After scoring each answer, each player totals up their score and announces the winner of that round. With these 10 Christmas Scattergories Lists you can play ten rounds and announce the ultimate winner at the end!

An extra variation

Some people enjoy playing one list multiple times. If this is how you’d like to play, just select a new letter each time. 

These Christmas Scattergories Lists can be played with family and friends, a large group or a small one. Enjoy spending time together while challenging your Christmas vocabulary!

Christmas Scattergories Lists

Download your printable below.

A Christmas Candy

A Christmas Food People Dislike

Something to Eat Christmas Morning

A Christmas Dessert

A Green Food

A Christmas Treat Stocking Stuffer

A Christmas Dinner food item

A Traditional Christmas Food


Something Santa Wears

Something Santa’s reindeer might be thinking

Name for a Santa Elf

Something Santa might do in the off-season

Santa’s favorite late night snack

Santa’s gift to Mrs. Claus

A song about Santa

A movie with Santa in it

List 3: Movies

Name of an actor

Name of an actress

Name of a character 

A popular quote

A movie title

When to watch a movie

A favorite animated movie

Movie song

List 4: Music

A Christmas Carol about Jesus

Where you can hear Christmas music

A popular Christmas song

A Christmas music album

A Christmas Carol about Santa

Name of a singer

Song mentioning snow

An instrument 

List 5: Religious

A city in the Middle East

A biblical character

Name something from the nativity story

Name a religious tradition

Alternative names for Jesus

Name of a church

Name of a religious symbol

Name of a religious leader

A sin

List 6: Traditions

Color of a Christmas light

Type of hot drink

Part of a Gingerbread house

A Christmas game

A Christmas Eve tradition

Christmas stocking stuffer

Place you might go for Christmas vacation

Something to do during Christmas break

A Christmas Day tradition

List 7: People

A person to invite for Christmas

Name of an extended family member

Name of a good cook

Name someone at the North Pole

An annoying habit of a relative

An unwanted visitor

A greeting

A person in a Christmas parade

People who work on Christmas

List 8: Gifts

Name of a store

A gift valued over $100

A neighbor gift

A White Elephant Gift idea

A gift valued under $5

A terrible gift to receive

A homemade gift

A gift to a spouse

A gift from a child

List 9: Decorations

Something to put on your tree

Yard décor

A tree topper

Something to put in your window

Something to put on your house

A material to decorate with

Part of a tablescape

Something to dress up your pet

A gold decoration

List 10: Arts and Crafts

Something made of paper

Something made by your child

Something constructed with popsicle sticks

Something glued

An edible decoration

Something made of glass

Something to photograph

Something with glitter

Name of an artist

Grab your free Christmas Scattergories Printable here.

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