Printable Christmas Gift Card Holders

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Do you want to dress up your gift cards this year? These awesome Christmas gift card holders are the best way to do that! Get ready to impress everyone on your gift list this year! 

Christmas Gift Card Holders

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I totally understand that it’s sometimes just easier to get the ones you love a gift card for Christmas, especially at the last minute. Then they can spend that money wherever, however, whenever right?! One thing I love about our Christmas gift card holders is that it makes gift card giving a little more personal and special. I know I love getting gift cards, but I love them even more when I know that someone took the time to wrap it nicely for me! 

Gift cards are great gifts for that mysterious family member, your kids’ teachers, the mailman, neighbors, church friends, and so many others! 

Examples of gift card holders which are perfect for gifts this holiday on a brown background.

Why Should You Use These Card Holders?

As wonderful as gift cards are, they can come across as impersonal at times. Not anymore! Get your family and friends their perfect gift card with the perfect wrapping to let them know just how much you love them! 

Example of the 6 Christmas gift card holders on a brown background.

How To Use These Christmas Gift Card Holders

These great gift card holders are so easy to use! All you need to do is print the printable below, cut out the printable shape, attach your gift card, and give to the special recipient! It couldn’t be easier! 

If you are ready to get really organized this holiday season, be sure to grab our Printable Christmas Planner!  

Testimonial for the Christmas gift card holders with a red border.

Gift Card Holder Template

Ready to get your Christmas gift card holder templates? You can grab it right here! or you can get it for free below for signing up for our Free VIP resource library!

These gift card holder templates are a huge hit to use for Chrimstas! They are easy to download and use and there is no assembly required. Just download, print, cut out, and attach your gift card. 

That’s all you do! And they really dress up giving just a gift card! 

We highly recommend that you print these on a thick durable paper like cardstock. 

What type of gift card should I attach?

There are so many places that do gift cards now, that the sky is the limit! Grab a gift card to a local restaurant, movie theater, clothing store, hardware store, Target, or anything you can think of! Of course there is always Amazon as well! 

Need More Gift Ideas

Do you need more gift ideas for this holiday season? Here are a few for you! 

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