60 Jolly Christmas This or That Questions

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Candy canes or hot cocoa? Easy question right? But what would your family pick? Find out with these Christmas this or that questions with your family tonight to see what you learn about your family.

What is Christmas This or That?

Christmas time is all about spending time with the ones you love. There are so many activities and traditions to do because it brings us together. One of my favorite things to do as a family is to play games.

I love being home together and just enjoying each other’s company. I find that games get everyone involved and keeps the conversation going. Games like Christmas Bingo, Christmas Pictionary, or this or that all allow time for conversation. 

We aren’t focused on having a deep conversation, just chatting with each other. The best nights we have together as a family are the nights when we can just chat and laugh. Those are the nights I remember.

Christmas this or that is one of the easiest games to play. It doesn’t take any strategy, just simply pick which option you like better centered around Christmas things.

Your mind is free to chat instead of being focused on competing. And what’s better than to chat about all things Christmas!

Playing games that aren’t competitive is a great way to get to know someone. Even if you think you already know that person I am sure some of their answers will surprise you. Take a minute to ask why they picked the option they did if it surprises you.

How to Play

You can play with just two people or a big group. There are no rules to how many can play or how old you have to be to play.

If playing Christmas this or that with a big group it might be easier to read the question and have people stand on one side of the room for one answer and the others on the other side for the other answer.

How well do you know someone? Another fun way to play is to guess what the other person’s answer will be. You have a 50 percent chance of getting it right. Look at you go!

The only thing you need to play is our list of Christmas this or that questions. Really that’s all you need. No long instructions to follow or tons of pieces to get out. Yay for no set-up or clean up.

Family Time

Holidays can get crazy! Spending quality time with family while trying to make everything happen is hard. Take a moment to think about what you want for your family. 

Playing a game helps strengthen family bonds. Play Christmas this or that questions in the car instead of playing games on your phone. 

Getting to know each other better helps love grow. Being able to talk about anything builds trust. Find time to play Christmas this or that with your family.

Get the family together tonight to see what everyone’s answers will be!

60 Christmas This or That Questions List

Grab this fun Christmas This or That Questions perfect for stories to play with your friends! Be sure and tag us on Instagram so we can play along too!

1. Candy cane or hot cocoa?

2. Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus

3. Real or fake tree?

4. Cash or gift card?

5. Home or out of town?

6. Snow or no snow?

7. Cook or cater?

8. Give or get?

9. Sing or listen to songs?

10. Christmas Story or Home Alone?

11. Turkey or ham?

12. Holly or jolly?

13. Star or angel?

14. Snowman or elf?

15. Mistletoe or wreath?

16. Ribbon or bells?

17. Cider or cocoa?

18. Tinsel or ornaments?

19. White lights or colored lights?

20. Gingerbread house or cookies?

21. Christmas sweater or Christmas socks?

22. Peppermint or rainbow candy cane?

23. Mariah Carey or Michael Buble?

24. Green or white Christmas tree?

25. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

26. Christmas movies or Christmas songs?

27. Send cards or get cards?

28. Donate or volunteer?

29. Slippers or socks?

30. Ice skating or sledding?

31. Cookies for Santa or carrots for reindeer?

32. White elephant or secret Santa?

33. Red or green?

34. Nice list or naughty list?

35. Brunch or dinner?

36. New or tradition?

37. Shop online or in store?

38. Wrapping paper or gift bags?

39. Snow angel or snowball fight?

40. One big present or lots of small presents?

41. Peppermint or cinnamon?

42. Earmuffs or mittens?

43. Shepards or Wise men?

44. Homemade or store bought?

45. Candle or fireplace?

46. Chimney or no chimney?

47. Coal or an orange?

48. Decorate all out or simple?

49. Eggnog or milk?

50. Kiss or hug?

51. Frosty the snowman of Jack Frost?

52. Merry Christmas or Feliz Navidad?

53. Brownies or toffee?

54. Pine cone or poinsettia?

55. Garland or popcorn string?

56. Fruitcake or pie?

57. Stocking hung to the left or right?

58. Shopping or cuddling?

59. Santa hat or elf ears?

60. Snow globe or Christmas train?

Did you play this as a family? Share in the comments!

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