Christmas Saran Wrap Game Plus Challenge Cards!

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The Christmas Saran Wrap Game is a must-have addition to your Christmas party games this year! It will get the party rolling with some laughter! Don’t forget to use the challenge cards for even more fun!

Who doesn’t love Christmas games and presents right? With this Saran Wrap Christmas Game, you can give everyone gifts like never before. Growing up, I loved playing the Christmas saran wrap game with my family. It was a tradition I always looked forward to! It’s easy for everyone to play and the competition and fun nature of the Saran Wrap Christmas game always had us laughing as a family.

If you are looking to add some competition and fun to the Christmas season, then this saran wrap game is for you!

What is the Saran Wrap Christmas Game?

The Christmas Saran Wrap ball game is a fun-filled game that involves a giant ball made up of saran wrap with gifts wrapped randomly inside. The goal of the game is to unwrap as much of the ball as you can during your turn. You want to go quickly so you can get to the prizes. If one falls out during your turn, you get to keep it! 

The next person is quickly trying to roll doubles so that they get a turn unwrapping. The ball is passed every time doubles are rolled. It continues around the circle until you reach the center.

How do you make your saran wrap ball?

First, you need to start with something round or make an object that is round. I love to wrap a gift card around a pair of socks. Wrap that object really well around and around and around with the saran wrap. 

Continue to wrap your saran wrap around the ball by adding small prizes every other layer or so. Be sure you don’t add a ton of objects to one layer. If you do add too much it will make your saran wrap too loose. 

Add bigger items throughout the ball. This helps thicken up the ball. If you want to make it more difficult you can rip your wrapping paper every few layers to make it harder to grab.

Once you are out of prizes wrap the ball a few more times and you and ready to play! 

Saran Wrap Game Rules

There are so many ways to play this game. But I really love to follow these rules. 

Sit in a circle

You all need to sit close enough together to be able to pass the ball and the dice to each other quickly. 

Give someone the dice

When you play someone is always rolling the dice. The dice rotate from person to person regardless of who has the ball.

  • Double- the saran wrap ball moves until someone else gets doubles
  • 7 or 11- the dice switch directions. 
  • 9- if playing with a challenge card anytime a 9 is rolled then the person who has the ball has to do the challenge for the remainder of their turn. 

Unwrap the ball as fast as you can

When it is your turn to unwrap you unwrap as fast as you can. Anything that falls out on your turn then becomes yours! You unwrap until someone rolls doubles and then the ball moves to the left. 

Saran Wrap Christmas Challenge Cards

Grab your challenge cards here! 

If anyone rolls a 9 you must immediately STOP UNWRAPPING THE BALL and read the challenge card on the top of the pile. The unwrapped must do what the challenge says while the dice keep rolling. 

  • Action cards- If you choose an action card you must unwrap the ball while performing that action. 
  • Question cards- If you choose a question you must answer the question before you can continue unwrapping. 
  • Road Block- If you draw a roadblock card you must do what the card says immediately. 

Play until the saran wrap is gone

Continue playing and following rules until the ball is completely unwrapped. 

Gifts to Put in Your Saran Wrap Ball 

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to gifts to put inside your saran wrap ball. The more ideas, the more fun everyone will have! I’ve come up with a comprehensive list of my favorite items to include in the Saran Wrap Game.


I always love to get a variety pack of candy so that everyone in the group will get something they like.


Keep it small with $1 or $5 for the kids or add something bigger for the adults.

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love gift cards?! Just saying! 

Card Games

Card games are an easy way to add some fun prizes. Add some family favorites like Uno, Phase 10, Monopoly Deal, Skip-Bo, or a pack of kids card games


I always put packs of gum towards the outside of the saran wrap ball.

Gift Card

I love getting a Holiday style gift card from Amazon to add closer to the center.


I love using socks because you can easily wrap them around the ball. I always love to buy some fun Christmas themed socks!

Beef Jerky

Mix up the sweets with some beef jerky!

Candy Canes

Candy canes are a perfect Christmas themed item to add to your saran wrap Christmas game.

Hot Cocoa Packets

Who wouldn’t want a delicious cup of hot cocoa around Christmas? Make sure to add some hot cocoa packets to your saran wrap ball.

Popcorn Bags

An easy and tasty treat to include is some popcorn packets.

Hand Lotion

Hand lotion is a great one to add to take up some space and make your saran wrap ball even bigger!


A beanie is a warm gift that can be included in your saran wrap ball. You can also add some other warm items like gloves or a scarf.


Play-doh is especially fun to add for the kids.

Bath Bombs

Adults and kids will love unwrapping a bath bomb during the Christmas saran wrap ball game. I love buying bath bombs that are individually wrapped like these

Small Items

You can add some small items that they can unwrap at the beginning before they reach the bigger gift at the center. Consider adding some key chains, nail file, flavored water powder, car air fresheners, a notepad, or some hair ties.


To keep with a Christmas theme, you can add a cute ornament to the saran wrap ball. 

In addition to this list, you can look around your house or a local store to find some hidden treasures to make your saran wrap Christmas game full of fun!

Now it’s time to get the party started with this Christmas Saran Wrap Ball Game at your next family party! What gifts are you going to add? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. We did this last year. So much fun! The only thing is that the younger kids could frustrated, so we changed up the rules a little so they could unwrap until they got something 🙂


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