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Everyone will have so much fun playing this Who am I Christmas game this year. Just put a word card on your forehead and ask questions to find out who you are. So simple and easy yet so fun.

Family Time

We love spending time playing games as a family. We love laughing together and seeing our kids learn how to play games with each other. Seeing them build stronger bonds makes us happier than anything.

Playing games, like Who am I  really helps your kids’ creativity grow. They have to come up with yes or no questions to try and guess who they are. So there is no book to tell them exactly what to ask.

Simple games are the best. Your family can laugh together instead of focusing on being competitive. Everyone is working together as the guesser or answering questions. This game doesn’t leave anyone out.

Plus who wouldn’t love a fun Christmas tree cupcake or some hot cocoa while playing a game together

How to Play Who Am I Christmas

This is really a simple game. Place the word cards word side down on the table. Everyone gets a card and without looking at it holds it up word side facing everyone else to their forehead or use an elastic headband for a hands-free game.

Everyone should be able to see everyone else’s word card, except their own. Decide how you want to take turns, ex. youngest goes first, and then move clockwise around the table.

Each player can ask one yes or no question to the group on their turn to try and guess who is on their word card.

Some questions for Who Am I

Am I a boy?

Am I a girl?

Am I in a movie?

Am I human?

Am I an animal?

Do I have feathers?

Do I have fur?

Do I wear glasses?

Do I have a red nose?

Just make sure to ask yes or no questions, and only answer with yes or no!

Once you think you know who you are you can guess on your next turn. The player to guess correctly first wins the round. But you can keep the round going until everyone guesses their word card correctly.

After everyone has had a chance to guess their word card, have everyone discard their cards into a pile. Everyone picks a new word card and the round starts again. You can set the rule of how many rounds to play.


Set something awesome as the prize for the winner!

Like they get to….

Eat dessert first

Wear pajamas all-day

Pick the next family game to play

Pick their spot on the couch first

Of course you could get prizes from the store too but sometimes I like to not have more junk in my house.

Who Am I? Christmas Edition List

Now to get your family started here is a Christmas list to play Who Am I? Nothing is stopping you now. So get your family together this season and enjoy a family game together. Be sure to grab our free printable below. 

Santa Claus

Mrs. Claus

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Frosty the Snowman

The Grinch

Gingerbread man

An Elf

Baby Jesus



An angel

A donkey

Three Wise Men

A shepherd

Jack Skellington

Ebenezer Scrooge


The Nutcracker

Elf on the Shelf


The ghost of Christmas past

The ghost of Christmas present

The ghost of Christmas yet to come

Charlie Brown

Jack Frost

Abominable snow monster

Tiny Tim

Cindy Lou Who

Download your free Who Am I Christmas Cards here

Play this simple game with very little set-up to get your family some quality time together. Add other Christmas games to go with it. Every minute spent together will grow your love for one another. Just what we need during the holidays.

Think of your family’s favorite Christmas movie and add to our list! Share in the comments on what characters you would add.

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  1. I would love to do this with pictures for my younger kids! Christmas is definitely going to look different this year! This would be a great addition to our Christmas list!


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