50+ Free Christmas Pictionary Printable Cards

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With drawing, guessing, and lots of laughter, Christmas Pictionary is a perfect way to get the whole family to play and have fun this Christmas season!

Christmas Pictionary

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to slow down and spend quality time with family. We love playing games like would you rather or who is most likely to. It’s an easy way for us to have fun and bond as a family!

Our whole family enjoyed playing Thanksgiving Pictionary so I decided to keep the fun going by creating this free Christmas Pictionary printable!

Pictionary is the perfect game to play as a family or to keep your kids entertained with their friends during the holiday season! You don’t need amazing drawing skills, just some pens, paper, and some creativity.

What is Pictionary?

Pictionary is a simple drawing and guessing game. The whole family can easily play, children and adults alike!

One person draws their assigned word while the other players on their team guess what they are drawing. The person drawing can’t talk, make sounds, or write words. Their drawing needs to show the other players what the word is.

How to Play Pictionary

To get started, grab our pre-printed Christmas Pictionary words, pens, paper, and a game timer. Decide whether you want to work together or divide into two teams. Dividing everyone into two teams will make the game more competitive.

To play with two teams, have a person from each team come up at the same time to draw. Have them pick a card with a word, set the timer, and let the drawing begin! The team that guesses correctly first, gets a point.

If you prefer less competition or if you want to play with younger kids, work together as a team to guess the word. Send one person up to pick a card and start drawing. This version of Christmas pictionary is perfect for families with varying ages and/or smaller children.

Rules of Pictionary

Choose one person to pick a printed Christmas Pictionary card. Only the person drawing can look at the card. Use a game timer or set a digital timer for one minute, or whatever time you choose.

The person drawing has one minute to draw the word on a whiteboard or on a piece of paper while the other players try to guess what they are drawing. They keep drawing until the team guesses the word correctly or time runs out. Choose the next person and start the fun all over again!

Tips for Playing Christmas Pictionary

Make your Christmas Pictionary even more magical with these simple tips!

Involve Young Children

If you are playing with younger children, try and make it less stressful for them. You can accomplish this by giving them extra time to draw or assigning them a partner to help them draw or whisper ideas of what to draw to them. Less stress means more fun for everyone!

Use Cardstock

We love printing our Christmas Pictionary cards onto cardstock because I know they will last longer. It makes them a lot more durable and you can’t see through them. I even take extra time to laminate them so we can play them next year too!

Use a Whiteboard

Using a whiteboard to draw on is a lot easier for everyone to see. Plus you can easily wipe it clean and use it over and over again! It also gives you more space to create your beautiful drawings! I love using portable whiteboards because they are compact but still stand up on their own so you can use it on a table.

Offer Prizes

Kick your game of Christmas Pictionary up a notch with the chance to win a prize! You can have smaller prizes for participating or a large prize for the winning team. Soft Christmas socks or some cute Christmas glasses are my go-to prizes for pictionary! Or you can come up with your own fun prize like opening a Christmas gift early!

Christmas Pictionary Word List

Here is your Christmas Pictionary Word List! Grab your printable cards below.

  1. Gingerbread cookie
  2. Present
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Hot Chocolate
  5. Angel
  6. Candy cane
  7. Nutcracker
  8. Reindeer
  9. Caroling
  10.  Candlestick
  11.  Grinch
  12.  Snowflake
  13.  Icicle
  14.  Wreath
  15.  Santa Claus
  16.  Sled
  17.  Mistletoe
  18.  Chimney
  19.  Stocking
  20.  Sleigh
  21.  Star
  22.  Christmas card
  23.  Ornament
  24.  Fireplace
  25.  Holly
  26.  Snowman
  27.  Elves
  28.  Carolers
  29.  Cookies and milk for Santa
  30.  Poinsettia
  31.  Bells
  32.  Pinecone
  33.  Coal
  34.  Mittens
  35.  Wrapping paper
  36.  Christmas tree
  37.  Christmas lights
  38.  Rudolph
  39.  North Pole
  40.  Mrs. Claus
  41.  Ugly sweater
  42.  Nativity
  43.  Fruitcake
  44.  Garland
  45.  Manger
  46.  Drummer boy
  47.  Santa’s hat
  48.  Snow Angel
  49.  Scarf
  50.  Snow
  51. Snowball Fight
  52. Eggnog
  53. Fireplace
  54. Gingerbread House
  55. Ice Skates
  56. Snowball

What Christmas words would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

Download your free Christmas Pictionary cards here!

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