Christmas Color By Number Worksheets

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Your kids are sure to love these festive Christmas Color By Number sheets. Grab these sheets for easy, quiet fun for snowy days spent in.

6 Christmas Color by number worksheets with a red border

Christmas Color By Number

My kids love coloring sheets, and the color by number element adds even more variety and excitement to the activity. They love that it is almost like a puzzle that they get to work out.

My kids also love the festive images they get to color in. It really gets them in the Christmas mood. My favorite from this pack is the adorable Christmas tree. It is so interesting to see how even though each kid is using the same colors, you can see each of their individual style’s in the finished products.   

I know I love the color by number sheets as it is a fun and enriching activity that requires almost no preparation or mess to clean up on my part. To keep those hands busy even longer check out these Winter Color By Number, Hanukkah Color by Number, Thanksgiving Color By Number Sheets and Halloween Color By Number Sheets as well! 

three examples of the color by number Christmas sheets on a green background.

Benefits of Christmas Color By Number

One of the great things about color by number sheets is that kids of all ages love to do them. And while they’re coloring, they are practicing so many skills and learning without even realizing it. Color by number sheets refine skills such as:

  • Patience
  • Following directions
  • Number and color recognition
  • Fine motor skills and precision
  • Reading
  • Inspiring creativity

On top of all of the benefits above, completing projects like this helps build a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and pride in your children. I know my kids feel extra special when I put up their drawings either on our fridge or on a display board in our playroom. 

Another reason I love color by number sheets is that they are very adaptable to different situations. You can use them in a classroom (especially for indoor recess, or craft time in general), at home, in the car, at gatherings or parties, at church, and whatever other occasion you can imagine. 

Get those kids busy and their brains active by downloading your Christmas Color by Number sheets today!

Six examples of the coloring by number pages on a red background.

Christmas Color By Number Worksheets

We know that your kids and classroom are going to love these color by number Christmas worksheets! You can grab the whole collection right here! But if you aren’t quite ready to do that, you can grab a sample by joining our email list below!

Testimonial for the Christmas color by number sheets with a yellow border.

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