Hanukkah Color By Number Worksheet Printable!

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Hanukkah Color by Number pages is such a fun way to incorporate coloring and learning into your Hanukkah celebrations! There are so many fun pages and so much fun family time you’ll get this holiday season! 

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Hanukkah Color By Number

The holiday season is full of so many wonderful celebrations! In addition to your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration why not check out these amazing Hanukkah Color by Number pages! It’s so good for kids to learn about how different people celebrate the holidays and what is special to them! Something I’ve learned about Hanukkah is that the menorah is lit every night to symbolize overcoming hard things! What a great lesson for your kiddos! Plus color by number pages are just fun anyway! 

Whether or not you celebrate this special Jewish holiday yourself you’ll love these color by number pages and your kids will love learning something new!  

What’s included in this set of Hanukkah Color by Number Pages

  • Scrolls
  • Games 
  • Presents
  • Dreidel 
  • Menorah
  • Star of David

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What are the Benefits of Color by Number

Aside from being very entertaining, color by number pages help kids practice their learning skills! Is there a better combination than fun and learning?! I don’t think so! So what exactly are kids practicing when they color these pages? They are learning to recognize numbers 1-9, they’re learning to associate the colors with the spelling of the words, they are practicing their fine motor skills by learning to color in the lines. They get experience completing tasks and the accomplishment that brings. Color by Number is the perfect way to reinforce those skills in your own home! 

How Can This Be Even Better?

Hanukkah Color by Number is a wonderful activity in and of itself, but here are a few things you can do to make it better for you and your kiddos. 

Laminating each page will help you save money on printing paper. Your kids can color the same picture over and over again. For long lasting pages print each page on cardstock! It’ll last so much longer than regular printer paper! All you need is some dry erase markers and your little ones are set! 

Making each page poster size makes things really fun! You can have your kids work together if you want (or if they’ll let you) to strengthen sibling relationships. When they’re done they have an awesome picture they made themselves to hang on their wall! Get ready to bust out those crayons, pencils, or markers

When my kids and I are out and about running errands I love using the storage clipboards! They can hold all their art projects and coloring utensils! Plus it gives them a nice surface to work on! 

Hanukkah Color By Number Worksheets

We know that the kids are going to love these Hanukkah inspired color by number sheets! You can grab the whole collection for endless fun right here! But if you aren’t quite ready to do that, you can grab a sample by joining our email list below!

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What did you think about these Hanukkah Color by Number pages? Let us know! If you loved this, be sure to share it with your friends!

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