Thanksgiving Color By Number Sheets

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Grab these fun Thanksgiving Color By Number sheets for a super simple activity that helps your kids learn without even realizing it! 

Thanksgiving Color By Number

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Whether it be an extravagant meal or a simple meal, the love and gratitude shared between friends and family that evening holds a special place in my heart. 

Feature: Color by number sheets with brown border

It can be a busy day of cooking, and it can be hard to get the time to help your kids find something to do. Keep your kiddos entertained with these quick and easy Thanksgiving Color By Number sheets. Just download the sheets, print them out, grab some markers, crayons, or colored pencils, and just like that your kids have a fun activity to do!

The great thing about these sheets is that you can bring them with you to school, church, a restaurant, a friend’s house, and more for a fun activity to keep your kids busy.

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Benefits of Coloring By Number

Your kids will love expressing their creativity as they color these sheets. 

The color by number sheets help your kids practice some great skills like 

  • following directions 
  • reading
  • honing their fine motor skills. 
  • They are also practicing their numbers and colors, as they interact with both while doing these sheets. 

Reinforce what your kids are learning without making it seem like work! 

Another great aspect of color by number sheets is that they do not require many supplies, they don’t make a huge mess that will take forever to clean up, and they can be taken on the go for those busy holiday weeks! 

More Thanksgiving Ideas

For even more Thanksgiving themed fun, check out these other printables! Provide a wide variety of (very simple and easy) activities for your kids to do to keep boredom at bay. Help them practice different skills with each new activity. 

There are also some great Thanksgiving themed games that the kids and cousins can play by themselves, or you could easily get the whole extended family engaged! These games can all be easily adapted, and all ages are bound to have fun, from the littlest toddler to the grandparents!

Grab the complete set of Thanksgiving color by number sheets right here!

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