50 Thanksgiving This or That Questions

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While everyone’s gathered around the dinner table enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, play Thanksgiving this or that to have some family fun. It’s easy and simple to play, even play right off your phone!

What is Thanksgiving This or That?

We have loved playing all the new this or that questions games like our fall this or that questions as well as our Halloween This or That Questions. We have had so many fun nights sharing our answers and being surprised by other’s answers.

Thanksgiving this or that questions is perfect to play while eating your turkey dinner and get everyone involved at the dinner table.

This or that questions is one of the easiest games to play. It doesn’t take any strategy, just simply pick which option you like better centered around a Thanksgiving theme.

Playing games that aren’t competitive is a great way to get to know someone. Even if you think you already know that person I am sure some of their answers will surprise you. Take a minute to ask why they picked the option they did if it surprises you.

How to Play This or That

You can play with just two people or a big group. There are no rules to how many can play or how old you have to be to play.

If playing Thanksgiving this or that questions with a big group it might be easier to read the question and have people stand on one side of the room for one answer and the others on the other side for the other answer.

How well do you know someone? Another fun way to play is to guess what the other person’s answer will be. You have a 50 percent chance of getting it right. Look at you go!

The only thing you need to play is our list of Thanksgiving this or that questions. Really that’s all you need. Yay for no set-up or clean up.

Pull out our list at your next Thanksgiving get together or use it on your social media! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see your answers! @micheletripple

50 Thanksgiving This or That Questions

  • 1. Turkey or mashed potatoes?
  • 2. Gravy or cranberry sauce?
  • 3. Apple juice or apple cider?
  • 4. Fried or smoked turkey?
  • 5. Parade or football?
  • 6. Stuffing or dressing?
  • 7. Cook or clean?
  • 8. Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  • 9. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  • 10. Cornbread or rolls?
  • 11. Host or guest?
  • 12. Travel or stay home?
  • 13. Midday or dinner?
  • 14. Casual or dressy?
  • 15. Watch movies or play games?
  • 16. Take-out or home-cooked?
  • 17. Canned cranberry sauce or fresh cranberry sauce?
  • 18. Green bean casserole or glazed carrots?
  • 19. Pumpkin pie or pumpkin roll?
  • 20. Scalloped potatoes or mashed potatoes?
  • 21. Pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon?
  • 22. Turkey or ham?
  • 23. Overstuff yourself or eat leftovers?
  • 24. Turkey sandwich or turkey soup?
  • 25. Take a nap or play football?
  • 26. Appetizer or dessert?
  • 27. Green beans or corn?
  • 28. Breast or drumstick?
  • 29. Sweet or savory?
  • 30. Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  • 31. Turkey feathers or pumpkin stem?
  • 32. Charlie Brown or Snoopy?
  • 33. Cold turkey or hot ice cream?
  • 34. Turkey trot or turkey bowling?
  • 35. Orange hair or brown teeth?
  • 36. Feel too full or a little hungry?
  • 37. Wishbone or largest piece of pie?
  • 38. Turkey on Thanksgiving or elf on Christmas?
  • 39. Kid’s table or grown-up table?
  • 40. Whisper or shout?
  • 41. Burp or spill your drink?
  • 42. Cook or bake?
  • 43. Autumn or fall?
  • 44. Cornucopia or basket?
  • 45. Snoopy balloon or Ronald McDonald balloon?
  • 46. Family or friends?
  • 47. Gobble or grateful?
  • 48. October or November?
  • 49. Plymouth Rock or Mayflower?
  • 50. Serve or taste?

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