50 Awesome This or That Questions for Teens

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These This or That Questions for Teens are a great conversation starter activity for your teenagers to play with their friends. Whether they are hanging out in a small group or throwing a party this is an awesome way to have fun and get to know their friends! 

This or That for Teens

This or That is a non-competitive game that’s sure to spark a lot of conversations and laughs! We have rounded up 50 of the best This or That questions that have to do specifically with teenagers! Get ready to have tons of fun!

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How to Play

When playing This or That there is only one rule that you need to keep in mind. You have to choose one or the other. If you like both options you HAVE to choose the one you love the most! And what if you hate both options? Well, choose your least favorite as your favorite!

Whether you are playing this game to pass the time, over text, in person, or driving in the car, you are sure to have a lot of fun getting to know those around you! Because the rules are so simple and this is such a non-competitive game teenagers get a relaxing way to get to know their friends (or siblings, or parents) better. They get the chance to ask each other questions when they are surprised by the answers they hear.

This or That Questions for Teens is also a fantastic way to break the ice when you don’t know other people! Because there are only two options to choose from and no real rules for how to pick there is tons of room for conversation! You’ll make new friends right away!

Are you playing with your closest friend? Switch things up and try to see if you can guess what each other would say! You can see how well you know each other and since there are only two options there’s a good chance you’ll get the right answer, even if you guess!

The only thing you need to play is our list of 50 This or That Questions for Teens! 

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Grab your This or That for Teens Here!

50 This or That Questions for Teens

  1. Sleeping in or staying up late?
  2. Tailgate party or football game?
  3. Volleyball or basketball?
  4. Pitch Perfect or She’s the Man?
  5. French fries or chicken nuggets?
  6. Wendy’s or McDonald’s?
  7. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  8. Tik Tok or Instagram?
  9. Leggings or ripped jeans?
  10. Homecoming or Prom?
  11. First dates or slow dances?
  12. Karaoke or Guitar Hero?
  13. Touchdowns or Home Runs?
  14. Dinner date or movie date?
  15. Water skiing or body surfing?
  16. Hiking or kayaking?
  17. Food fight or school dance party?
  18. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  19. Driver or passenger?
  20. Card games or board games?
  21. Band or choir?
  22. Skiing or snowboarding?
  23. Summer or Winter?
  24. Sweet or savory?
  25. Cookies or brownies?
  26. Ice cream or snow cones?
  27. Fruits or veggies?
  28. Peanut butter or jelly?
  29. Cell Phone or drivers licence?
  30. Live concert or professional football game?
  31. Apple or Android?
  32. Lanyard or phone case wallet?
  33. Converse or vans?
  34. Eating or sleeping?
  35. Eye rolling or “ughhh!”?
  36. Lotion or perfume/cologne?
  37. Beanie or scrunchie?
  38. Tie dye or hawiian shirt?
  39. Hoodie or jersey?
  40. Record player or speaker?
  41. Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift?
  42. The Office or Friends?
  43. Fault in Our Stars or Five Feet Apart?
  44. Unicorn or Narwhal?
  45. Track or field?
  46. Trouble maker or goodie goodie?
  47. Nerd or jock?
  48. Class clown or honor role?
  49. Math or science?
  50. Art or drama?

What This or That questions for teens would you add to the list? Share in the comments below so we can add them! 

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