150 Entertaining This or That Questions

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Sitting around the table and needing something to get the conversation going?  Use these 150 This or That questions game to get everyone talking. Learn something new about your family or friends in no time!

What is This or That?

This or that questions are a great way to get to know one another and get people talking. It doesn’t take any strategy, just simply pick which option you like better. Your mind is free to chat instead of being focused on competing. It is very similar to the famous Would You Rather questions that we all love. 

Playing games that aren’t competitive is a great way to get to know someone. Even if you think you already know that person I am sure some of their answers will surprise you. Take a minute to ask why they picked the option they did if it surprises you.

How to Play

You can play with just two people or a big group. There are no rules to how many can play or how old you have to be to play.

If playing This or That questions with a big group it might be easier to read the question and have people stand on one side of the room for one answer and the others on the other side for the other answer.

Minder Reader

How well do you know someone? Another fun way to play is to guess what the other person’s answer will be. You have a 50 percent chance of getting it right. 

The only thing you need to play is our list of 150 This or That questions. Really that’s all you need. Yay for no set-up or clean up.

Grab your spouse or a friend and get asking!

This or that for Instagram is always so much to share on your stories too! So we have a fun story slide to use to let people get to know you more! Just right click and download! Be sure to tag us on Instagram at @confessions_of_parenting so we can play along with you!

this or that questions list for IG Story slide

150 This or That Questions List

1. Sweet or savory?

2. Pizza or pasta?

3. Lunch or dinner?

4. Soda or water?

5. Taco or burger?

6. Cake or ice cream?

7. Donut or bagel?

8. Pancake or waffle?

9. Hot sauce or ketchup?

10. Italian food or Mexican food?

11. Fruits or veggies?

12. Regular or chocolate milk?

13. Hot dog or corn dog?

14. Fish or chicken?

15. Cookies or brownies?

16. Starburst or skittles?

17. Peanut butter or jelly?

18. Asian or American food?

19.  French fries or onion rings?

20. Country or rock?

21. Rock or pop?

22. Headphones or earbuds?

23. Beatles or Beach Boys?

24. Movies or TV series?

25. Star Wars or Star Trek?

26. Vacation or staycation?

27. Fly or cruise?

28. Tropical or snow?

29. Adventure or relax?

30. Country or big city?

31. Disneyland or Universal Studios?

32. Mountains or beach?

33. River or lake?

34. Pool or hot tub?

35. Planes or trains?

36. Going out or staying in?

37. Chick flick or drama?

38. Laptop or tablet?

39. Shoes or barefoot?

40. Math or English?

41. Halloween or Christmas?

42. Shorts or pants?

43. Morning person or night owl?

44. Short or long hair?

45. Sunny or rainy?

46. Grass or concrete?

47. iPhone or Android?

48. Text or call?

49. Walking or running?

50. Driver or passenger?

51. Fake flowers or real?

52. Dancing or singing?

53. Strip malls or shopping malls?

54. Cats or dogs?

55. Shoes or sandals?

56. Comedy or thriller?

57. Weekday or weekend?

58. Comforter or quilt?

59. Casual or dressy?

60. Sitting or standing?

61. Beach or pool?

62. Zoo or aquarium?

63. Red or blue?

64. Quiet or loud?

65. Hot or cold?

66. Family or friends?

67. Shower or bath?

68. Sunrise or sunset?

69. Watching movies or listening to music?

70. Truth or dare?

71. Clean or messy?

72. Jeans or sweatpants?

73. Camera shy or camera hog?

74. Netflix or YouTube?

75. Laundry or dishes?

76. Waking to an alarm or no alarm?

77. Talking or listening?

78. Live-in chef or live-in maid?

79. Be invisible or read minds?

80. Olympic medal or Academy Award?

81.Be your own boss or work for someone else?

82. 80’s or 90’s?

83. Hawaii or Italy?

84. Change the past or the future?

85. Bungee jump or skydive?

86. Fiction or non-fiction?

87. Always lose or never play?

88. Fly or time-travel?

89. Board games or card games?

90. Delivery or sit-down?

91. eBook or paperback?

92. Video games or books?

93. Toilet paper goes over or under?

94. Baseball or football?

95. In-store shopping or online?

96. Ice cream in a cup or cone?

97. Sausage or bacon?

98. Instagram or Facebook?

99. Spend or save?

100. Good news or bad news first?

101. Bed or couch?

102. Give or receive?

103. Fast or slow?

104. New York or Los Angeles?

105. Toy factory or chocolate factory?

106. Cardio or Weights?

107. Music or Podcasts?

108. Nice car or nice home?

109. Car or truck?

110. Amusement park or waterpark?

111. Pen or pencil?

112. Candy or popcorn?

113. Coke or Pepsi?

114. Blinds or curtains?

115. Movie at home or the Theater?

116. Winter or Summer?

117. Work alone or in a team?

118. Camping or glamping?

119. Roller coaster or bumper car?

120. House or apartment?

121. Workout at home or the gym?

122. Smoothie or milkshake?

123. Side or back sleeper?

124. Sleep with a fan on or off?

125. Paper or plastic cup?

126. Sweet or sour?

127. Bar of soap or shower gel?

128. Roller skate or ice skate?

129. Muffin or cupcake?

130. Carpet or hardwood?

131. Snowball or water balloon fight?

132. Superhero or supervillain?

133. Nuts or no nuts?

134. Markers or crayons?

135. Kiss or hug?

136. Rich or famous?

137. Play a sport or watch a sport?

138. Fireman or policeman?

139. Student or teacher?

140. Brains or beauty?

141. Trees or flowers?

142. Strength or intelligence?

143. Perfect teeth or perfect hair?

144. Scrabble or monopoly?

145. Spontaneous or planned?

146. Elevator or stairs?

147. Half-empty or half full?

148. Moonlight or candlelight?

149. Stargazing or hiking?

150. Paint or draw?

Did you get through the whole list? What was the funniest answer? Share in the comments!

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