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Looking for an exciting Thanksgiving game? Put on your thinking cap and have some fun playing 5 rounds of Thanksgiving Scattergories! 

Thanksgiving is such a fun time of year! Food, family, and fun is the perfect combination. I love mixing new traditions with old ones, especially when it comes to family games. Some of our favorite Thanksgiving games to play each year include Thanksgiving Pictionary and Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts

To add to the fun this year, I’ve created Thanksgiving Scattergories! I love how versatile scattergories is because you can play each round over and over with different letters. With 5 themed pages, you can have endless hours of fun!

Thanksgiving Scattergories is an easy way to talk about what we are grateful for and focus on the fun events surrounding Thanksgiving. So grab your free Thanksgiving Scattergories printable, your family, and gather around the table for a fun-filled time!

What is Scattergories

Scattergories is a fun, fast paced word game. You choose a letter at the beginning of each round and you try to fill out your category list with answers that begin with that letter. You score points by coming up with an answer that no one else has. So put on your thinking cap and get creative! 

What You Need to Play Scattergories

How to Play Thanksgiving Scattergories

  • Pick one of the 5 lists: Thanksgiving Dinner, Football, Thanksgiving, Family, or November. There is even a blank one so you can make up your own list!
  • One player rolls the letter die to pick a letter. If you already have traditional scattergories you can use the letter die that comes with it. Or you can buy some alphabet dice. You can even print our alphabet letter cards and have someone pull a letter out of the bowl.
  • Start the timer and write down words for each category until time runs out. Each round is typically 3 minutes.
  • All players will quickly fill out their answer sheet for that round. Your answer must fit in the category and begin with the letter chosen at the beginning of the round.
  • Keep score, if you want to. Once the round is over, everyone reads their answers out loud. If you have an answer that does not match anyone else’s answer, you circle it. If someone else has the same answer, cross it out. You get 1 point for each of your circled words. Write down a total score of all your circled answers at the top of the page.
  • Now start a new round! You can roll a new letter and use the same list, use the same letter with a new list, or roll a new letter and use a new list.


  • The first word of your answer must start with the chosen letter.
  • You can’t use the same word for two different categories.
  • If you roll a letter that’s already been used, roll again to get a new one.
  • You get an extra point if you use the chosen letter at the start of more than one word. Example: if the letter is P and you answer Pumpkin Pie for a type of pie, that would be two points.

Tips for Playing Thanksgiving Scattergories

Young Children

If you are playing scattergories with young kids you can add more time to come up with answers. I also love to work together on teams so that you can pair a younger child with an older one or with an adult.

Another adaptation I like to make is to make my own list on the blank one that is easier for kids. You can even have them help you create it! It is always more fun when you make it especially for them and let them help you come up with categories.

Print a List for Everyone

Print a list for each person that is playing. If everyone has their own set of lists there is less fighting and you know everyone will be able to see easily.

Thanksgiving Scattergories

Thanksgiving Scattergories includes 5 Thanksgiving themed lists with a blank one for writing down answers. With a new letter each round and 5 lists to circle through, you can keep having fun for hours!

So grab your free Thanksgiving Scattergories printable, gather your family and friends, and start having some fun together!


Round 1: Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Something hot
  2. Cooking utensil
  3. Something sweet
  4. Meal with turkey in it
  5. Something cold
  6. Your favorite food
  7. Thanksgiving side dish
  8. Type of pie
  9. Something found in the kitchen
  10. Awkward dinner topics

Round 2: November

  1. Fall decoration
  2. Something you wear in November
  3. Fall colors
  4. Something that grows in the fall
  5. Fall activity
  6. Type of pumpkin
  7. Place to visit in the fall
  8. A fall drink
  9. Places to nap
  10. Something brown

Round 3: Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving food
  2. Something you are grateful for
  3. Food with pumpkin
  4. Thanksgiving activity
  5. A person you are grateful for
  6. A food you dislike
  7. Something orange
  8. Pilgrim name
  9. Something grown on a farm
  10. A store with black friday sales

Round 4: Family

  1. Name of a family member
  2. City where a family member lives
  3. Family nicknames
  4. A Family Memory
  5. Family pet
  6. Family tradition
  7. Vacation destination
  8. Favorite family meal
  9. Family board game
  10. Name of a child in the family

Round 5: Football

  1. Game-day Appetizer
  2. Football Team
  3. Things on a Football Field
  4. Team Mascot
  5. Football Coach
  6. Team that won a superbowl
  7. Something a football fan would wear
  8. Something you take to a football game
  9. Football term
  10. Football player

What categories would you add to Thanksgiving Scattergories? Tell us in the comments!

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