Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a fun family activity for Thanksgiving day? We have a fun Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt! Print the rules and take photos…it’s that easy!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

This Thanksgiving, start a new tradition with your family- a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. This is the perfect activity for the whole family, and I suspect even the older kids will love it, too.

Pro Tip: Do this scavenger hunt after eating Thanksgiving dinner to get yourself up and moving.  


Here are the steps to planning the perfect Thanksgiving scavenger hunt:

  1. Before you begin the Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, make sure you set some ground rules. Are people allowed to drive to locations? Or, should people stay within walking distance?
  2. Create groups of 2-4 people per group. Make sure to pair younger children with at least one older child or adult to ensure that everyone will be safe and accounted for.
  3. Each group must have access to a camera on their phone, or be given a digital camera. Pictures are the proof for this scavenger hunt.
  4. Set a time-limit. For example, everyone must meet back at a designated location in 30-minutes or an hour.
  5. The Thanksgiving scavenger hunt does not have to be completed in any particular order, just check them off as you go.
  6. The group who earns the highest amount of points in the allotted time-limit wins! (If your children do not do well with winning or losing, do not choose a winner)
  7. Share pictures with each other and enjoy learning about what makes your family members grateful.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: (everything is worth 25 pts, except labeled otherwise)

  1. Colorful Fall Leaf
  2. Turkey leg
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Dirty dishes
  5. Your favorite Thanksgiving dessert
  6. Tree without a single leaf
  7. Thanksgiving wreath
  8. Something red
  9. Something orange
  10. Something yellow
  11. Squirrel
  12. Something flavored with pumpkin (candle, dessert, etc)
  13. Snowman
  14. Candy corn
  15. Someone napping
  16. Christmas decorations
  17. An oven
  18. Family picture
  19. A mailbox
  20. Scarf, Gloves, and a Hat
  21. Blanket
  22. 3 things in nature you are thankful for (75 pts)
  23. Jump in a pile of leaves (50 pts)
  24. Perform one random act of kindness for a neighbor (100 pts)
  25. Send mom & dad a “thank you” text or write a thank you note (75 pts)

I plan on doing this scavenger hunt with my family this Thanksgiving. I think that the losing team will have to do all of the dishes. Seems like a fair punishment, am I right? 😉

Download Your Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Here!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Who are you going to do a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt with this year?

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