Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

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Are you looking for a fun family activity for Thanksgiving day? We have a fun Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt plus a free printable that your whole family will enjoy! 

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love being able to relax and spend time with my family, and of course, eat some delicious food!

Even though Thanksgiving dinner can make for a busy day, I try to fit in special activities that we can all do together. 

We like to talk and socialize with family we don’t see often, play card and board games, do Thanksgiving crafts, stuff our faces with pie, and get outside to burn off some calories. 

My family loves playing this Thanksgiving Bingo game. From my tiniest child to my oldest relative, bingo is always a special treat that everyone seems to enjoy!

Whatever your family traditions are, I’ve got a fun activity that you’ll definitely want to add to your list this year!

The Perfect Tradition: A Scavenger Hunt for Thanksgiving

This year, start a new tradition with your family- a scavenger hunt for Thanksgiving! This is the perfect activity for the whole family, and I suspect even the older kids will love it, too.

Scavenger hunts encourage young kids to explore and use their developing skills to make discoveries. Since Thanksgiving usually means your extended family is around, just imagine all those sweet cousins working together to learn and have some fun!

It’s also a great chance to give the family something to do while they wait for dinner. There’s so much anticipation for that delicious meal that people are bound to get antsy. Fill that time with a fun Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!

How to do a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts can easily be incorporated into any family’s Thanksgiving festivities, including yours!

If you have a late dinner planned, you can use the scavenger hunt to burn some time in the morning. If you like to do an early afternoon dinner, get the whole family involved and use it as an excuse to get moving after dinner! 

Timing the scavenger hunt is always a fun idea. You could split your family into small groups and give each group a copy of our printable and see who can get the most items in the allotted time. You could also race to see who can find everything first!

Have each group mark off the items as they find them with a pen or pencil, or you could get even more festive and get some of these Thanksgiving stampers to take you Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt to the next level!

Adjusting Scavenger Hunts for Different Ages

Don’t be afraid to try this scavenger hunt for Thanksgiving with any age group (including adults)! 

Young toddlers will love hunting around for items but may need some help moving in the right direction, checking off items, and reading the list. Although they’ll need an older partner or two, they can still take the lead and do some searching on their own! 

For teenagers who may be hesitant to get involved, the best thing you can do is join in with the activity. If they see that you are doing it, I promise they won’t want to miss out on the fun! You can also make them ‘team captains’, have them be the judge, or get them involved in different ways if they don’t want to hunt!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Here are the items we have on our scavenger hunt for Thanksgiving! 

  • Colorful Fall Leaf
  • Turkey leg
  • Pumpkin
  • Dirty dishes
  • Your favorite Thanksgiving dessert
  • A tree without a single leaf
  • Thanksgiving wreath
  • Newspaper ad
  • People walking
  • Mailbox
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Christmas Lights
  • Squirrel
  • Pilgrim hat
  • Candy corn
  • Someone napping
  • Turkey decoration
  • Turkey handprint
  • Family picture
  • Pile of leaves

Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Printable

Are you looking for a fun family activity for Thanksgiving day? We have a fun Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt plus a free printable that your whole family will enjoy! 

Are you ready to get your free scavenger hunt for Thanksgiving? You can download it here!

Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Printable Download

This printable is all ready for you to use! There’s no cutting or preparation necessary, so all you need to do is download and print the copies that you need. 

I plan on doing this scavenger hunt with my family this Thanksgiving. I think that the losing team will have to do all of the dishes. It seems like a fair punishment, am I right? 

Who are you going to do a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt with this year? Share in the comments!

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