St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Here’s the perfect St. Patrick’s day scavenger hunt to help make this holiday extra special and fun for your kiddos.

St. Patricks’s Day Activities

Can you believe St. Patrick’s Day is almost here? Like seriously this year seems to be just flying by! This year my little ones are way into St. Patrick’s Day so we are doing all kinds of fun simple St. Patrick’s Day activities like March bucket lists (which has tons of St. Patrick’s Day activities), St. Patrick’s Day Bingo, making leprechaun houses, making copy cat swig cookies and dying the frosting green, and many more fun activities.

Oh, and of course we are talking about how Corned beef and cabbage is our traditional meal on St. Patrick’s Day!

Scavenger hunts for kids

Recently my kids have been loving looking and exploring the world around them. Honestly, toddlers and preschoolers are my favorite because every day seems to be a new adventure for them! Because of this, we have been doing all kinds of scavenger hunts for kids.

We did such a fun Valentine’s Day Scavenger hunt. It was so easy to create that I decided to whip up a St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger hunt for us all to enjoy! Be sure to grab your free St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger hunt printable below!

We have so many different scavenger hunts for kids, be sure you go and check them out!

How to prep for a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt

This St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt is really easy and takes just a few minutes of prep work.

First, you will want to print out the free St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger hunt printable sheet.

Once printed, it is best to laminate them so the kids can do the scavenger hunt again and again.

After you have laminated the St. Patrick’s Day Printable then you will be all set. Give your toddlers a crayon so they can mark off what they find, or give older kids dry erase pens for easy cleanup!

How to have a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt for kids

When doing scavenger hunts for kids I love to break them into teams. This allows them to work together to find what they are looking for.

You can either match them in pairs or groups this is really up to you!

Once the kids are broken into groups you will hand them the laminated scavenger hunt cards.

On the card are the objects the kids will need to find.

You can either have the kids gather each object or just find it. If you have older kids you can have them take a picture of each object they find.

Once they locate an object on the St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger hunt they mark it off the printable.

The team that finds the most St. Patrick’s Day items wins!

It’s that simple!

Grab your free Scavenger hunt printable below!

Benefits of scavenger hunts for kids

Scavenger hunts are a blast for kids but they are actually beneficial for them too! Isn’t it great when you get both fun and educational all in one activity?!

One awesome benefit of scavenger hunts for kids is that it helps them practice problem-solving in a way that is actually tangible for them.

Another benefit that I love about doing scavenger hunts with my kids is that it teaches teamwork! This St. Patrick’s day scavenger hunt is a great way to get your kids putting their heads together and working together to figure out where they might find certain things on the Scavenger hunt list.

Other benefits of scavenger hunts

  • Gets kids moving.
  • Out of the box thinking.
  • Educational
  • Creating bonds with teammates.
  • Helps them to navigate while exploring
  • Teaches social skills

Scavenger hunts are just an overall great activity for kids to get them thinking, learning, moving and having a blast!

Download your St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt for kids below!

St. Patricks Day is just around the corner! Here’s the perfect St. Patrick’s day scavenger hunt to help make this holiday extra special and fun for your kiddos.

St. Patrick’s Scavenger Hunt Items

  • Something green
  • A penny
  • Rainbow
  • Clover
  • Something shiny
  • Something gold
  • Candy
  • Green fruit
  • Marshmallow Cereal
  • Green balloon
  • Leprechaun trap
  • Gold coin candy
  • Someone wearing green

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