Easter Scavenger Hunt

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Looking for a simple activity to do with your kids to celebrate Easter this year? This Easter Scavenger hunt is fun for all ages and our FREE printable makes it so easy for you!

Easter Scavenger Hunt

There are so many fun Easter activities out there to try with your kids like our Easter Bingo game. It’s a bit overwhelming to look at all the options, but I’m here to tell you about one of my favorite simple activities, an Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Easter Scavenger Hunts have little-to-no setup needed and can be done any time! I don’t know what it is about Easter, but most of the activities I have found are so messy or complicated.

I need something easy and mess-free to do with my kids with our busy days and this scavenger hunt is perfect.

Why Scavenger Hunts for kids?

Scavenger hunts are one of my favorite activities for any occasion. They are so fun and I know that they do some great developmental things for my kids.

During scavenger hunts, kids are able to work on their recognition and observation skills. They can work to make independent discoveries which will encourage even more exploration!

It’s the best feeling seeing your kids have adventures and take pride in their fun accomplishments like finding these items!

And honestly, scavenger hunts are just something different to do! It adds variety to our normal routine which is always fun. This activity is so easy you could do it several times this Easter season!

How to do an Easter Scavenger Hunt

The best way to do this Easter Scavenger hunt is just print and have fun!

We’ve already packed our list full of fun Easter-related items. The number of items should be perfect for most kids, but if it’s too long for your little ones you could choose to circle a few items for them to find or shorten it in some other way.

Some of these items will already be around your home but double-check the list to make sure these things are easily accessible for your kids. You may have to get out a few plastic eggs to hide, but other than that it should be pretty low-setup.

How to adjust Scavenger Hunts for different ages

I also really love that it’s easily adaptable for different ages. I love getting my whole family involved in activities, which can be difficult with ages difference, but it’s so simple with these hunts.

With my older kids, I can have them compete against each other or try to add other interesting twists. It’s also helpful to get involved and play with them! Your teens may not want to admit it but they want to spend time with you.

For little ones, help them by pointing to the pictures and explaining what they are looking for. Don’t underestimate them! Let them search a little and take the lead with this activity.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Here are the items for this Easter Scavenger Hunt! For a free printable, scroll down!

  • Pink egg
  • Dress
  • Carrot
  • Yellow egg
  • Flower
  • Easter basket
  • Green egg
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Stuffed chick
  • Marshmallows
  • Blue egg
  • Stuffed bunny
  • Jelly beans
  • Grass
  • Purple egg
  • Tie
  • Egg-shaped candy
  • Rain boots
  • Egg carton
  • Lamb
  • Ham

Download Free Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable

Looking for a simple activity to do with your kids to celebrate Easter this year? This Easter Scavenger hunt is fun for all ages and our FREE printable makes it so easy for you!


This printable is all ready for you, so don’t worry about needing to cut or prepare it in any way. You could always choose to laminate your copies to keep them around for years to come, but all you really need to do is download, print, and play!


What kind of activities do you like to do with your kids to celebrate Easter? Share in the comments!


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