Easter Bingo Free Printable

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This Easter Bingo game is the perfect way to celebrate Easter. This free Easter Bingo printable is the perfect way for your family and celebrate Easter!


Easter Bingo Free Printable

Easter is a special holiday at our house. We love waking up to a special treat from the Easter Bunny and usually have a yummy Easter breakfast like our quiche florentine! We all go to church together and love hanging out and talking with each other.

After church is over, it can be hard to keep everyone together. For some reason, everyone wants to disappear into their rooms.

To keep everyone together and celebrating, we pull out this fun Easter Bingo game! It’s perfect for kids of all ages, especially when we spice it up for the teenagers by adding prizes and twists. Try it with your family today! It may just become your favorite Easter tradition.


How to Play Easter Bingo

Bingo is an easy game to learn and to play. One of the best things about bingo is that anyone can pick it up in a matter of minutes.

First, give everyone a Bingo card. There are six different pages included in the printable. At the end of the printable is a calling card sheet. Cut out the calling cards and shuffle them and set them in a pile upside-down.

After everyone has a bingo card, give them something to cover their squares with. You could use paper scraps, candies, or cute cutouts.

Then, use the calling card pile to draw one card at a time. After a calling card is drawn everyone must find where the corresponding picture is on their bingo sheet and cover it up.

Once you fill up a row of 5 horizontally, vertically, or diagonally you have to yell out “BINGO!” The first person to yell bingo wins!


Fun Tips

Bingo is the perfect game for school, parties, home, or church. Again, it’s so simple and kids love how the anticipation grows as time goes on through the game. After a while, we realized we needed to spice things up in order to keep our teenagers involved in the game. Check out my list of tips that help me keep everyone involved and having fun with Easter Bingo!


Print on cardstock

We love having the tradition of playing bingo on all of the different holidays, but I don’t love having to print out the games over and over again. So, if you want to avoid this print on cardstock. This makes the game a lot more durable! You could even laminate the bingo sheets and calling cards if you’re really serious.


Use different placeholders.

Get creative and try something new every round you play! This is a great way to spice up the game and keep everyone entertained. A few of our favorite placeholders are M&Ms, lemon heads, sticky notes, heart cutouts, and game pieces from different board games. This year we tried using Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, mini milk chocolate eggs, and (for extra fun and mess) the fake grass from everyone’s Easter Baskets!


Explain the pictures.

Bingo doesn’t just have to be a game. It can easily be made educational for your child. You can explain the pictures and how they relate to Easter or you can ask your child how they think it’s related. There are lots of opportunities for learning and conversation in bingo! If you have a teenager, you can keep them involved by quizzing them about Easter or by letting them explain how the pictures are related or important.


Play in teams.

This is a great way to invite some friendly competition to your game. You can play boys vs. girls, in partnerships, kids vs. adults, or even separate into teams depending on shirt color or eye color.


Give the winner a prize!

This is another great way to up the ante in your games. It helps everyone stay excited and involved! We have several prizes because we like to play several rounds. The prize this year was a box of Peeps! After we finished playing everyone got a cupcake, so no one felt left out.

Switch cards

My family loves to switch cards after each round. It keeps things interesting because your odds of winning are never the same. And you have to spend time looking for pictures in different places. It keeps things fun!


Free Easter Bingo Printable



There you have it! Print our cute, fun, and simple Easter Bingo printable here! I hope your family loves this tradition as much as mine does. It’s a great way to keep the holidays fun and family-friendly.


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