Summer Bingo Free Printable

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Kick-off the start of your summer holidays with this fun and free Summer bingo printable! This free printable is a great way to set the tone for your summer as you and your family play with this fun summer bingo set!

Summer Bingo Free Printable

Along with summer comes a lot of fun things. Your kids are home all day and you get to spend time with them as they grow and mature. Interestingly enough, this is also one of the cons to summer! Kids can be demanding, and planning fun activities for them can be exhausting.

This fun and free summer bingo printable is the perfect activity for kids of all ages to spend time together and have fun!

One of my favorite parts of this summer bingo is that my kids can play with each other, I can use it for summer birthday parties, or we can play it when friends come over for a play date! This versatile game is easy to learn, play, and is always interesting. If you are looking for a more educational bingo game instead be sure to grab our multiplication bingo as well!

How to Play Summer Bingo

Like I said before, one of the best parts of summer bingo is that you can use it for a variety of ages and at any party, gathering, or play date. In fact, in my church right now I meet with girls 8-11 every other week for a small party of sorts, and we use different bingo sets often and they LOVE them! It is the perfect party game!

To play summer bingo start by giving each player a bingo card. There are 6 different cards included in this free printable. Make sure those sitting next to each other have different cards.

The last page of your free printable is titled “calling cards.” These have all the pictures from the bingo sheets. You can go ahead and cut each calling card and shuffle them and place them face-down. If you want to make it more visually appealing, you can put all the calling cards in a basket, bag, or hat.

After everyone has their summer bingo card, give them something to cover their squares with. You could use a variety of things. Because this is summer bingo, you could try including summer things such as pebbles, flowers, or small candies. Other ideas are included in the tips and tricks section!

Be sure to put a marker on your “Free Space!”

Then, use the calling card pile to draw one card at a time. After a calling card is drawn everyone must find where the corresponding picture is on their summer bingo cards and cover it up with a marker.

Once you fill up a row of 5 horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, yell out “BINGO!” The first person to yell bingo wins!

Helpful Tools We Love When Downloading Printables

  • Printer– I love my HP+ printer that uses Instant Ink. I love it because we can use as much color ink as you want for one low cost starting at $.99/ month for ink. Try it out for free here!
  • Cardstock- I always recommend printing on cardstock. This makes it way more durable so you don’t have to worry about printing it time and time again.
  • Laminator / Laminating Sheets- Again for added durability grab a laminator and laminating sheets so that you can use this again and again!
  • Scissors (seriously love these ones)
  • Dry Erase Pens- Use dry erase pens so that you can wipe your laminated printable clean over and over again for endless use!

Fun Tips for Summer Bingo

Summer bingo is great because it can be adapted to fit anyone! However, keeping a wide range of people happy while playing is never an easy thing to do. Following these tips and tricks definitely helps with that aspect!

  1. Use cardstock or Laminate

Because this game is so adaptable, you’ll want to use it multiple times throughout the summer! If you plan on doing this, I definitely recommend printing on card stock and maybe even using a laminator and using laminating pouches! This helps keep things sturdy, durable, and fun! I love laminating because it keeps your set sturdy regardless of all the spills, grubby hands, and smudges that are bound to happen.

2. Get a variety of placeholders!

Like I said before, summer bingo can be made even more fun depending on the placeholders that you use! We like to try and make the placeholders similar to the theme of the bingo we are playing. For summer bingo we like to use jelly beans, pebbles, flowers, starbursts, seashells, or mini sand dollars!

3. Talk about the pictures

If you have younger kids playing, this is an awesome activity to do! After each picture and once everyone finds it on the bingo sheet ask a few of the players about the picture and have them explain its connection to summer! This is a great way to get the kids thinking while still having fun.

4. Team up

This is a great way to invite some friendly competition to your game. You can play boys vs. girls, in partnerships, or kids vs. adults to see what team can all get bingo first.

5. Give away prizes!

If you are playing with older kids or adults, a great way to keep the game interesting and increase motivation is to offer a prize at the end! There are tons of prizes you can give away. They don’t have to be big or glamorous, they just need to be fun. Prizes could include homemade cookies, beach balls, the chance to have the first pick of something special, a lei, or even just something simple as the first one to get dinner.


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How Do I Print this PDF?

You will need a program that allows you to download PDFs. My favorite is Adobe Acrobat which is free. Just open the program, click file and then print. Select the number of copies you want. If the printable requires double sided printing, be sure that you click double sided.

Summer Bingo Cards Free Printable

Print our free Summer Bingo cards printable here!

I hope you have a fun and safe summer holiday and that these bingo cards are as much fun for you and your family as they are for me and mine!

Grab your Summer Bingo Cards here

Kick-off the start of your summer holidays with this fun and free Summer bingo printable! This free printable is a great way to set the tone for your summer as you and your family play with this fun summer bingo set!
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