Free Animal Bingo Game for Kids

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This fun free animal bingo game is the perfect game to add to your collection at home or in the classroom! Grab yours now!

Animal Bingo Cards

Y’all know how much we love bingo in our house! Between our seasonal bingo games like Fall Bingo, Halloween Bingo, or even Spring Bingo there is always a different set of cards to choose from depending on our mood! But I have to say out of all the choices my kids always get so excited when I pull out the Animal Bingo game because it is their absolute favorite. Not only is it fun to play but you almost can’t help yourself from making all the animal noises as you play!

Feature: Animal bingo game cards with a red border

What is Animal Bingo?

Animal bingo is a fun way to get kids familiar with different kinds of animals while practicing their listening skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as word-image association.

How do you play animal bingo?

Playing animal bingo is simple! You each grab a game card. Once everyone has one then the caller will turn over an animal card. They can choose to act it out including making the animal noise for everyone to mark it off their cards if they have it. Of course, don’t forget to show the picture as well.

Once you get 5 in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal you yell Bingo! The first one to yell bingo wins that round. You can choose to play again with the same cards or switch them up!

What Do I Need to Play Bingo?

  • You will want to download our free bingo cards which are available in our free resource library. You can join at the bottom of the page!
  • Bingo Card Cards
  • Markers to mark off the squares. Use cereal, candies, or even pennies.

Helpful Tools We Love When Downloading Printables

  • Printer– I love my HP+ printer that uses Instant Ink. I love it because we can use as much color ink as you want for one low cost starting at $.99/ month for ink. Try it out for free here!
  • Cardstock- I always recommend printing on cardstock. This makes it way more durable so you don’t have to worry about printing it time and time again.
  • Laminator / Laminating Sheets- Again for added durability grab a laminator and laminating sheets so that you can use this again and again!
  • Scissors (seriously love these ones)
  • Dry Erase Pens- Use dry erase pens so that you can wipe your laminated printable clean over and over again for endless use!
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