Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt

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This fun free Family reunion scavenger hunt printable is just what you need at your next family reunion! It helps everyone connect and have fun with each other.

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt

Family reunions are so much fun and a way to make family memories. I learned growing up with just two cousins that family reunions were a great way to meet and get to know extended family members that I did not get to see but once or twice a year.

Family reunions are typically a time where you gather together and everyone brings a dish to share. As you gather around tables to eat you typically sit with your immediate family and do not get to know your extended and older relatives that well.

Connecting with older relatives and those you haven’t seen but once or twice can be hard but we have a great fun game you can play at your next family reunion that will give you a chance to get to know those family members a little better. This family reunion scavenger hunt will be so fun playing it at your next family reunion.

Family reunion scavenger hunt is an awesome way for you to help everyone to connect with distant relatives and remember fun interesting facts about them after the reunion is over! The family reunion scavenger hunt will have such an impact on everyone that it’ll be requested again year after year!

How to Play Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt

There are tons of different scavenger hunt styles and ways to play. This Family Reunion scavenger hunt is a little different from the rest. Instead of racing to find things, you are racing to find specific people.

Before you start the game, you will want to pass out a copy of this Family reunion scavenger hunt printable to everyone along with a pencil or pen.

Next, you will want to explain the rules.

To play this family reunion scavenger hunt it is about getting to know people! So you will go around the room asking people different questions to try and find a match to your scavenger hunt square.

Once you do you will write their name in the box. You cannot use the same person more than 2 times on your board, so mark your spots carefully.

For example, if I were playing with my family and I was looking for someone born in the 1950’s I would go and look for someone my mom’s age (because she was born in 1954… shhh! Don’t tell her I told you that!) I would then go and find them, ask them if they were born then. If they say yes, then I X out the box and write their name in it! Even if I knew the person was born in the 1950’s I would still have to go and ask them! It’s part of the game.

I would then move on to the next family reunion scavenger hunt item. The person who finds the most people in the shortest amount of time wins.

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt Items

  • Find someone who has been married for 40 years.
  • Find someone who has traveled to another country
  • Find someone who has military history/experience
  • Find someone with one child
  • Find someone with more than 4 children
  • Find someone who sings in a choir
  • Find someone who can roll their tongue
  • Find someone who can do a cartwheel
  • Find the person who graduated from college
  • Find someone who has broken a bone
  • Find someone who owns a farm animal
  • Find someone who hates chocolate
  • Find a person who knows how to skateboard
  • Find someone who is vegetarian/vegan
  • Find someone who can wiggle their ears
  • Find someone who has run in a race
  • Find someone who has gone skydiving
  • Find someone who was born in the same month as you were
  • Find someone who drives a hybrid
  • Find someone who has or does play high school sports


Download your Free Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt Printable

This fun free Family reunion scavenger hunt printable is just what you need at your next family reunion! It helps everyone connect and have fun with each other.


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