Scattergories for Kids: 5 Fun Rounds!

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Do you and your kids love the game Scattergories, but you find that the clues are a little more advanced? These scattergories for kids ideas are just what you are looking for. This fun game will help your kids think about letters and phonics, test their creative thinking skills and more! Just download, print, and start playing in minutes!

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5 scettergories for kids PDFS with blue border with text that says "scattergories for kids"

What is Scattergories?

If you love thinking creatively under pressure, you will love Scattergories.

  • Each round starts by choosing a letter from a hat, and writing down categorical answers that begin with the letter chosen in the time limit given.
  • After the writing time ends, you will all share the answer you wrote down line by line. If your answer matches with someone else, then you will both cross those answers off your list.
  • Circle your answers that don’t match with any other players. You will receive one point for each answer you circled. 
  • The player with the most points wins the round!

Remember, each answer must relate to the question and start with the chosen letter.

Prepare for a great night with your family!

5 scettergories for kids PDFS with blue and white background with text that says "scattergories for kids"

What You Need to Play Scattergories

scattergories for Kids answer sheet PDF

How to Play Kids Scattergories

  • Give each player an answer sheet, and choose one of the 5 lists: School, Learning Topics, Family Vacations, Holidays, or Fun Things to do. We also have a blank list if there is a topic your family would like to try! 
  • A letter is chosen to start the game. You can choose your letter by picking one of our printed alphabet letter cards from a bowl or hat, roll an alphabet letter die, or use the die that comes with it the traditional scattergories game.
  • Choose a time limit (typically 3 minutes works well) and assign someone to be the time keeper. When the time starts, begin writing down every word you can think of for each category until the time runs out. Make sure each word matches the category and starts with the  letter of that round. 
  • Take turns reading each answer out loud. It can be fun to hear what others come up with! If you are keeping score, circle any answers that don’t match those of other players, and cross out answers that are repeated by someone else. Each circled word receives one point! 
  • Pick a new letter with each round you play. There is no limit to how many rounds you can play!
3 scettergories for kids PDFS with blue background with text that says "scattergories for kids"

Scattergories Rules

  • Each word you write within the round must begin with the chosen letter.
  • Words cannot be repeated in the lists during a round. 
  • Pick a new letter for each round. If the same letter is rolled in a new round, roll again.
  • Answers that have two or more words that begin with the chosen letter will receive a bonus point. For example, sea slug for a sea creature list, you get two points!

Tips and Tricks For Playing Kids Scattergories

  • Pair up younger children with an adult who can write and help them come up with ideas for each round if needed.
  • Feel free to create your own list with the blank card. 
  • Get a head count for your party guests ahead of time so you can print off a list for each player. That way you are not scrambling to make copies or forced to make teams at the last minute.
scattergories for kids PDF with round catergories

Scattergories for Kids

Grab your scattergories for kids game right here.

Round 1: School

School round for scattergories for kids wtih blue background
  1. Teacher names
  2. School supplies
  3. Lunch food
  4. Subjects in school
  5. Recess activities
  6. Book titles and/or authors
  7. Friends
  8. Field Trips
  9. Field Day activities
  10. Science

Round 2: Learning Topics

learning topics round for scattergories for kids wtih blue background
  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Oceans
  3. Bugs
  4. Seasons
  5. Zoo Animals
  6. Weather
  7. Places in the World
  8. Bodies
  9. Healthy Food
  10. Jobs

Round 3: Family Vacations

vacations round for scattergories for kids wtih blue background
  1. At the Beach
  2. At an Amusement Park
  3. At a Historical Site
  4. Camping
  5. Road Trip
  6. In a Different Country
  7. In the Big City
  8. In the Mountains
  9. On an Adventure
  10. On a Cruise Boat

Round 4: Holidays

holidays round for scattergories for kids wtih blue background
  1. Valentine’s Day 
  2. St. Patrick’s Day
  3. Easter
  4. Cinco De Mayo
  5. Memorial Day
  6. Independence Day 
  7. Halloween
  8. Thanksgiving
  9. Christmas
  10. New Year’s

Round 5: Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do round for scattergories for kids wtih blue background
  1. In the Summer
  2. Outside
  3. Inside
  4. With Friends
  5. With Family
  6. At Home
  7. On Vacation
  8. At School
  9. At the Park
  10. At a Party

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