100 Family Fun Christmas Movie Trivia Questions

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Get your Christmas thinking cap on and put your Christmas movie knowledge to the test with Christmas Movie Trivia that the whole family can enjoy. Relax with hot cocoa or get competitive with some Christmas fun.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Who’s ready for some Christmas fun? Me! We all love Christmas time and the extra time we get to be with family. Having Christmas games to play makes that extra family time even better.

Christmas movie trivia is a great game to play as a family. You can split into teams or just go around the room answering questions. Or even to pass time in the car. You really can’t go wrong with these fun trivia questions.

Why Trivia is a Great Family Activity

Trivia games are a great family activity. If played in a fun environment it can help strengthen family relationships. Be sure to not get too competitive where family members don’t want to play anymore. Encourage one another and help each other out.

Showing how to encourage one another by example is a great way to spend time with your kids. They learn that life isn’t always about winning or losing but about opportunities to help someone else.

Learning new skills while playing a game is always a plus in my book!

How to Play Christmas Movie Trivia

With these trivia questions already ready for you, you don’t need much to start playing.

First, print out these Christmas movie trivia questions. Decide if you want to be on teams or not.

If playing on teams have one person from team A read the question to team B. Anyone on team B can answer the question.

If not playing on teams have the person to your right read the questions to you.

Set a 1-minute timer and start asking questions. If you choose to keep score, simply give a point for every question that you get right.

If you want even more fun trivia questions for kids you can check out our Christmas trivia questions!

100 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions

Q. Which department store has the item in its window that Ralphie wants? (A Christmas Story)

A: Higbee’s

Q. Which Christmas gift does Ralphie want so badly? (A Christmas Story)

A. Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle

Q. Who gets their tongue stuck to the iced flagpole? (A Christmas Story)

A: Flick

Q. What major award does Ralphies dad win in a contest? (A Christmas Story)

A. A reading lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg in fishnet stockings

Q. What is the warning that Ralphie gets from everyone with his Christmas request? (A Christmas Story)

A. “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

Q. What does Ralphie lie about to his mother about how his glasses broke? (A Christmas Story)

A. An icicle

Q. What does Ralphie’s dad finally do with his broken award? (A Christmas Story)

A. Buries it in the backyard

Q. Where does Ralphie’s family go for Christmas dinner? (A Christmas Story)

A. A Chinese Restaurant

Q. Who is the neighborhood bully to Ralphie and his friends? (A Christmas Story)

A. Scut Farkus and Grover Dill

Q. Who does Ralphie blame for teaching him a bad word? (A Christmas Story)

A. Schwartz

Q. What is the radio program that Ralphie eagerly decoded a message from? (A Christmas Story)

A. Little Orphan Annie

Q. What is Aunt Clara’s present to Ralphie for Christmas? (A Christmas Story)

A. A pink bunny onesie

Q. What country does the Krank’s daughter leave for on the day after Thanksgiving? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Peru

Q. Which two actors play the movie’s leads, Mr. and Mrs. Krank? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis

Q. What do the Kranks plan instead of a traditional Christmas at home? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Ten-day Caribbean Cruise

Q. Which adjective describes the Krank’s Christmas tree: verdant, scraggly or dying? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Scraggly

Q. What does Blair surprise her parents with? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Her fiancé Enrique

Q. Who does Mr. Krank borrow a Christmas tree from? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Neighbor Wes Trogdon

Q. Who does Mr. Krank offer their cruise to? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Walt and Bev

Q. What is the name of Walt and Bev’s cat? (Christmas With the Kranks)

A. Muffles

Q. What is Steve Finch’s profession? (Deck the Halls)

A. Optometrist

Q. How much money does Buddy Hall win by selling a car-lot owner one of his cars? (Deck the Halls)

A. $3,000.00

Q. Who plays the character Buddy Hall? (Deck the Halls)

A. Danny DeVito

Q. What do Buddy and Steve Fight over? (Deck the Halls)

A. The title of “the Christmas Guy”

Q. Why does Buddy extravagantly decorate his house? (Deck the Halls)

A. To be seen on MyEarth

Q. When the lights on Buddy’s house don’t work, what do the neighbors do? (Deck the Halls)

A. They use their cellphones as lights

Q. Steve is the chairman for the towns ____________. (Deck the Halls)

A. WinterFest

Q. What race does Buddy beat Steve in? (Deck the Halls)

A. Speedskating

Q. How does Steve try to sabotage Buddy’s lights? (Deck the Halls)

A. Filling Buddy’s fusebox with snow

Q. What is the bet between Steve and Buddy? (Deck the Halls)

A. If Steve wins, Buddy will remove his Christmas lights. If Buddy wins, Steve pays for the car.

Q. What TV program is Buddy’s house featured on? (Deck the Halls)


Q. Who plays Buddy the Elf? (Elf)

A. Will Ferrell

Q. What is the first rule of the Code of Elves? (Elf)

         Treat every day like Christmas

Q. What is the name of the jet turbine engine that powers Santa’s sleigh? (Elf)

A. The Cringle 3000

Q. What kind of company does Walter work for? (Elf)

A. A publishing company

Q. How does Buddy get his name? (Elf)

A. The elves give him that name from the brand label on his diaper

Q. What building does Walter work in? (Elf)

A. The Empire State Building

Q. What department store mistakes Buddy for an employee? (Elf)

A. Gimbels

Q. On what does Buddy leave a note on for Walter and Emily? (Elf)

A. An Etch a Sketch

Q. Where does Santa’s sleigh crash? (Elf)

A. Central Park

Q. Why can’t Santa’s sleigh fly? (Elf)

A. Not enough Christmas spirit

Q. What is the best way to spread Christmas cheer? (Elf)

A. Singing loud for all to hear

Q. What song does Jovie lead to help spread Christmas cheer in the crowd? (Elf)

A. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Q. Who plays Brad and Kate in Four Christmases? (Four Christmases)

A. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon

Q. Where are Brad and Kate planning to go before they are forced to visit their families? (Four Christmases)

A:          Fiji

Q. Where do Brad and Kate get trapped while traveling? (Four Christmases)

A. San Francisco Airport

Q. What order do Brad and Kate visit their families in? (Four Christmases)

A. Brads father, Kate’s mother, Brad’s mother and then Kate’s father

Q. What is Brad’s real name? (Four Christmases)

A. Orlando

Q. What is Kate afraid of? (Four Christmases)

A. Inflatable Castles

Q. What day is Brad and Kate’s daughter born on? (Four Christmases)

A. New Year’s Day

Q. What is the name of the mountain range where Whoville is located? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. The Pontoos

Q. How many sizes does the Grinch’s heart grow once he gets feelings? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. Three sizes

Q. What does Cindy Lou Who give Max? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. A plate of green eggs and ham

Q. Who narrates How the Grinch Stole Christmas? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. Anthony Hopkins

Q. Who does the Grinch have a crush on? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)  

A. Martha May Whovier

Q. Where does the Grinch live? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. Mount Crumpit

Q. What does Cindy Lou Who nominate the Grinch for? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. Holiday Cheermeister

Q. What present does Mayor May Who give to the Grinch? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. An electric razor

Q. What is Cindy Lou Who trying to show Whoville Christmas is really about? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. Being together as family and friends, not material things

Q. When does the Grinch realized he failed to prevent Christmas? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. When everyone in Whoville sings Christmas Carols

Q. Who does Martha May Whovier say her heart belongs to? (How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000)

A. The Grinch

Q. Who plays George Bailey? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. James Stewart

Q. What is the name of the town that George lives in? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. Bedford Falls

Q. What is the name of George’s guardian angel? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. Clearance Odbody

Q. Who does George save from drowning? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. His brother Harry

Q. How much was George and Mary’s honeymoon savings that they ended up having to use on George’s business? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. $2,000

Q. Why is George ineligible for service during World War II? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. He is deaf in his left ear

Q. What does Harry toast George as? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. The richest man in town

Q. What gift does George get from Clarence? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Q. What does it mean when a bell rings? (It’s a Wonderful Life)

A. An angel has earned his wings

Q. What is the name of the action figure that Howard desperately tries to get for his son for Christmas? (Jingle All the Way)

A. Turbo Man

Q. In what famous mall was Jingle All the Way filmed in? (Jingle All the Way)

A. Minnesota’s Mall of America

Q. What is Howard’s job? (Jingle All the Way)

A. Mattress salesman

Q. What did Howard miss that makes him want to fulfill Jamie’s Christmas wish? (Jingle All the Way)

A. Jamie’s karate class graduation

Q. What does Howard pose as to avoid getting arrested? (Jingle All the Way)

A. An undercover office

Q. What is spray-painted on Howard’s windshield? (Jingle All the Way)

A. Merry X-mas

Q. What does Liz hit Ted with? (Jingle All the Way)

A. A thermos of eggnog

Q. What does Myron dress up as? (Jingle All the Way)

A. Dementor, Turbo-man’s enemy

Q. What present did Howard get Liz? (Jingle All the Way)

A. He forgot to get her a gift

Q. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, what is the name of the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A. Jack Skellington

Q. What is the name of the trio Jack asks to kidnap Santa Claus? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A. Lock, Shock and Barrel

Q. After fog takes over Halloween town who helps Jack lead the reindeers? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A. Zero

Q. Who wrote the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A. Danny Elfman

Q. What holiday does Halloween town take over? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A. Christmas

Q. Who is assigned the task to sow Jack a red Santa coat? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

A. Sally

Q. How does the boy from The Polar Express lose his bell? (The Polar Express)

A. A hole in his pocket

Q. Who does the boy get his bell from? (The Polar Express)

A. Santa

Q. What night does the boy see a train stop in front of his house? (The Polar Express)

A. Christmas Eve

Q. What is served to the children on the Polar Express? (The Polar Express)

A. Hot chocolate

Q.  What does the Polar Express run into a herd of? (The Polar Express)

A. Caribou

Q. After Scott burns the Christmas turkey, where does he take his son to eat? (The Santa Clause)

A. Denny’s

Q. What is Scott’s job? (The Santa Clause)

A. Toy salesman

Q. How does Scott become Santa? (The Santa Clause)

 A. He startles Santa who falls off the roof

Q. What is the name of the head elf? (The Santa Clause)

A. Bernard

Q. What is the “Santa Clause”? (The Santa Clause)

A. If you put on Santa’s suit, you accept the duties and responsibilities of Santa

Q. What changes happen to Scott’s physical appearance? (The Santa Clause)

A. He gains a large amount of weight, grows a beard and his hair turns white

Q. What did Bernard give Charlie? (The Santa Clause)

A. A snow globe

Q. Why do Laura and Neal call the police? (The Santa Clause)

A. They believe Scott kidnapped Charlie

Q. How does Scott escape from jail? (The Santa Clause)

A. A rescue team of elves

Q. What does Laura burn? (The Santa Clause)

A. The court papers that ban Scott’s visitation rights to Charlie

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