35 Awesome Gifts For Single Moms [She Will Love!]

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Single mom life can be challenging to say the least. Spoil the single moms in your life with these gifts for single moms. You are guaranteed to brighten her day and leave a lasting impression. Whether it is Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just because she will love being thought of.

Single Mom Life

I remember when I was a single mom around Mother’s Day and Christmas. It was like everyone always wondered in their head, “What do I buy a single mom?” Do I buy something for her? Do I buy something for the kids? Or maybe get her something for the house instead that she needs? If you are wondering what to get the single moms in your life we are sharing all the gift ideas she will love! 

Gifts for Single Moms

Here are our top favorite gifts for single moms! Read about them and other great ideas below!

Overall best gift when you don’t live close: cash/gift cards

For the Busy Single Mom: Instant Pot

Jewelry Lover: Stainless Steel Mom Necklace or bracelet

Overall Best Comfort Gift: Cozy Blanket

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Audible Subscription or Amazon Prime


As a single mom sometimes cash was the best gift, especially at the beginning. It was hard to figure out how to pay for everything and live on a tight budget. This was perfect to help make ends meet especially at the beginning and give her a little more peace of mind financially. 


With time on her hand after the kids go to the movies is always a great option and not just any movie! Grab her a chick flick that she will love! Try these great options when it comes to movies.

Bath Bombs

Moms love to relax, so grab her an awesome bath bomb set to really be able to relax. 

Hair Cut / Style

Most single moms don’t spend money on themselves, so grab her a certificate to go get her haircut and style. She will feel like a brand new person and will be eternally grateful for your generosity. 

Restaurant Gift card

If you want a gift the whole family will love a gift card to their favorite restaurant is a great choice.


Give her the ultimate gift of comfort and cute with a robe that she will love. Grab a floral one that she can wear whenever she feels like covering up! 


All women love jewelry. Grab her a beautiful stainless steel mom necklace that she will love. 

Makeup Organizer

Give the single mom the gift she will love with this awesome makeup organizer. She will love staying organized and being able to find everything she needs in a snap. 

Face Mask

Get her a face mask! And we are not talking about the one that just covers your nose and mouth. We are talking about the ones that can transform your skin from blah to amazing! 

Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are a must all year long. These are perfect for helping her feel warm and comforted. 

Exercise Clothes

Is the single mom in your life working out? If so grab her some new workout clothes! Some of my favorite workout clothes come right from Amazon and are super affordable! 

She will love these 

Cozy Blanket

Moms love cozy blankets. These are perfect for wrapping up with the kids or for keeping you warm when you are alone. Grab an incredibly soft blanket that she can use all the time. I still have my cozy blanket I was given when I went through my divorce years ago.

Coffee Mug

Sometimes you just need a fun coffee mug. There are some really great ones out there that would be perfect for the single mom in your life. 


Am I the only one who loves pajamas? Grab her some soft pajamas that she will love! 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver in all of our lives, but as a single mom, it is often not looked at as a necessity. Give her the gift of Prime and let her enjoy free shipping, TV shows, and more with Prime. 

Gift Cards

If you want the single moms in your life to actually buy something for themselves, give them a gift card. Let’s be honest most moms are pretty selfless and a gift card to Target or Amazon will be spent on the kids. Grab one at her favorite store so that she can really enjoy picking out something. 

Gift Basket

Why not make her a fun gift basket? Include things like candles, lotions, bubble baths, chocolates, and fun little treats. This will make her feel so spoiled with a great gift basket of some of her favorite things. 


Grabbing a good book is the perfect gift for a single mom. After the kids go to bed she will have quite a bit of downtime after she picks up, so give her something worth reading! Grab an inspirational book, a self help book, or one to take her mind off of things. 

Try giving her:

Audible Subscription

If you know a mom that commutes to work grab her a subscription to Audible. Here she can listen to all her favorite books that she doesn’t have time to read. 


Grabbing a journal or even a gratitude journal will help single moms process and get through some of the most difficult moments in life. When I was a single mom sometimes it was so hard to find those grateful moments so having a gratitude journal was perfect to really help me know that I was loved. 


You can guarantee that a single mom is probably running in a million different directions! Help her by grabbing the perfect planner. Here she can keep track of all her appointments and so much more to help her stay organized and on top of things. 

Stitch Fix

Sometimes moms just need to feel good! Grab her a fun subscription to Stitch Fix and let her get a box or two on you! 

A night out

Sometimes as a single mom you just need a night out with friends! Make that happen and take her out for a night on the town. 


I know this might sound like a duh, but single moms need friends. This is one of the most lonely times in their lives. They need friends to talk to, friends to lean on, and friends to laugh with. Be there for her and this will be the best gift of all. 


Women love flowers and that doesn’t change when you become a single mom. Drop off a bouquet of flowers or order some to be delivered to her. She will be touched by your generosity and thoughtfulness. 


Do you know of a babysitter that she loves? Give her a free babysitting coupon for her to be able to go and do something for her. Or you can even volunteer to take care of her kids for a bit as well.

It is so hard to find the time to have a little me time as a single mom and these moments were priceless. 

Car Maintenance

Cars are expensive to maintain, so a really practical gift is to pay for her next oil change or other repairs that are needed on her car.

Spa Day

Set up a fun Spa Day for her! After a long day, she deserves a special day out relaxing.


Spoil her with a massage! She won’t know what to do with herself by getting to relax for a little bit while she unwinds with a massage. 

You can also give her a gift certificate to a local nail salon for a pedicure or manicure if that is more her thing. 


Let’s be honest as a single mom you are on cooking duty every single night! It is exhausting at times. Give her a fun meal subscription to Freshly so she can stay healthy and make a quick meal for herself at a moment’s notice. 


Next time you are at the grocery store pick up an extra bag of groceries for a thoughtful gift. She will remember this sweet gesture for such a long time.

Practical House Supplies

Running a household is not cheap. One of my favorite gifts of all time was when my parents brought me a laundry basket of household products. It was full of

Spa Basket

As a single mother, you have a really difficult time getting out and taking care of yourself! So bring the spa in! Grab some body scrubs, shower gel, wine glass, essential oils, body lotion, candles, and give her a beautiful basket that she can use when she has enough time to relax after a busy day. 


Alexa is a lifesaver. To this day she puts my kids to sleep and lets me have dance parties in the kitchen. One of the best single mom gifts is memories and Alexa can help create them! 

Instant Pot

With so much running around, single moms need to be able to make meals quick! Grab an Instant Pot so that she can make dinner in a snap! This is a great way to ensure she can fix a great meal even on the busiest nights! IF she has an Instant Pot think about grabbing a slow cooker instead so that she can set it and forget it.


If she is on the go, grab a great blender for her! She can make smoothies in the morning and even ice cream at night with the right blender. 

What single mom gift idea are you grabbing this year? Share in the comments! 

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