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Superheros are great role models for kids! They can learn to conquer their fears and face their challenges in life. With this Superhero Word Scramble your kids can have a fun challenge that’ll help them with their reading and spelling skills. 

Superhero Word Scramble

This Superhero Word Scramble game is a great game to pull out all year long! It can be used in the classroom, at home, and, for those busy mamas out there, you can even use these pages when you’re out and about! Just stick a couple of these and a couple of summer word scrambles in your purse with a couple of pencils and your kids will be set while you try and get your things done! 

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How to Play Superhero Word Scramble

For those of us that are unfamiliar with the game of word scramble don’t worry! This game is so easy to learn. Basically, we give you a list of 20 superheroes, but their names are all mixed up (scrambled). It’s your job to unscramble the words and figure out which superhero is on each line. And just in case there are any names that have everyone completely stumped we’ve included an answer key as well!

Benefits of Word Scrambles

This game is not only fun, but it’s a great way for kids to use their brains! There are so many hidden benefits to word scrambles. Some of those benefits include:

  • Practicing problem-solving
  • Improving spelling
  • Enlarging vocabulary
  • Learning patience
  • Dedication to a task

Tips for Playing with Small Children

If you’ve looked at the list of words we’ve provided you can see that there are some on there that would be hard for younger kids to be able to get on their own. We suggest that little kids get paired with a buddy when they work on this game. This person could be a parent, an older sibling, or anyone else that might be able to offer assistance when needed. Your little guy will be able to get the most out of this game if they are able to be in charge. If they are able to give you instructions or ask for help only when they need it their brains will be able to do the most growing. 

Tips for Playing as a Family

Superhero Word Scramble is a great game to play for family night! Here are a couple ways to make your family time even more fun!

Add a Time Limit

Set the timer for 1 or 2 minutes and see who can get the most words unscrambled in that time! This is a great way to heighten the stakes. Plus your brain gets to work even faster. 

Play on Teams

This is a great way to play, especially when there are a variety of ages and skill levels playing. By dividing into teams the younger players can take some of the easy words and the more skilled players can take the harder words. Plus, there’s a little less pressure on you because if you don’t know a word someone else probably does! The first team to finish all their words is the winner!

Offer a Prize

Winning is fun and all, but winning a prize is even more fun! Your prize can be anything your family decides, but I’m pretty partial to food! The winner gets the first pick of whatever delicious food has been prepared for that night. Some of my favorite family night foods are these.

Superhero Scramble Words Plus Answer Key

  1. nmasepur
  2. nampiserd
  3. lukh
  4. lirgusepr
  5. olwevrneir
  6. cklab hteranp
  7. orth
  8. nmaabt
  9. niatpac aamceier
  10. hoepinx
  11. onir nam
  12. nbiro
  13. eenrgn antlren
  14. namant
  15. lrigtab
  16. eyewahk
  17. selcureh
  18. manaqua
  19. erdwon namow

Answer Key

  1. superman
  2. spiderman
  3. hulk
  4. supergirl
  5. wolverine
  6. flash
  7. balck panther
  8. thor
  9. batman
  10. captain america
  11. phoenix
  12. iron man
  13. robin
  14. green lantern
  15. antman
  16. batgirl
  17. hawkeye
  18. hercules
  19. aquaman
  20. wonder woman

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How To Download This Printable

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The link we’ll send you will include a color version of Superhero Word Scramble, a black and white version, and an answer key just in case any of the words give you a hard time. 

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