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If you know a first-grader you need to download this FREE First Grade Word Search Printable! It’s the most fun and simple way to boost word recognition and memory.

1 black and white, 1 color 1st grade word search work sheets with yellow border

If you are a mom with a first-grader or you’re a teacher with a class full of grade one learners, then you definitely are going to want to grab my free first grade word search printable!

Word searches are a great way to build some important skills for young kids. But I have such a hard time finding word searches that are child-oriented and simple enough for my kids to truly enjoy.

But this first grade word search printable is the perfect level for elementary school kids that are learning to read. And it’s such a fun activity too! Pull it out for a back-to-school activity, after-school snack game, or family game night.

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1 color, 1 black and white 1st grade word search worksheets with green border

Why You Need This First Grade Word Search

I can’t get enough of word searches for myself, but recently I’ve been loving them as activities for my kids too. So this first grade word search has been perfect!

It’s easy to see already how these word searches are helping my kids:

  • improve their memory recall
  • build a vocabulary
  • increase word and letter recognition
  • build patience and mental endurance

Bringing out this first grade word search printable, or any of my other word searches always feels like a mom-win! And not to mention, they give me a free moment while my kids do something independently!

How to Use This Word Search Printable

I love a good simple activity, and word searches are at the top of my easy-peasy activity list! All you need to do is use my download link to download the printable, print it off at home or at your local print shop, and

For a little extra use, I often use my self-adhesive laminating sheets to quickly laminate the word searches. That way I can have my kids use dry-erase pens on them and use them again and again.

Once your printable is ready to go, help your child search for the words in the word bank within the upper section of letters. Circle them as you find them until you’ve found them all.

Ideas for Helping Young Kids With Word Searches

Word searches can be a little tricky at first. This first grade word search has a pretty simple word bank, but your child still may need a little help getting started!

Try hiding all but one of the words to help them focus and see one word better. You could even write the word larger on a whiteboard or piece of paper to help even more.

Don’t forget to offer plenty of encouragement to help build their confidence that they can complete the word search! If your child needs a little extra nudge, you could even get ready a prize or treat (maybe my Dr. Seuss Rice krispie Treats!) for more incentive.

And if you haven’t already, you could try out my Kindergarten Word Search to help get the ball rolling too!

List Of First Grade Word Search Words Included

  • After
  • Again
  • Any
  • Could
  • Every
  • Fly
  • Going
  • Live
  • May
  • Open
  • Round
  • Stop
  • Thank
  • Them
  • Then
  • Think
  • Walk
  • When
  • Where
  • You

You Can Never Have Too Many Word Searches! Grab our whole Collection!

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