100 Would You Rather Questions for Couples

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Spice up your daily routine with these fun Would You Rather Questions for couples. Would You Rather is the perfect game for the next in-home date night with your spouse.

Would You Rather Questions for Couples

If you have followed the blog for a while you know we love Would you rather questions! We have Would you Rather questions for kids and lots of our readers said they wanted Would you rather questions for couples!

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How to Use These Would You Rather Questions for Couples

There’s not too much to explain about these questions.

Take turns asking each other these questions, or you can both answer each question if you prefer. Go through the whole list or just pick a few interesting questions and play for a little while.

However you like to use these questions, you are sure to have so much fun with your spouse and lead into some great conversations!

Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Spice up your daily routine with these fun Would You Rather Questions for couples. Would You Rather is the perfect game for the next in-home date night with your spouse.

Here they are!

100 Would You Rather Questions for Couples!

Spice up your daily routine with these fun Would You Rather Questions for couples. Would You Rather is the perfect game for the next in-home date night with your spouse.

Would you rather for couples:



  1. Have free first-class flights forever or not have to pay for food at restaurants forever?
  2. Have no hot water or no air conditioning/heating in your home?
  3. Live in a town where no one knows you or one where everybody knows you?
  4. Stay in or go out for a date?
  5. Wear sweatpants for the rest of your life or never wear sweatpants again?
  6. Your partner be 10 years older than you or 10 years younger?
  7. Buy 5 things you don’t need whenever you go to the store or always forget something on your list?
  8. Go bald right now or have your spouse go bald?
  9. Never eat sugar or never eat fruits or vegetables?
  10. Not shower for 2 weeks or not brush your teeth for one week?
  11. Have your partner be extremely jealous or completely uncaring about you spending time with others?
  12. Take a vow of silence or a vow of celibacy?
  13. Your partner dress comfortably all the time or dress fashionably all the time?
  14. Live on the same street as both your extended families or only see your families once every 5 years?
  15. Have your partner smell amazing all the time or look amazing all the time?
  16. Save our money for a trip or save our money for a new home item?
  17. Have your partner cook a special meal for you or take you to a nice restaurant?
  18. Go for a long walk or go for a nice drive?
  19. Bake together or cook together?
  20. Receive a handmade gift or a store-bought gift?
  21. Go for a swim together or relax in a hot tub together?
  22. Have your partner work a job that is dangerous but light hours or a regular job with heavy hours?
  23. Go on a trip somewhere popular and fancy or remote and homey?
  24. Read a book together or play a game together?
  25. Live by a beach or by the mountains?
  26. Have your partner have constant attention on you or never give you attention?
  27. Cuddle all night every night or never cuddle again?
  28. Have a partner who is a neat freak or a partner who is messy?
  29. Have a partner who wins everything or have a partner who is a sore loser?
  30. Be surrounded by friends all the time or have no friends?
  31. Work where your partner works and make almost no money, or work in another country and be rich?
  32. Lie to your partner and spare their feelings or tell them the truth and hurt them?
  33. Take care of your partner who has 2 broken legs or have your partner take care of you with 2 broken legs?
  34. Lose all your family’s money or lose all your family’s pictures and memorable items?
  35. Win the lottery or have your salary tripled for the rest of your career?
  36. Be homeless for 5 years and then rich for the rest of your life, or low-middle class permanently?
  37. Have everyone known your romantic life details or your financial details?
  38. Vacation at a fancy resort or at a campground?
  39. Have a relaxed date night every week or a nice date night every month?
  40. Be rich working a terrible job or poor working a job you love?
  41. Have someone clean your home or have someone make all your meals?
  42. Exercise together or cook together?
  43. Spend the rest of your life alone or spend the rest of your life without alone time?
  44. Always forget your spouse’s birthday or always have your spouse forget your birthday?
  45. Be the funniest person everyone knows or the most attractive persons everyone knows?
  46. Be in public with something sticking out of your nose or something in your teeth?
  47. Elope or have a wedding with 5000 guests?
  48. Have your partner be mysterious and subtle or romantic and obvious?
  49. Have your spouse not get along with your friends or not get along with your family?
  50. Cuddle or makeout?
  51. Cook dinner or clean up after dinner?
  52. Play sports together or watch sports together?
  53. Have your partner cut your hair or have them dye your hair?
  54. Have home-cooked meals every night or take out every night?
  55. Chocolate or flowers?
  56. Go out for your birthday or celebrate at home?
  57. Commute 2 hours to an amazing job or 2 minutes to a job your hate?
  58. Never cut your hair or have your partner never cut their hair?
  59. Have a huge bed in a small bedroom or a small bed in a huge bedroom?
  60. Have a pool or a jacuzzi?
  61. Sleep with it too hot in the house or too cold in the house?
  62. Have quintuplets or have no kids?
  63. Go for a jog together or go for a walk together?
  64. Have your partner be an amazing cook or an amazing baker?
  65. Travel often for work or have your partner travel often for work?
  66. Meet a current celebrity or meet a famous person that has passed away?
  67. Go completely sugar-free or completely salt-free?
  68. Take a shower or take a bath?
  69. Never be able to take another hot shower or never be able to eat hot food?
  70. Would a 70-hour workweek Monday-Friday or work through the weekend?
  71. Live in a house that is much too small for your needs or a house that’s much too large?
  72. Start your relationship over or flash forward 20 years?
  73. Have your partner only communicate using pictures or only communicate using songs?
  74. Always have a full gas tank or always have a full fridge?
  75. Get sick or have your partner get sick?
  76. Have bad gas on a first date or on your wedding day?
  77. Go back in time to meet an ancestor or forward in time to meet a descendent?
  78. Always give your spouse the perfect gift or always receive the perfect gift from your spouse?
  79. Not be able to keep your partner’s secrets or have your partner always tell your secrets?
  80. Have your spouse be the smartest person you know or the best cook that you know?
  81. Never have to pay for utilities or never have to pay for eating out?
  82. Never have to clean up from a party or never have to throw a party?
  83. Live your wedding day over and over or your first date over and over?
  84. Have more time or more energy?
  85. Go skydiving or deep-sea diving?
  86. Sew all your clothes or grow all your food?
  87. Watch a sports game in person or on TV?
  88. Have a mansion in a bad neighborhood or a shack in a nice neighborhood?
  89. Have all your debt forgiven or not have to pay taxes for the rest of your life?
  90. Kiss your partner when they have bad breath or cuddle them when they have bad B.O.?
  91. Be together during a zombie attack or robot attack?
  92. Have a spouse that chews loudly or spits when they talk?
  93. Sleepwalk or sleep talk?
  94. Have super annoying neighbors or be known as the annoying neighbor?
  95. Gain 100 pounds or have your partner gain 100 pounds?
  96. Go dancing or go bowling?
  97. Have a spouse that talks way too much or sleeps way too much?
  98. Have joint social media accounts or work at the same job?
  99. Live somewhere where it’s never warm or never cool?
  100. Do all your partner’s laundry or all your partner’s dishes?
Spice up your daily routine with these fun Would You Rather Questions for couples. Would You Rather is the perfect game for the next in-home date night with your spouse.

What is your favorite question from our would you rather questions for couples? Share in the comments!


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