200+ Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

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Spend time getting to know the one you love most with these fun Never Have I Ever Questions for couples! Keep your relationship close as you go through these entertaining Never Have I Ever for couples to learn even more about one another.


Never Have I Ever for Couples

We all know how much fun Never Have I Ever questions can be! I learned this first-hand from these Never Have I Ever Questions for kids. My kids could go on for hours playing this game! It’s so funny to watch them go back and forth while playing with friends or family.

I’ve also had a ton of fun playing Never Have I Ever Questions dirty, which is perfect for married couples! I’ll just say, it made the end of our date night a lot more fun and left us spicing up the bedroom a bit! My husband and I still go over these cards about once a month, I mean, there’s 500 of them! They never really get old.

With all that being said, here another 200+ of the best Never Have I Ever Questions for couples because you all have been asking for more!

How to Play Never Have I Ever for Couples

The rules for these Never Have I Ever Questions for couples are super simple.

First, these questions list potential experiences that you’ve maybe never done before. If you drink, this is a great drinking game. If you have done the experience in the question you take a drink. But, if you are like me and you don’t drink, then there are other options! You can list consequences for those that have done the experience, like for every question they’ve done they have to do something for you! This can range from chores around the house or something sexy in the bedroom! You can also play it where you remove an item of clothing for everything you have done! The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t want to play with consequences, just use this game as a way to get to know your significant other better! I promise you won’t regret playing this game and it’s tons of fun however you play it.

Things to Remember when playing

  • Don’t take things too seriously, this is a fun game to have fun playing with one another.
  • Don’t ask what you don’t want to answer yourself.
  • If drinking is involved, please do it safely and responsibly.
  • Don’t embarrass your partner too much.

Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Never have I ever….

  1. Kissed on the first date
  2. Fell in love at first sight
  3. Lied to get my way
  4. Faked sick to get out of a date
  5. Thought the person I was dating wasn’t attractive
  6. Forgotten a partners birthday
  7. Thought about someone else during a date
  8. Been rejected when trying to kiss someone
  9. Rejected someone trying to kiss me
  10. Kissed a random stranger at a party
  11. Flirted with someone while in a relationship
  12. Gotten dumped
  13. Dumped someone
  14. Had an awkward dream
  15. Made a video that I now regret (doesn’t have to be sexual)
  16. Been slapped across the face
  17. Gotten in a fight over someone I liked
  18. Bit my tongue
  19. Used an online dating site
  20. Lied about how you look
  21. Lied about being single to keep another person away
  22. Lied to my parents
  23. Snuck out of the house
  24. Accidently bitten a lip so hard it bled while kissing
  25. Had an awkward kiss
  26. Choked someone while kissing
  27. Played footsies during a meeting
  28. Ran out on someone in the middle of a date
  29. Dated someone for more than a year
  30. Stalked an ex online
  31. Received a lap dance
  32. Given a lap dance
  33. Gone skinny dipping
  34. Peed in a pool
  35. Tried guessing someone’s password
  36. Hated the pet of someone I was dating
  37. Farted and pretended it was someone else
  38. Been invited to a threesome
  39. Gotten a professional massage
  40. Lied to my parents about the person I was dating
  41. Driven a car naked or with minimal clothing
  42. Taken a sexy selfie
  43. Sent a dirty text to the wrong person
  44. Cheated
  45. Flashed someone
  46. Licked food off of someone else
  47. Created a fake Instagram just to stalk someone
  48. Picked a wedgie in public
  49. Sent my food back to the chef
  50. Crushed on a celebrity
  51. Slipped and fell on nothing in front of someone I liked
  52. Cheated on a test
  53. Fell asleep in the movie theater on a date
  54. Gone “commando”
  55. Dreamt about my wedding day
  56. Peed in the shower
  57. Fell asleep while watching TV
  58. Laughed until I threw up
  59. Tried speed dating
  60. Gone on a double date
  61. Tried to impress someone who hates me
  62. Laughed so hard I farted
  63. Had a picnic date
  64. Dated someone who I was set up with by a friend
  65. Set up a friend
  66. Gone skydiving with a significant other
  67. Traveled with a significant other
  68. Gone to another country and hooked up with someone
  69. Felt attracted to a Kardashian
  70. Sung karaoke
  71. Slept in regular clothes
  72. Slept at the house of someone I liked and not had sex
  73. Been attracted to a cartoon character
  74. Faked being sick to stay home and watch Netflix or play video games
  75. Made a duck face for a selfie
  76. Stalked someone I just met on Facebook or Instagram
  77. Flown in a helicopter
  78. Gone to another country by myself
  79. Locked my keys in my car
  80. Not tipped at a restaurant
  81. Asked my date to pay because I forgot my wallet or didn’t have enough money
  82. Lied in an interview
  83. Been on stage at a concert
  84. Sung in front of a large crowd
  85. Taken dance lessons
  86. Watched a YouTube video on how to do a certain dance
  87. Made a TikTok
  88. Had surgery
  89. Jumped out of a plane
  90. Lied about my age
  91. Met a celebrity in person
  92. Been to Disney World
  93. Accidently eaten a bug
  94. Given money to a homeless person
  95. Spent hours looking at funny videos on YouTube
  96. Googled something so I would know how to spell it
  97. Googled something to look smart
  98. Thought a movie was better than the book
  99. Learned to play a musical instrument
  100. Cried during a Disney movie
  101. Gotten angry during a Disney movie
  102. Cried at school or work
  103. Been scared of a rollercoaster ride
  104. Been to the Grand Canyon
  105. Been to New York City
  106. Had a staycation
  107. Baked cookies with a significant other
  108. Thrown up in front of a significant other
  109. Named a stuffed animal
  110. Farted accidentally on a date
  111. Attempted martial arts while by myself
  112. Mistaken a man for a woman or vice versa
  113. Drove over a curb
  114. Called my date the wrong name
  115. Gone into the wrong bathroom
  116. Broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it
  117. Cut my own hair and messed up
  118. Gotten something stuck up my nose
  119. Been told I had bad breath
  120. Screamed because of a bug
  121. Practiced public speaking in a mirror
  122. Sang to myself in the mirror
  123. Secretly taken a picture of a stranger in public
  124. Stuck gum under a table
  125. Stepped in dog poop with bare feet
  126. Thrown up after seeing someone else throw up
  127. Worn the same pair of underwear for more than 3 days
  128. Gone more than a week without showering
  129. Eaten at Taco Bell more than 3 times in a week
  130. Dipped french fries into ice cream or a shake
  131. Had a deep-fried candy bar
  132. Got food poisoning
  133. Drank pickle juice
  134. Tried baby food
  135. Eaten a whole frozen pizza by myself
  136. Eaten alligator
  137. Eaten butter by itself
  138. Tried Taco Bell breakfast
  139. Eaten raw eggs for health
  140. Licked the spatula after cooking for other
  141. Been arrested
  142. Used a fake ID
  143. Been in handcuff, for any reason
  144. Smuggled food into the movie theater
  145. Crashed a random wedding or party
  146. Gotten into a fistfight
  147. Called the police on someone
  148. Ran a red light
  149. Danced on a table or a bar
  150. Kissed and told
  151. Been on a blind date
  152. Used a cheesy pick-up line
  153. Made out in a hot tub
  154. Had a crush on a friends sibling
  155. Dated more than one person at the same time
  156. Bought lingerie
  157. Fantasized about someone else
  158. Given a hickey
  159. Got a hickey and then had to cover it up
  160. Done it outside
  161. Winked or whistled at someone
  162. Been a friend with benefits
  163. Been to a drive-in movie theater
  164. Flirted with someone more than 10 years older than me
  165. Left food in my fridge for over a year
  166. Eaten from someone else’s plate when they weren’t looking
  167. Eaten a whole carton of ice cream by myself
  168. Binge-eaten Little Debbie’s
  169. Tasted dog or cat food
  170. Imagined my life as a sitcom and wondered who would play me
  171. Walked around with my zipper down
  172. Recorded a video of myself dancing or singing
  173. Tried to impress a crush by seeming knowledgeable about what they liked
  174. Lied about being related to a celebrity
  175. Stolen a friend’s story and pretended it happened to me
  176. Been to a haunted house
  177. Shot a gun
  178. Regifted a gift card
  179. Bought food and then pretended that I made it
  180. Pretended to laugh at a joke I didn’t get
  181. “Cleaned up” by shoving everything out of sight
  182. Read all the Harry Potter books
  183. Had a nightmare about zombies
  184. Actually laughed out loud when typing LOL
  185. Read online fan-fiction
  186. Bullied someone online
  187. Said “I love you” but didn’t mean it
  188. Bet on something
  189. Dated a friends ex
  190. Had a crush on a college professor
  191. Picked my nose in public
  192. Taken part in a talent show
  193. Been robbed
  194. Eaten food that fell on the floor
  195. Flirted with a teacher
  196. Hooked up with someone in the first 24 hours after meeting
  197. Had a rebound
  198. Dated someone just to make another person jealous
  199. Slept with someone I wasn’t attracted to
  200. Lied while playing “Never Have I Ever”
  201. Never Have I ever fallen in love before you. 
  202. Left something inappropriate on the night stand.
  203. Broken a bone as an adult.
  204. Kissed only one person. 
  205. Gone to a surprise party. 
  206. Posted something about you on social media this week. 
  207. Been in a physical fight.


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