500 Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty Edition

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You asked for Never Have I Ever dirty edition to play with your spouse, so here are 500 Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty for you to play with the one you love!

Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty Perfect For Married Couples

You asked for Never Have I Ever dirty edition to play with your spouse, so here are 500 Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty for you to play with the one you love!

Are you ready to spice up your marriage with a fun game to play with your spouse? Never Have I Ever Dirty is the PERFECT way to spend your next date night. It’s a fun way to learn more about your spouse and just have fun! So, get ready for this spicy list of Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty perfect for married couples.

We’ve got some Never Have I Ever dirty questions along with some Never Have I Ever silly questions in this Never Have I Ever Couples Edition. So let’s get ready to spice up the night right now! Don’t forget to grab our Never Have I Ever Questions for the entire family and any situation here!

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**Please note! This is a more intimate post that talks about fun ways to spice up your marriage! If you easily get embarrassed with the thought of talking about spicing up your extracurricular activities in the bedroom, this might be a great post to skip over **

Never Have I Ever Rules

Never Have I Ever Dirty is easy to play! You can make up your own rules since it will be just you and your spouse, but here are the Never Have I Ever Rules we like to use While playing Never Have I Ever Dirty together!

  • Each person starts with 10 points.
  • The first player will draw the top card from the Never Have I Ever Dirty stack. The player will then read the Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty Edition. For example, “Never Have I ever kissed someone on the first date.”
Never Have I Ever Dirty Edition
  • Grab our Copy of Never Have I Ever Paddles
  • If the other person has done that thing then this is where things get interesting! You can decide how you want to keep score, but a fun idea would be to have the person that has done it removes a piece of clothing. We wouldn’t judge you if you added some whipped cream or chocolate syrup into the mix as well! The main idea is that if you have done what the card says, you lose a point.

You asked for Never Have I Ever dirty edition to play with your spouse, so here are 500 Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty for you to play with the one you love!

So, How Do I Win in Never Have I Ever Dirty?

  • If you are playing with strict rules, the last person to lose all 10 of their points is the winner! Or if you want to have even more fun playing Never Have I Ever Dirty you play until someone has no more clothes… But really is there even a loser at that point? I don’t think so!

Now that we Have how to play never have I ever out of the way and the never have I ever rules let’s get started with our Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty Edition for Couples!

500 Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty

(Available to Download below!)

Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty

Looking for ways to spice up your marriage? Then try these Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions. You definitely DO NOT want to ask these questions in front of young ears because there is definitely some adult content, but they are PERFECT to play with your spouse so get ready to have some fun!

~Hid a hickey with clothing

~Played strip poker

~Flirted with a teacher

~Sent a naughty photo to my spouse

~Waited for you in the shower

~Used a safe word

~Snuck a peek from the other room

~Screamed your name

~Licked food off someone

~Snuck a boy/girl into the house

~Made out on an airplane

~Gone commando

~Peeked at you while you were sleeping

~Taken secret pictures of you

~Fantasized about you

~Faked an orgasm

~Had a dream about you

~Stayed awake late with you on my mind

~Done it under the stars

~Dreamed you would ravish me in an odd place

~Wanted to take a bath together

~Fantasized about handcuffs

~Had a sex dream about you


More Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty

~Used edible body paints

~Made out in a public place

~Been the big spoon

~Played sexy games

~Bought you lingerie

~Sat naked on leather

~Made a sex tape

~Skipped foreplay

~Kept someone’s worn piece of clothing just to smell them

~Fallen asleep during sex

~Participated in a naughty secret Santa exchange

~Participated in a lap dance

~Had a one night stand

~Taken a sexy selfie

~Been caught having sex

~Given a massage with a happy ending

~Stared at your butt

~Netflixed and chilled

~Pretended something felt good

~Slept naked in a tent

~Sent a dirty text to the wrong person

~Shaved my partner’s pubic hair

~Done it underwater

~Had to use lubrication

~Flashed a bartender for a free drink

~Done it in a public place

~Used someone else’s pleasure toys

~Lost my underwear

~Had a sugar daddy/mama

~Sent a sext

~Left the house without underwear

~Sent nudes

~Said the wrong name during sex

~Tried role-playing

~Been to an adult store

~Taken a shower selfie

Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions

There are SOO many questions to ask in Never Have I Ever which is why we created 500 of them! Here are the rest of the questions to play with your spouse…just remember to have fun! This game can be such a great way to make your marriage a priority and it’s loads of fun so be sure to grab your questions at the end of this post!

~Given my phone number to someone I just met

~Said I love you to someone besides you

~Had a crush on a childhood teacher

~Had a celebrity crush

~Tried naked yoga

~Made a bucket list

~Been in love before

~Tried a new hobby

~Met an idol

~Doubted your faith in me

~Had a midlife crisis

~Had your back

~Gone into debt

~Dreamt of paradise

~Had a dream come true

~Accomplished New Years goals

~Committed a crime

~Procrastinated coming home

~Been heartbroken

~Helped a stranger

~Swum at night

~Run out of whipped cream

~Done a backbend

~Kissed your toes

~Worn handcuffs

~Had a professional massage

~Pined for anyone else

Want More Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty Edition for Couples? Download 500 Never Have I Ever Questions for Free! Because we love you that much! Just Print and have fun!

~Tried self-hardening chocolate syrup

~Learned to tango

~Wandered lost and alone

~Had a favorite romance novel

~Had a dark secret

~Sent a suggestive letter

~Kissed a sibling

~Run from a bear

~Been to a talent show

~Kissed someone’s baby

~Been choked

~Shot a bb gun

~Picked up a hitchhiker

~Lip synced

~Been really sunburnt

~Snuck into a movie

~Punched someone

~Gone hunting

~Made fun of someone

~Walked into the wrong bathroom

~Watched keeping up with the Kardashians

~Stalked an ex on social media

~Been unfaithful

~Gone on a group date

~Sung professionally

~Taken a mirror selfie

~Walked into a glass door

~Been rude to a telemarketer

~Run into a pole

~Been shocked

~Eaten ice cream while cold

~Made a snowman

~Dressed in matching Christmas outfits

~Slept in past noon

~Fallen asleep while on the phone

~Thrown up in bed

~Wished for a pet for Christmas

~Gone 24 hours without watching tv

~Hugged a cow

~Worn my shirt inside out

~Locked my keys in the car

~Worn a broken watch

~Had a crush on a news anchor

~Eaten the leftovers you wanted

~Told you I did a chore when I didn’t

~Fallen down the stairs

~Saved food after dropping it on the floor

~Hated your guts

~Checked your phone while you weren’t looking

~Taken the first bite of your food

~Wished you had the body of a famous actor

~Used your toothbrush

~Caught you in a lie

~Wished you were someone else

~Acted goofy to make you laugh

~Used your towel

~Done kind things for you that went unnoticed

~Gotten waxed for you

~Worn something uncomfortable for you

~Taken over a piece of your clothing

~Watched you change


More Never have I Ever Questions Dirty…

What’s your favorite Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples so far?

~Helped you cheat on your diet

~Killed a dream

~Deleted a chat conversation so you wouldn’t see it

~Faked not being bored

~Feigned interest so you would be happy

~Been interested in one of your friends

~Thought about leaving you

~Marveled at how amazing you are

~Pretended to agree to avoid an argument

~Called you a derogatory name

~Thrown something of yours away on purpose

~Wanted to go out without you

~Lied about something important

~Not told you about being hit on

~Done something just to impress you

~Eaten something you made even though I hated it

~Gave up something I love for you

~Pretended we have a common interest

~Told you something I’ve never told anyone else

~Kept a personal secret from you

~Pretended to be brave

~Pretended to be embarrassed for your sake

~Been ashamed of you

~Done something you had asked me not to

~Cried over you

~Felt attacked by you

~Done something for you in my own interest

~Hated someone in your family

~Made fun of you behind your back

~Lied about being okay

~Pretended things were ok between us

~Thought I was lucky to have you

~Thought of you as a burden

~Cheated on you

~Kept an opposite-sex friendship secret to avoid jealousy

~Genuinely thought you were annoying

~Felt proud of you

~Thought of having children

~Lied on “never have I ever”

~Regretted being with you

~Thought I knew you and was proven wrong

~Been surprised at your behavior

~Thought that I don’t know much about you

~Forgotten your birthday

~Signed up for the gym to impress you

~Been insecure with you

~Felt protected by you

~Watched a movie with you that I hated because you liked it

~Thought you were the perfect partner

~Thought you were selfish

~Fallen asleep while talking to you

~Thought I didn’t deserve you

~Thought you didn’t deserve me

~Secretly borrowed your things

~Lied that I like your favorite movie

~Asked you to do something I don’t want to do

~Said something tastes good so you’ll try it

~Forgotten our anniversary

~Pretended I didn’t hear you

~Wished you could read my mind

~Stolen your shirt

~Faked having a headache

~Stalked your Facebook account

~Googled you

~Hidden something of yours

~Used up all of the hot water

~Disliked your haircut

~Hated your cologne

~Burned dinner

~Stolen the covers on purpose

~Wanted more kids

~Called you the wrong name

~Serenaded you

~Peeked over your shoulder while you were texting

~Wrote you a love letter

~Wrote your poetry

~Wanted to dance with you

~Lied about having similar interests

~Pretended to snore

~Canceled a date

~Planned date night

~Changed a diaper

~Bought a house

~Rode a horse in shorts

~Had a rock climbing accident

~Gone hang gliding

~Planted flowers

~Went trick or treating older than I should have

~Planned a date in a hot air balloon

~Been on an ice skating date

~Embarrassed myself water skiing

~Had a crush on an instructor

~Asked a teacher out

~Been a foreign exchange student

~Been to Peru

~Gone on a white water rapids trip

~Been kayaking

~Reenacted the pottery scene in Ghost

~Beat you in a marathon

~Done a mud run together

~Painted a house

~Taught someone how to do canning

~Been to a rodeo

~Gone cow tipping

~Held a tarantula

~Fallen in and out of love quickly

~Been betrayed by a companion

~Held a door for my date

~Opened the car door for my date

~Bought matching pajamas

~Been in a cave with you

~Stood next to a giant redwood

~Borrowed your car

~Climbed a mountain

~Spit over the side of the Grand Canyon

~Been to Yosemite

~Heard of Williamsburg

~Packed a picnic

~Been embarrassed on a date

~Sung karaoke in front of my date

~Beaten my date at bowling

~Thrown up on a date

~Executed a creative date request idea

~Read by candlelight

~Hidden veggies in of a meal

~Eaten your ice cream

~Made ice cream

~Driven a speed boat

~Fallen out of a boat

~Cried in front of guests

~Shared a root beer float

~Been drunk

~Embarrassed myself while intoxicated

~Stomped on someone’s foot

~Performed on stage

~Canceled a date because I had nothing to wear

~Had second thoughts

~Stepped on my partner’s foot while dancing

~Tried ballroom dancing

~Gone on a blind date

~Sat in a bucket seat

~Sat on your lap

~Tried to make a joke but it failed

~Come up with never have I ever ideas

~Played poker

~Bought whipped cream in bulk

~Winked at a hottie

~Fallen asleep on a date

~Had a candlelit dinner

~Been to an expensive restaurant

~Complained about a restaurant

~Eaten kimchi

~Eaten onions on a date and regretted it

~Cussed out my significant other

~Given up my seat for a cutie

~Checked my phone on a date

~Kept my phone away during an entire date

~Laughed so hard I spit out food

~Shot guns on a date

~Built a campfire

~Roasted a marshmallow for you

~Carried a concealed weapon

~Pretended I liked a song my date did

~Learned a new hobby for you

~Cried for no reason

~Ridden an elephant

~Eaten eel

~Tried sushi and gotten sick

~Sent a meal back at a restaurant

~Stolen your hat

~Hated my date’s pet

~Refused to laugh to avoid wrinkles

~Ran a stoplight

~Fallen in love

~Forgotten to shave

~Had a child

~Counted myself lucky to have you

~Measured the size of my bicep

~Dressed up like a famous couple

~Eaten something I was allergic to

~Felt lonely

~Wanted to be alone

~Hugged your mom

~Trusted someone completely

~Felt bored by you

~Told you a lie

~Fished for compliments

~Pondered the meaning of life

~Fantasized about having kids with you

~Pushed my luck

~Used a cliche

~Tried to sound smarter so you’d like me

~Lied about my weight

~Spent hours just thinking about you

~Worn something uncomfortable to look attractive

~Lied to my significant other

~Taken my date shopping

~Told a secret that wasn’t mine

~Fallen asleep on your shoulder

~Lied in an interview

~Forgotten my date’s name

~Been Abused

~Been stood up

~Lied about who I was talking to

~Lied about my age

~Tired of your company

~Judged you unfairly

~Lied about where I was

~Planned you a surprise party

~Caught you in a lie

~Dreamed about you

~Checked out someone else while with you

~Had a deep conversation with you

~Pressured you to drink

~Punched you when they tried to wake me up

~Texted someone else while talking to you

~Looked into Kama Sutra

~Made a tandem snow angel

~Sipped hot chocolate through a straw

~Fallen in love with a fictional character

~Spied on someone

~Gotten sick from my significant other

~Written my phone number on a receipt

~Played spin the bottle

~Kissed you while you were sleeping

~Received a terrible message

Never have I ever questions for couples

You asked for Never Have I Ever dirty edition to play with your spouse, so here are 500 Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty for you to play with the one you love!

~Flirted my way out of a speeding ticket

~Ruined a vacation

~Fallen while walking and texting

~Been pressured into getting body art

~Forgotten lines in a play

~Dined and dashed

~Fallen in love at first sight

~Had a paranormal experience

~Woken up and couldn’t move

~Accidentally said I love you to someone


~Been on television or radio

~Had a crush on a friend’s parent

~Pressed send and regretted it immediately

~Dyed my hair a crazy color

~Been slapped across the face

~Been forced to work with a rival

~Cried in public because of a song

~Been screamed at by a customer

~Gone vegan

~Worn glasses without lenses

~Lied about death as an excuse to get out of something

~Tried a fad diet

~Been caught outside in a storm

~Been in an embarrassing video uploaded online

~Worked in fast food

~Been club hopping

~Driven without my license

~Tried dancing like Michael Jackson

~Flirted with someone much older than me

~Peed in the shower

~Used Tinder

  • ~Tried speed dating
  • ~Been set up by friends
  • ~Been on a double date
  • ~Dreamed about my wedding day
  • ~Been caught doing drugs
  • ~Kissed a celebrity
  • ~Stalked an ex online

~Said I am never drinking again

~Had an emoji-only text conversation

~Been catfishing

~Worn Crocs

~Tried guessing someone’s password

~Voted for Trump

~Picked a wedgie in public

~Gone caroling on a date

~Worn an ugly Christmas sweater

~Bought my pet a present

~Made someone cry with a gift

~Burned dinner

~Fallen asleep on a date

~Snuck food into the movies

~Spent Christmas alone

~Been in a long-distance relationship

~Kissed under the mistletoe

~Celebrated Christmas in another country

~Left my Christmas lights up past January

~Pretended I had plans to feel more popular

~Lied about being in a band

~Kissed a poster of a celebrity

~Gotten a ticket

~Flirted with someone to win a bet

~Pretended to love someone

~Forgotten to eat

~Kissed on the first date

~Been Dumped

~Met someone in person that I met online

~Had a rebound relationship

~Been divorced

~Flirted with someone in a relationship

~Lied to you about how you looked

~Cleared my phone or computer history

~Called you a ball and chain

~Been tied up

~Read a romance novel

~Been inside Victoria’s Secret

~Used a lame pickup line successfully

~Pretended I knew someone

~Got banished to sleep on the couch

~Used an Instant Pot

~Pretended I had made a store-bought meal

~Driven 20 mph or more over the speed limit

~Made a duck face for a selfie

~Watched My Little Pony as an adult

~Had a secret hobby

~Googled a word to spell it right

~Sung the wrong song lyrics out loud

~Lost my swimwear bottoms

~Driven over a curb

~Called the wrong person and pretended I meant to call them

~Broken a chair by sitting on it

~Screamed because of a bug

~Secretly liked a Justin Bieber song

~Pretended to be listening while spacing out

~Refused having my picture taken

~Imagined what my theme music would be

~Sat directly on a public toilet seat

~Tasted earwax

~Picked my nose on a date

~Taken a date to a fast-food restaurant

~Tried baby food and liked it

~Counted calories

~Been on a blind date

~Broken up with someone over text

~Driven a stick shift

~Had a mud bath

~Been to a nude beach

~Slapped someone

~Read the end of the book first

~Dated two people at once

Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty is such a great way for couples to connect, learn more about each other, and have lots of fun doing it! Surprise your spouse with this fun game and see who wins. Have fun! Download right now for your own set of Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions Cards!

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