The Best Valentines Day Would You Rather Questions

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I don’t know about you, but I love Valentine’s Day! Everyone is wearing pink, there are hearts everywhere, and it’s a time for you to celebrate the people you love! Whether you have a significant or not these Valentines Day Would You Rather Questions are the perfect way to celebrate the day!

Valentines Day Would You Rather

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Valentine’s Day Would You Rather is such a great Valentine’s Day game! You can play it with just two people, or a whole group! It’s great for a party, family game, a date night activity, or in the classroom! There are so many reasons why I love this game!

No matter how many people are playing, it’s a great way to get to know other people! There are two options to choose from, and you have to pick the one you would rather do. There are so many opportunities for the people playing to learn more about their fellow playmates! 

I love playing Would You Rather games with my kids! I have learned so much about them through this game! That might sound strange, but it’s true! So if you need more questions be sure to chck out our Would you Rather Questions for kids and our Would You Rather Questions for Teens as well!

We have so much fun as we play. Not only that, but it makes for some pretty fun conversations as to why we both chose certain answers. Then we can move to deeper conversations if we choose to! I’ve played this as a dinner game while waiting in the drive-through line and many more places! You’ll love this game no matter who you play it with! 

Pair this game with come other Valentine’s Day favorites like Valentine’s Day Bingo and Valentine’s Day Charades for even more fun together!

How to Play Valentine’s Day Would You Rather

Valentine’s Day Would You Rather is such an easy game to learn! 

Below you’ll find the complete list of Valentine’s Day Would You Rather questions and a place to download your own set of cards. 

First, you’re going to gather your players. You have to have at least two people playing, but there really isn’t a cap on the number of people who can play! Once you have your players, you can start playing!

Read a question from our list. The players then have to choose what they would rather do from the two options listed. For example, if the question was, “would you rather have a unibrow or a full back of hair?” everyone would need to pick which they would rather have. 

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If you’re playing with a small group, everyone can go around and answer the question, explaining why they chose their option. 

If you’re playing with a large group, you can have the players stand on opposite sides of the room depending on their answer. Then you can laugh and say why you chose your answer!

One of my favorite aspects of this game is that there is no competition! It’s the perfect game to play if you have some exceptionally competitive players, or some sore losers! There are no winners or losers, just laughs, and discussions!

Tips and Tricks for Playing

  • I’m sure you all have that friend that is very indecisive. To avoid long drawn-out thought processes, you can put a time limit on how long someone can choose their answer. You could also say that the players must select the first answer that pops into their heads. 
  • This is a great way to make better friends or bond with your children! I like using this as an ice breaker for larger conversations! When we start with something small, like playing a game together, I have found that they are more willing to open up about other things like friends and challenging things in their lives. 
  • Treats make everything better!

The Best Valentine’s Would You Rather Questions

Grab our printable Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions right here, or use the list of questions below.

  1. Would you rather drink  love potion to make someone fall in love with you or shoot two people with arrows to make them fall in love?
  2. Would you rather receive chocolates or candy hearts?
  3. Would you rather watch the Notebook every day for the rest of your life or The Proposal?
  4. Would you rather give a hug or a kiss?
  5. Would you rather go on a fancy expensive date or do a romantic night at home?
  6. Would you rather make or buy a Valentine’s Day card?
  7. Would you rather eat a pound of chocolate in one sitting or write 500 valentines in one sitting?
  8. Would you rather give your teacher a Valentine or give your friend a Valentine?
  9. Would you rather get 10 dozen roses for Valentine’s Day or 10 pounds of chocolate?
  10. Would you rather make a secret handshake or make a silly dance?
  11. Would you rather go out dancing until midnight or watch a chick flick marathon?
  12. Would you rather eat a piece of candy off the floor or eat a piece of candy after a dog licked it?
  13. Would you rather get a couple’s massage on the beach or hang out in a hot tub on top of a mountain?
  14. Would you rather be at a Valentine’s Day party or at a winter party?
  15. Would you rather skip Valentine’s Day or skip New Year’s Eve?
  16. Would you rather attend a music class or an art class?
  17. Would you rather celebrate Galentine’s Day or celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  18. Would you rather go on a date to take dance lessons or go to a cooking class?
  19. Would you rather play videos games or board games?
  20. Would you rather have warm chocolate lava cake for dessert or crème Brulee with strawberries?
  21. Would you rather build a tent or build with legos?
  22. Would you rather live in a romantic comedy or a superhero movie?
  23. Would you rather play inside or outside?
  24. Would you rather be a part of the cast of the Office or part of the cast of Gray’s Anatomy?
  25. Would you rather eat flower petals or eat a heart-shaped dog treat?
  26. Would you rather spend a weekend in Paris, the city of love, or Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love?
  27. Would you rather have bright pink hair or a bright red nose?
  28. Would you rather be serenaded by one of the Jonas Brothers or by Ed Sheeran?
  29. Would you rather create a love potion or use Cupid’s bow and arrows to spread the love?
  30. Would you rather eat a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries or three whole candied apples?
  31. Would you rather give your friends homemade Valentines or store-bought Valentines?
  32. Would you rather be proposed to in front of a huge crowd of people or alone in a room full of candles?
  33. Would you rather eat a heart-shaped cupcake or a Cupid-shaped cookie?
  34. Would you rather cuddle in bed with a puppy or with your significant other?
  35. Would you rather give your teacher chocolate or flowers on Valentine’s Day?
  36. Would you rather date Mickey Mouse or Pluto?
  37. Would you rather only be able to wear red clothes, pink clothes or white clothes for the next year?
  38. Would you rather kiss Iron-Man or Spiderman?
  39. Would you rather get a lot of valentines from people you don’t know very well or get just one from someone who is special to you?
  40. Would you rather eat chocolate-covered crickets or candied worms (actual worms)?
  41. Would you rather have bright red skin or have your heartbeat loud enough for everyone in the room to hear it?
  42. Would you rather in fall love with Quasimodo or with an unchangeable beast?
  43. Would you rather host a Valentine’s Day party or be a guest at a Valentine’s Day party?
  44. Would you rather have been on the Titanic or taken a Walk to Remember?
  45. Would you rather attempt to do the Dirty Dancing lift or the final dance in Step-Up?
  46. Would you rather get to write the script for the Valentine’s episode of your favorite TV show or get to be in the Valentine’s episode of your favorite TV show?
  47. Would you rather rewatch the entire Twilight series or rewatch all of The Hunger Games?
  48. Would you rather spend Valentine’s Day with your family or spend Valentine’s Day with your friends?
  49. Would you rather be a star in Breakfast Club or My Best Friend’s Wedding?
  50. Would you rather get Valentine’s candy from your teacher or get a homework pass from your teacher?
  51. Would you rather be Cosette from Les Miserables or Christine from Phantom of the Opera?
  52. Would you rather go to a Valentine’s Day party with really good food but not much else to do or go to a Valentine’s Day party with no food, but with really fun games and activities?
  53. Would you rather wear pink every Wednesday for the rest of your life or eat fat-filled protein bars for breakfast every day?
  54. Would you rather attend a Valentine’s Day party at school or attend a Valentine’s Day party at someone’s house?
  55. Would you rather kiss someone with bad breath or eat escargot?
  56. Would you rather eat only red foods on Valentine’s Day or eat only white foods on Valentine’s Day?
  57. Would you rather go to a spa resort for an entire day or spend the day at Magic Kingdom?
  58. Would you rather have a class Valentine’s Day party or have no homework for a week?
  59. Would you rather receive a personalized I love you book or receive a book of Valentine’s Day coupons?
  60. Would you rather receive a mushy valentine or receive a funny valentine?
  61. Would you rather hold hands with someone during a movie or have someone’s arm around your shoulder during a movie?
  62. Would you rather write a Valentine’s Day poem that you read to the whole school at a special assembly or design a Valentine’s Day poster that is displayed in the school office?
  63. Would you rather marry your best friend when you turn 40 even if they’re not attractive or marry someone who is attractive but regularly rude to others?
  64. Would you rather receive 100 roses or receive 100 pieces of chocolate?
  65. Would you rather fall in love with a wedding singer or with someone who has short-term memory loss?
  66. Would you rather give valentines to all of the boys in your class or give valentines to all of the girls in your class?
  67. Would you rather fall in love at first sight or fall in love over years of friendship?
  68. Would you rather have to always write with a red pen or pencil for the rest of your life or have to dot all of your “i”s and “j”s with hearts for the rest of your life?
  69. Would you rather read a Nicholas Sparks book or a Jane Austen one?
  70. Would you rather get a Valentine’s Day kiss from a big, slobbery dog or get a Valentine’s Day kiss from a camel?
  71. Would you rather recreate your first date with your significant other or do something totally new for Valentine’s Day?
  72. Would you rather have pink hair or purple eyes?
  73. Would you rather receive a mailbox full of love letters or be serenaded with an original song?
  74. Would you rather give out chocolate kisses or real hugs for 10 days?
  75. Would you rather have Aphrodite’s love or her beauty?
  76. Would you rather have flowers grow in your footsteps or helium balloons released when you sit down?
  77. Would you rather act in a production of Romeo & Juliet or act and sing in a production of Grease?
  78. Would you rather light 1,000 candles or pick 1,000 roses?
  79. Would you rather go on a gondola ride in Venice or a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley?
  80. Would you rather only eat foods that are red or only food that is white?
  81. Would you rather watch a sunset in Santorini, Greece, or a sunrise in Sydney, Australia?
  82. Would you rather receive perfume, or cologne, or flowers?
  83. Would you rather only kiss only person ever in your life or never be in a real relationship?
  84. Would you rather shoot Cupid’s bow or be shot by Cupid’s bow?
  85. Would you rather get a handwritten personal card for a valentine or a dozen of your favorite flowers?
  86. Would you rather get 1,000 Valentines from friends or 1 from your secret crush?
  87. Would you rather kiss a frog or snuggle with a snake?
  88. Would you rather receive a dozen red roses or 12 chocolate doughnuts?
  89. Would you rather be a matchmaker or have a matchmaker match you with the perfect person?
  90. Would you rather dress up as Cupid or dress up as the Easter bunny?
  91. Would you rather get a huge teddy bear or a huge box of chocolates?
  92. Would you rather tell your crush you like them or solve 100 Math problems?
  93. Would you rather have a dole of doves or a tank full of lobsters loose in your house for a day?
  94. Would you rather get an expensive give or go on vacation?
  95. Would you rather have someone build you your dream house or do anything you wish for a year?
  96. Would you rather laugh uncontrollably whenever Valentine’s Day is mentioned or burst into tears?
  97. Would you rather have a secret admirer or be the secret admirer?
  98. Would you rather eat sweet candy or sour candy?
  99. Would you rather write and read a Valentine’s Day poem to a large crowd or sing and dance your favorite song to the same crowd?

What Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions would you add to the list? Share in the comments so we can add them!

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