Fun Valentine’s Day Charades Cards

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Ready for these fun Valentine’s Day Charades? You will have a blast playing with your friends, family or the one you love with these Valentine’s Charade cards!

Printable Valentine’s Day Charades for Kids

Feature: Valentine's Day Charades cards with pink border

We absolutely love playing charades in our house! There is something about acting out different things and guessing what they are that really bonds us as a family. We have created so many different themed charades games that our family enjoys. Some of our favorites have to be Space Charades, Christmas Charades, Halloween Charades, oh and we can’t forget Bible Charades when we want to help our kids learn more about the Bible. So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to compile a Valentine’s Day Charades word list that is perfect for the whole family to be able to play together!

Who Can Play Valentine’s Day Charades?

These Valentine’s Day charades for kids are perfect for everyone! use them in the classroom, for family game night, get together with friends, or a date night in with your partner.

What do I need to play Valentine’s Day Charades?

There is not much you need to play charades! You will want to print the Valentine’s Day Charades word list or the printable cards and then cut them up and place them in a bowl. That is pretty much all you need to get the game started!

How Do you play Valentine’s Day Charades?

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The rules for charades are simple. You will want to divide into two equal teams. Once the teams are set you decide who will go first. The first team will draw a card and look at it. Then have a scorekeeper will set a timer (usually 1 minute) or flip over the timer and the team begins acting.

They will try to get their team to guess the word before the time runs out. If they do they will get a point. If they don’t the other team has 1 guess, the first word that is said aloud to try and steal. If they get it right then they get the point. The first team to the set number of points wins!

Helpful Tools We Love When Downloading Printables

  • Printer– I love my HP+ printer that uses Instant Ink. I love it because we can use as much color ink as you want for one low cost starting at $.99/ month for ink. Try it out for free here!
  • Cardstock- I always recommend printing on cardstock. This makes it way more durable so you don’t have to worry about printing it time and time again.
  • Laminator / Laminating Sheets- Again for added durability grab a laminator and laminating sheets so that you can use this again and again!
  • Scissors (seriously love these ones)
  • Dry Erase Pens- Use dry erase pens so that you can wipe your laminated printable clean over and over again for endless use!

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Charade Hint Clues

Charade clues are a great way to give your team a little bit of help since the actor cannot talk. An actor can use these clues, but be careful because they can quickly eat up the time you need for acting.

  • Number of words- If there are multiple words in your Valentine’s Day Charade you are acting hold up that number of fingers then point to the finger of the word you will begin to act out first. For example for the phrase “queen of hearts” you will hold up three fingers and if you are going to act out hearts then you will point to the third finger.
  • Rhyming word- if you are going to give a rhyming word tap your ear for “sounds like”
  • Song- Pretend to sing or wave your hand like you are leading music.
  • Movie- Place one hand in a circle over your eye and then crank your other hand around in a circle like an old-school movie camera.
  • Book- Pretend you are holding a pretend book with your palms closed and then open it.
  • Show- If it is a TV show draw your hands in a square to show that it is a TV show.
  • Quotes / well-known saying- make air quotes to show that it is either a quote or a well-known saying.

Valentine’s Day Charades List

  • bouquet of flowers
  • box of chocolates
  • gift
  • love notes
  • dinner date
  • cupid
  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • heart
  • envelope
  • puppy love
  • lovesick
  • romance
  • heartthrob
  • wedding
  • I love you
  • 12 roses
  • diamond ring
  • cute
  • love song
  • hug
  • love birds
  • love story
  • stuffed teddy bear
  • red roses
  • kiss
  • heart locket
  • candlelight dinner
  • February 14th
  • St. Valentine
  • Queen of hearts
  • secret admirer
  • knight in shining armor
  • champagne bubbles
  • cupid’s bow and arrow
  • all you need is love
  • crazy little thing called love
  • friends forever
  • roses are red
  • balloon bouquet
  • crush
  • stop! In the name of love
  • funny valentine
  • sweets
  • lover
  • wedding
  • in love
  • someday my prince will come
  • blowing kisses
  • kissing a frog

We know that your class, friends, and family are going to love playing this game together! If you are looking for other Valentine’s Day Games be sure to grab

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  1. My boys all lobe playing charades. Even my 2 year old is starting to get it! Great for family game night, and a holiday edition makes it extra special.


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