100 of The Very Best Animal Charades

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Elephant! Zebra! Cow! It’s time to test out your acting skills with these Animal Charades. It’s the perfect game for toddlers, adults, and everyone in between.

Animal Charades Ideas For The Whole Family

I’m always searching for activities that my whole family will enjoy. With young kids and older teenagers, it’s hard to find activities that everyone enjoys! One game we do all agree on is a version of our Charades ideas!

It’s always a crowd-pleaser! It’s so simple that even your little ones can play, but you’ll still have fun even as an adult. 

My kids especially love playing animal charades. Acting like different animals is so much fun! Plus, it could be a great way to learn about different animals with your kids!

Why I Love Family Game Nights

Game nights are a huge priority in my house! Not only do I look forward to them because I love playing games, but it’s also a great break in my week to spend some quality time with my family.

Life gets so crazy and having time to sit down together and laugh is such a relief.

Game night doesn’t have to be something crazy either. Activities like animal charades are so easy but will make all the difference!

How to Play Animal Charades

To play animal charades, start by printing out all these animal charade cards! Cut them up and put them in a hat, bowl, bag, or whatever you have around. 

Split into 2 teams and take turns picking an animal out of the bowl. Have the person who turns it in act out the animal to their team. If the team guesses the right animal, they get a point. 

Play to a certain number of points or set a time frame and whoever gets the most points wins!

I love to keep around little prizes for game winners and it would be so much fun to have a fun animal themed bookmark, stickers, or something else animal related for the winners. 

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100 Animal Charade Ideas

What are you waiting for? Try out these animal charade ideas today! For reusable animal charade printable cards grab these!

  1. Dog
  2. Duck
  3. Horse
  4. Cat
  5. Chicken
  6. Cow
  7. Pig
  8. Rooster
  9. Sheep
  10. Lion
  11. Giraffe
  12. Bison
  13. Hippo
  14. Scorpion
  15. Aligator
  16. Bear
  17. Spider
  18. Elephant
  19. Caterpillar
  20. Monkey
  21. Chipmunk
  22. Snake
  23. Flamingo
  24. Tiger
  25. Tortoise
  26. Chimpanzee
  27. Sloth
  28. Parrot
  29. Lemur
  30. Warthog
  31. Hyena
  32. Kangaroo
  33. Koala
  34. Zebra
  35. Eagle
  36. Deer
  37. Orangutan
  38. Frog
  39. Rabbit
  40. Butterfly
  41. Hamster
  42. Worm
  43. Goldfish
  44. Panda
  45. Snail
  46. Gorilla
  47. Hedgehog
  48. Rhino
  49. Tarantula
  50. Cheetah
  51. Lizard
  52. Meerkat
  53. Alpaca
  54. Squirrel
  55. Guinea Pig
  56. Emu
  57. Goat
  58. Camel
  59. Donkey
  60. Wolf
  61. Turkey
  62. Platypus
  63. Llama
  64. Moose
  65. Swan
  66. Chick
  67. Shark
  68. Octopus
  69. Turtle
  70. Dolphin
  71. Whale
  72. Jellyfish
  73. Gazelle
  74. Seal
  75. Raccoon
  76. Walrus
  77. Bat
  78. Clownfish
  79. Peacock
  80. Crab
  81. Rhinoceros
  82. Lobster
  83. Pigeon
  84. Sea horse
  85. Fox
  86. Penguin
  87. Ladybug
  88. Seagull
  89. Bee
  90. Otter
  91. Polar bear
  92. Pelican
  93. Grasshopper
  94. Starfish
  95. Elk
  96. Jaguar
  97. Camel
  98. Lion
  99. Owl
  100. Bird

There you have it! 100 animal charade ideas! What animal did we forget to add to the list! Share in the comments!

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