The Best Baby Charades Perfect for Baby Showers!

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Are you looking for fun baby charades topics for your next baby shower? This list of 100 of the best baby shower charades is sure to provide loads of entertainment and enjoyment at any baby shower. 

The Best Baby Shower Charades 

Baby Charades

Are you planning a baby shower in the near future? Playing a game of baby charades is a great way to get your guests involved and talking with one another while also saving you time and ease of planning games by requiring minimal preparation. This baby charades list provides some of the best baby shower charades for your next baby shower. 

What is Charades?

Charades is a combination of an acting and guessing game.  That makes it the perfect game for all ages!  While one person acts out an assigned word or phrase, the other players try to guess what the word or phrase is.  The actor can’t talk or make any sounds but must use their acting ability to convey to the other players what the word or phrase is.  

The great thing about charades is that there are so many charades ideas out there that there is always one for every occasion, like our Christmas charades, Halloween Charades, or our Thanksgiving Charades around the holidays. Or our animal charades for an animal themed baby shower or zoo trip.

Rules of Baby Shower Charades

You can work together or divide your group into teams.  Choose one person to pick a printed baby shower charade card with a word or phrase on it. Only the actor can look at the card.

Use a game timer or set a digital timer for one minute.  The actor then has one minute to act out the word or phrase while the other players try to guess it. When the correct guess is made, you choose the next person to be the actor and the fun begins again!

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How Do You Play Baby Charades

Baby Charades can be as competitive as you want it to be.  You can use these pre-printed baby charade cards for an easy no-prep game and grab a simple game timer to get you started.  You can work together or divide into teams.  Any way you do it, you are ready for lots of fun! 

If you have a competitive group, divide everyone into teams.  Then have the person who will be acting out the charade from each team come to the front of the room.  Let them pick a card with the topic and set a timer for one minute and let the fun and the noise begin!  Just remember, no talking from the one acting out the charade!  

If you are not as competitive skip the teams and work together to guess what the topic is while laughing and having a good time with each other. Are you ready to play Baby Shower charades?  

Don’t forget to grab your baby charades cards, download them, and print (laminate if you want them to be extra durable!)

List of Baby Shower Charades 

  1. Pregnant
  2. Breastfeeding
  3. Pacifier 
  4. Lullaby
  5. Rocking baby to sleep 
  6. Crib
  7. Bib
  8. Highchair
  9. Getting an Ultrasound
  10. Feeding baby a bottle 
  11. Changing a diaper 
  12. Foot massage 
  13. Trimming baby’s fingernails
  14. Giving birth
  15. Getting an epidural 
  16. Midwife
  17. OBGYN Doctor
  18. Stethoscope
  19. Gender Reveal 
  20. Boy 
  21. Girl 
  22. Painting the nursery 
  23. Buckling baby into car seat 
  24. Washing bottles 
  25. Reading to baby 
  26. Making baby laugh 
  27. Pumping milk
  28. Burping baby 
  29. Pushing the stroller 
  30. Discovering you are pregnant
  31. Swaddling baby 
  32. Midnight cravings 
  33. Your water breaking 
  34. Wearing baby 
  35. “Itsy-bitsy spider” song 
  36. Playing “pat-a-cake”
  37. Taking a picture of baby 
  38. Baby’s first steps 
  39. Immunizations 
  40. Morning sickness
  41. Stretch Marks 
  42. A noisy rattle 
  43. Building blocks 
  44. Tickling baby 
  45. Baby spit up 
  46. Baby drool
  47. Twins 
  48. Triplets 
  49. Having a contraction 
  50. Baby proofing the house 
  51. Tummy time 
  52. Heartburn 
  53. Diaper Bag
  54. Using baby powder  
  55. Folding up the stroller 
  56. Baby Kicking in the womb 
  57. Cutting the cord 
  58. Potty Training 
  59. “Mombie” ( mom zombie) 
  60. Teething baby 
  61. Colic 
  62. Baby CPR 
  63. Crawling 
  64. Hiccup 
  65. Rolling over 
  66. Sucking on thumb 
  67. Blowout
  68. Bathtime 
  69. Separation Anxiety 
  70. Taking baby’s temperature
  71. Taking a nap 
  72. Birthing ball
  73. Buttoning a onsie 
  74. Pregnancy Pillow 
  75. Driving to the hospital 
  76. Carrying the carseat 
  77. Baby Frida ( Snot Sucker) 
  78. Temper Tantrum
  79. Constantly needing the bathroom 
  80. Checking for a dirty diaper 
  81. First word 
  82. Cheerios 
  83. Stork 
  84. Maternity Bra 
  85. Playdate 
  86. Nursing Pads
  87. Hospital gown
  88. Baby Blanket 
  89. “Old Macdonald Had a Farm” 
  90. “ You are my sunshine” 
  91. Baby Swing
  92. Bun in the Oven 
  93. Mom to be
  94. Due date 
  95. Pregnancy Announcement 
  96. Burp cloth 
  97. Newborn
  98. Cake Smash 
  99. Baby Monitor 
  100. Sippy Cup 

Tips for Playing Baby Shower Charades

To get longer use out of these baby charade cards I suggest printing them out on cardstock and laminating to make them more durable. This way you can re-use this game over and over at future baby showers you are planning. 

To make the game more fun, have prizes for the winners. We all love winning and prizes make it even more fun. 

Baby Shower Charades

Don’t forget to save this list of best baby shower charades on Pinterest so you can find it easily the next time you plan or attend a baby shower. 

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