250 Fun Charades for Teens

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Looking for a fun game just for teens? Check out these 250 charades for teens to get them laughing, acting, and bonding in no time!

Charades for Teens

Charades for Teens is the perfect party game for your teenagers to play with friends. With 250 charade cards tailored specifically to teens, it is almost guaranteed there will be fun for hours! Whether you’re having a family game night, or your teens are throwing a party of their own this charades game is the perfect blend of clean fun and total entertainment. 

Why We Love Charades

Charades is such a universal game. Everyone in the family can have an enjoyable time from the parents of the house, to the teenagers, to the toddlers. This game is tailored to teenagers specifically, but it can still be fun for the whole family! We are strong supporters of family fun and playing with different charades ideas are a great way to create that environment!

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How to Play Charades for Teens

This easy-to-play game can be broken down into a few simple steps. 

First, split into two (or more) even teams. This is a good time to decide who is going to be the scorekeeper and who is going to be the timekeeper for the whole group. 

Once teams are divided, you then decide which team is going first (can be decided by a coin toss, craziest socks, rock paper scissors, or any other method you choose).

Next, the winning team picks their first representative (the actor). He or she will take a card from the pile. Once the timer begins, the actor will act out whatever is on the card. During this time the actor’s teammates are trying to guess the word on the card. The actor CANNOT use words, mouth anything, or point to anything in the room in order to help their team. 

Tip for the actor: it’s best to indicate the number of words you are having your team guess (you can do this by holding up the correct number of fingers after the timer starts). It’s also good to indicate the category you’re acting out (movie, school, person, etc.)

Before the actor begins the group must decide how much time should be given for each round. Rounds typically last for 1-2 minutes. The time starts at the beginning of each round if the guessing team can guess the correct word on the card before the time runs out they get a point. If not, they don’t get any points. 

The teams take turns, alternating who the actor is each time so that everyone can have a turn. 

The game can end in a number of ways. For example, when all the cards run out, when a team reaches a certain number of points, after playing for a certain amount of time, and so on. Decide before you start how the game will end. Whoever has the most points at that time is the winner. 

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Check out the fun words and phrases in this game of charades!!

School subjects 

  1. Math 
  2. Science 
  3. Eye wash (in science lab)
  4. English paper
  5. Drowning in homework 
  6. Science lab 
  7. Cooking class
  8. School lunch 
  9. Physical Education 
  10. Health class
  11. Art class
  12. Social studies 
  13. American history
  14. World history 
  15. Drama class
  16. Spanish class 


  1. Biggest flirt 
  2. Cutest couple 
  3. Most athletic 
  4. Most changes 
  5. Most successful 
  6. Best hair
  7. Best dressed 
  8. Class clown 
  9. Best smile
  10. Best eyes
  11. Best personality 
  12. Best friends 
  13. Party animal 
  14. Best car 
  15. Best gamer 
  16. Worst driver 
  17. Best bromance 

Stereotypes/high school activities 

  1. Nerd alert 
  2. Popular girl
  3. The jock 
  4. Math geek 
  5. Mean girl 
  6. Gossip queen
  7. The player 
  8. Football game
  9. Tailgate 
  10. Cheer off 
  11. Senior prom 
  12. Homecoming queen 
  13. Homecoming game
  14. Trouble maker 
  15. The bro
  16. Outcast
  17. Friend group 


  1. Volleyball 
  2. Basketball 
  3. Soccer 
  4. Baseball 
  5. Bowling 
  6. Cheerleading 
  7. Tennis
  8. Golf 
  9. Track and field 
  10. Softball
  11. Swimming 
  12. Lacrosse 


  1. Snake
  2. Narwhal 
  3. Unicorn 
  4. Baby seal 
  5. Flying squirrel 
  6. Baby pig 
  7. Butterfly 
  8. Panda 
  9. Ostrich 
  10. Sloth 
  11. Dinosaur 
  12. Horse 
  13. Frog 
  14. Elephant 
  15. Cow
  16. Dog 
  17. Cat 
  18. Hamster 
  19. Fish 
  20. Shark
  21. Fox 
  22. Owl 


  1. Frozen 
  2. Clueless 
  3. Sixteen Candles
  4. The Breakfast Club 
  5. Pitch Perfect 
  6. Grown Ups
  7. The Hunger Games 
  8. Bring It On 
  9. The Fault in Our Stars
  10. SuperBad
  11. The Princess Diaries 
  12. Footloose 
  13. Five Feet Apart 
  14. Hair Spray 
  15. Dirty Dancing 
  16. Back to the Future 
  17. The Kissing Booth 
  18. Paper Towns
  19. The Cheetah Girls 
  20. She’s the Man
  21. Spider-Man 
  22. The Avengers
  23. Tangled 
  24. Napoleon Dynamite 
  25. Step Brothers 
  26. Ocean’s 8
  27. The Princess Bride
  28. Lord of the Rings
  29. The Giver
  30. Romeo and Juliet
  31. The Greatest Showman
  32. The Office

Movie Characters 

  1. Harry Potter 
  2. Hermione Granger 
  3. Ron Weisley 
  4. Indiana Jones
  5. Batman 
  6. Joker 
  7. Shrek 
  8. Luke Skywalker 
  9. Black widow
  10. The Hulk 
  11. Captain America 
  12. Iron Man
  13. Black Panther 
  14. Doctor Strange 
  15. Ant-Man
  16. Deadpool 
  17. James Bond


  1. Justin Bieber 
  2. Kanye West
  3. Kim Kardashion 
  4. Kendall Jenner 
  5. Gigi Hadid 
  6. Hannah Brown 
  7. Kylie Jenner 
  8. Ellen DeGeneres
  9. Harry Styles
  10. Cardi B
  11. Demi Lovado 
  12. Selena Gomez 
  13. Miley Cyrus 
  14. Beyoncé
  15. Ed Sheeran
  16. Lady Gaga
  17. Taylor Swift 
  18. Ariana Grande
  19. Billie Elish
  20. Kevin Hart 
  21. Katy Perry 
  22. Donald Trump
  23. The Rock 
  24. Jonas Brothers
  25. Blake Lively 
  26. Stephen Curry 
  27. Post Malone 
  28. Marshmello 
  29. Will Smith
  30. Adam Sandler 
  31. Oprah Winfrey 
  32. Bob Ross
  33. Abraham Lincoln
  34. Elvis Presley
  35. Micheal Jackson
  36. The Queen of England (Elisabeth II)
  37. Helen Keller


  1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich 
  2. French fries 
  3. Chicken nuggets 
  4. Ice cream 
  5. Cookie crumbs 
  6. Chocolate cake 
  7. Buffalo wings
  8. Popcorn 
  9. Spicy chips 
  10. Cheese pizza 
  11. S’mores 
  12. California roll 
  13. Sweet tea
  14. Hot coffee 
  15. Hot soup 
  16. Burger 
  17. Bubble gum
  18. Eating candy 
  19. Fried rice
  20. Pumpkin pie
  21. Muffin top 
  22. Potato chips 
  23. Spicy taco 
  24. Hot dogs


  1. Tik Tok 
  2. Instagram 
  3. Vegan 
  4. Vegetarian 
  5. Podcasts 
  6. Hydroflasks 
  7. Netflix 
  8. Hulu 
  9. Film camera 
  10. Color hair 
  11. Ripped jeans 
  12. Expensive leggings 
  13. Scrunchie 


  1. Dancing at a party 
  2. Driving a car 
  3. On a date 
  4. Rejecting a kiss 
  5. Shopping 
  6. Slow dancing 
  7. Falling 
  8. Taking a test 
  9. Breakdancing 
  10. Dinner date 
  11. Food fight 
  12. Hiking 
  13. Card games
  14. Monopoly
  15. Water skiing 
  16. Snowboarding
  17. Karaoke
  18. Mountain climbing
  19. Bungy jumping
  20. Skydiving
  21. White water rafting
  22. Drive in movie
  23. Playing a trombone 
  24. Boxing 
  25. Building a sand castle
  26. Touchdown
  27. Chopping a tree
  28. Flying a plane
  29. Surprise party

Catch Phrases

  1. A chip on your shoulder
  2. Burst your bubble
  3. Dodge a bullet 
  4. Hold your horses
  5. It’s not rocket science
  6. Jet lag
  7. Knock yourself out
  8. Long time no see
  9. Monkey see monkey do
  10. Raining cats and dogs
  11. Sitting duck
  12. The straw that broke the camel’s back
  13. Under your nose
  14. My hands are tied

Did you and/or teens play this game of Charades? Comment below on your experience!

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