100 Best Family Charades + Printable Cards

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Looking for something that is fun and that the whole family can enjoy? This Family Charades game is the perfect way to have lots of fun and spend quality time as a family.

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Have you ever played the game of Charades?

Family time is a special time. It is a time where we come together to grow, learn, and bond with each other. Family time is the time we spend quality time together. With family time it is important that we create fun and everlasting memories to cherish with one another that will last a lifetime.

But are you running out of ideas or activities to keep the family entertained and create everlasting memories for family time? One simple and fun way to fill the room with joy and laughter is to entertain each other with a game of charades.

Charades is a family-friendly game that is great for any age so gather everyone together even the children to play a game of charades. The game is an intense fun-filled game of acting and guessing so get ready for tons of endless laughter and family fun.

The amount of intensity charades can reach is all up to you. So let’s gather the family together in the living room but make sure there is enough room for acting, guessing, and laughter. This game could have you rolling all over the floor in laughter. Adults, don’t forget to let the children get their turn because the game of charades is fun for everyone.  

Once you get the hang of it and see the excitement of charades you might not want to stop playing or don’t realize how many hours have flown by. The great thing about the game of charades is that it can be played anytime and anywhere with a minimum of two players or more.

There are many themes and categories that can be found in a game of charades so play the themes and categories that best fits for you. Today, the theme of charades is called Family Charades.

Family Charades: How to Play

Family Charades is a simple and fun game of acting and guessing.

Start by splitting the family into two even groups or as many groups as you would like as long as they are even. Don’t forget to pick someone to be the timer and scorekeeper to make sure we have a winner. 

After you have your two groups or as many groups as you have decided then determine which team will go first. An easy way to do this is to do rock, paper, scissor, or grab a coin and do heads or tails.

The team to go first will pick one person to be the actor. First, the actor will choose a card from the card stack. Then the actor is to act out the word on the card. They are not allowed to speak, move their lips, or point around the room to help their team guess the word on their card. 

Actors, a tip to remember is to first indicate the category and the amounts of words the team is guessing.

The rest of the team will be the guessers. The guessers will have an amount of time you decide to set (usually 1-2 minutes) to guess what is on the card. If they guess it right and within the time you have determined then they will get a point. Then it is on to the next team to the left of the acting team or however you determine to take turns.

Remember, the timekeeper starts the time when the actor says ready after reading their card and giving them a few moments to think about to do.

Each team should rotate who is the actor throughout the game so that everyone has had a chance to be the Actor. The winner of the game is the team with the most correct guesses.

The cool thing with charades is that you can tweak the rules to make it more challenging and more fitting for your family. Play it how you want it. Have fun and enjoy quality family time. 

So don’t wait any longer and check out these 100 family charades words we have available. We have pretty unique categories available.

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100 Family Charades Words

Topic: Kitchen

  1. Spoon
  2. Mixing Bowl
  3. Cup
  4. Pots and Pans
  5. Table
  6. Chair
  7. Plate
  8. Pitcher
  9. Knife
  10. Teapot
  11. Refrigerator
  12. Stove
  13. Wipe Counter Top
  14. Sink
  15. Microwave
  16. Cutting Board
  17. Put cake in oven
  18. Cabinet
  19. Put dishes in dishwasher
  20. Mixer

Topic: Animals

  1. Walk the Dog
  2. Feed the Cat
  3. Milk the Cow
  4. Horse
  5. Pig
  6. Sheep
  7. Chicken
  8. Rabbit
  9. Roaster
  10. Fish
  11. Gorilla
  12. Flamingo
  13. Polar bear
  14. Lion
  15. Bull
  16. Kangaroo 
  17. Sloth
  18. Tree frog
  19. Sea horse 
  20. Rhinoceros

Topic: Athletic Skills/Sports

  1. Baseball Bat
  2. Kickball
  3. Basketball
  4. Run
  5. Jump
  6. Push-up
  7. Shoot
  8. Catch
  9. Roll
  10. Swimming
  11. Dribble the basketball
  12. Throw the football
  13. Hit the baseball
  14. Tennis
  15. Track and Field
  16. Bowling
  17. Sandbox
  18. Shot put
  19. Sprint
  20. Rugby

Topic: To Eat/Food

  1. Hot Dog
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Taco Bell
  4. Jack in the Box
  5. Pie in the face
  6. Ice cream on a cone
  7. Unwrap the candy
  8. Strawberry 
  9. Watermelon 
  10.  Spaghetti
  11. Ketchup on fries
  12. Pizza
  13. Popcorn
  14. Soda Pop
  15. Cotton Candy
  16. Olive Garden
  17. Chick-Fil-A
  18. Burger King
  19. Carrot
  20. Barbequing chicken
  21. Dunkin’ Donuts

Topic: Vacation 

  1. Sun
  2. Snow
  3. Camera
  4. Hat
  5. Japan
  6. Las Vegas
  7. Going on an airplane
  8. Suitcase
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Map
  11. Suntan lotion
  12. Paris
  13. Sailboat 
  14. Surfboard
  15. Mexico
  16. India 
  17. Passport
  18. Scuba Diving
  19.    Leaning Tower of Pisa

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